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  1. THese are killer builds especially that caterham
  2. Wow, i'm a little late to this thread, but wow. COuldn't agree more. In my country there are few classics. We have only one running 69 Mustang. No other first or second gen mustangs. Took a ride in the cleveland powered monster and it is nightmarish. SAme wiht a fully restored 68 Mustang i got to try in Thailand. Doesn't go very straight or ride very well. Yep, upgrade the bunch of them no matter what. Or just let them sit in the garage.
  3. Heres a piece thats nearly finished.
  4. Heres a piece thats nearly finished.
  5. nutboltu

    BMW 635 csi

    Amazing. I dont know what i would do with a model liek that. Has so many finicky chrome+rubber bits that need painstaking detailing. Probably end up doing a restomod. SO kudos to you.
  6. Nice to see more of these crazy tuner builds coming along.
  7. Beautifully built. Which kit manufacturer is it by?
  8. who woulda thought somebody would finally build a nice superbird thats not a stock superbird? lovely.
  9. THis is quite a time consuming and exhaustive restoration. I would have probably gone the Mad Max route. Admirable patience.
  10. Unbelievable. Sure these are not the real things?
  11. I thought this car was self healing.
  12. YOu've done some epic paint jobs. And the wheels on the 2000gto look great. The stock wheels look anemic. May i ask where you go the tires?
  13. Love it. Its an excellent combo. i've used the same wheel son a 69 Charger. I think these look great on just about any 60's and 70's car.
  14. THis is outstanding. WIsh i could see the whole cutting process as well.
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