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  1. DBest added a post in a topic Clone the Past Project   

    Thanks again Junkman ! Very nice of you to send the parts along so quickly.
  2. DBest added a post in a topic Clone the Past Project   

    Thanks Tom -- I think you're on to something. Someone suggested AMT's '37 Chevy as a donor for a large single taillight ? Does anyone have one they could spare ?
  3. DBest added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Clone the Past Project
    Hi all,

    I’m working on a replica of Dennis Bryant’s Special Stingray/XKE as part of the International Model Car Builder’s Museum “Clone the Past” program (http://www.themodelcarmuseum.org/Programs/Clone/clone.html). This model appeared in the January 1965 issue of Car Model magazine, but there are quite a few gaps in the photos and information presented, so some artistic license will surely be employed in the cloning process. I would greatly appreciate some input from this distinguished group……

    For example, there are no photos of the rear of the model, so here I have two questions:
    There’s a rather deep undercut in the rear quarter panels that wraps around to the back. Any suggestions on how to resolve this into the rear panel ? I’m thinking I just extend the crease straight across the back and mount the taillight(s) somewhere underneath…… The article indicates it was built with “Revell’s custom tail light” (note the singular, not plural). Any suggestions on which “custom tail light” from Revell might have been used ? Mark G supplied me with a large sprue (photo below) of many different red taillights (from a Parts Pak ?) and I could probably use any of them. I’m wondering if I should read anything into the fact that the article referred to “tail light” rather than “tail lights” ? Maybe I should just use the Corvette taillights as is ? Thoughts ? Also, the article indicates the model was painted in “AMT’s metallic red lacquer”. Can anyone suggest a modern day equivalent for this color ?

    Does anyone know of a kit source for Lucas Headlights ? They’re mounted behind the grille, so maybe I can get away with something that doesn’t exactly match a Lucas ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !

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  4. DBest added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Anyone tried applying the dry transfer whitewalls from Pegasus ?
    I bought a set of the whitewall dry transfers from Pegasus to be used on a mid '80s GM car, but they came with no instructions. OK, so what idiot needs instructions, right ? Well, apparently this one does !

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience applying these to tires. I've already ruined one, so I'm looking for any hints, tips, or tricks that might make things a little easier. Photos would be AWESOME, but I won't press my luck.

    Thanks !
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