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  1. Ok I went to their website and entered a parts request. Hopefully they can get me a body fast enough!
  2. I've noticed alot of you guys are able to edit the titles of your threads. Sometimes adding the date of the last update, some times adding what you've changed. I made a recent update and wanted to all the word HELP...or something of that nature. I tried editing the first post, and changing it in my update. I'm sure I'm missing somthing! Is there a tech area for use of the forum? Thanks, Nate
  3. OK I got a problem! I couldn't figure out why I couldn't eliminate the gap between the front inner fender and the front fender. I did some dissassembly and found that the whole body is warped! I will attach some pictures showing that the whole drivers front fender is jacked up about 1/2 to 3/4" while the passenger side is mostly flush all the way from front to back. I'm pretty bummed out about the whole thing! The only thing I can think of is to heat up the whole body and see if I can get it straight! I was thinking of attempting to contact Monagram and seeing if they would replace the body? Have any of you guys attempted this? If not does anyone have a body available? I really need to get this body in paint ASAP I've got to have it done by x-mas! Help I need ideas! However on the plus side my wife scored a kit at the Good Will for 2 bucks! However she made the mistake of telling my son it was for him! I think were gonna build it and when he gets tired of it I'm going to tear it appart and build a pro streeter out of it!
  4. Good work! The devil is in the details when you are building a stock appearing car like that!
  5. Cool looking project, nice work on those tires! As far as the paint blemish...I always thought you were supposed to remove the tape before the paint was dry, if not it pulls the paint. At least thats what I was always tought.
  6. Cool Merc. The Pfaff car had a ton of work done to it, I personally think it would make a great looking model, but I'm not too crazy about it as a 1:1. Not that I don't respect the insane amount of work! I'm sure you found some pics but these from HOTROD magazine would probably help alot if you're still looking. http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/hrdp_1107_1959_chrysler_imperial_speedster/viewall.html
  7. Ok I got another coat of blue on the metal body, its ready for some clear coat...I'll let it sit for the weekend before I spray any clear. I put the embossing powder on the interior the same way I used to apply flocking. I never really liked the way the spray adhesive was un-even, so I always just sprayed or brushed a base coat. In this case gloss black. I should have used semi-gloss or flat black. I think it came out pretty good. Who eve realized the embossing powder would work is a genius! I did some other small jobs including re-gluing some of the engine/chassis components that were coming apart from the repeated removal of the wheels. I have narrowed the wheels again, and slightly lowered the ride height...I hope its enough! The front wheels are drying as we speak! I also did a little work to attempt to salvage the exhaust tips. If this doesn't work I'll probably be making them from scratch! On an unrelated note I also picked up some more paints, tools, and accessories from the hobby shop, and craft store last week so I needed to make a new "kit box". I have two kids under five and my garage is unheated so I don't have the luxury of leaving my stuff set up. I have to pack and un-pack it every time I want to work, so I try to keep everything portable! Check out my new kit box, its an old tool box my grandpa had from his days on the railroad. Its way too heavy but it will have to work for now!
  8. I just shot the metal body with the rest of the first coat of blue. Its a cool looking color but too dark for the real build. I'm glad I got to test it on the other body first. There was another blue color that I'm thinking will be perfect so I'll be heading back to Hobby Lobby soon!
  9. needless to say my son is thouroughly excited about having his "own" kit! A shot of the interior before dissassembly...dusty already
  10. The wheels mounted are grossly too wide for the body, even after trimming down the wheel spacers. I'll have to take them off again. I'm probably going to hard mount them so they can't roll to get them where I want them. I got the interior stripped back down after going to Hobby Lobby last week to get some embossing powder so I can add some carpet. The car also sits too high, I will have to address this issue soon. I found a metal body Matisto Z06 kit that I purchased for my son and dad to build together for Christmas. I scuffed it, and shot it in high build expox primer, then sprayed the inside and bottom of the body in a blue Testors color I found at the local hobby shop. It looks like the color might be a little too dark, but better than I expected. I'm pretty sure if I used a light grey primer instead of the dark red primer it would be pretty close! I'll get you some pics soon.
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