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  1. I found these on B-N-L Resins. http://b-n-lresins.com/photo3_8.html
  2. Let me know if you find anything. I need a set also. There is not much out there for off-road custom builds.
  3. RMR doesn't seem to have anything newer than 60's.
  4. Gonna look sick! Would you be willing to let go of a set of those wheels? They would look great under my Supra I am rebuilding!
  5. Those taillights would look great on my 28 Rust Bucket. Can't call it a T-bucket because there is more rust than anything else!
  6. I ment to do this sooner, but have been busy and it slipped my mind. Just recently traded with C.C.Racer. Awesome guy, he came through with the parts I needed. I hope I can do business with him again.
  7. This one was built for the song by George Barris. He started with a 73 hurst. That is Jonny Cash in the picture. If you click on my link below the song, there is a few pictures of this car from different angles.
  8. Looks like someone cut a corvette up, glued datsun z fenders and a chysler grill, then stuck a dump truck's rear end under the back! I am blown away by this build! I love the trailer. I would keep that engine in there, it just looks right! Have you considered a split opening hood?
  9. I challenge you gents to build the car in this song! Here are some 1:1 Pics! http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/
  10. Here is a 1:1 sail car Thanks to those wacky guys other at the BBC on Top Gear.
  11. The graphics really suit the build! Any plans for a mast and sails?
  12. I find the yellow 510 in the background of the photos and the #300 240z the most interesting of all the BRE cars. These two both ran the baja 1000. If you look close the yellow car has larger off road tires. Just a fun fact I wanted to share.
  13. Which BRE Datsun are you looking at? I am guessing the #46 car driven by John Morton Red over White and Blue stripes. There is also the #33 Blue over Red, #68 White over Blue, #85 Blue over White, and lastly the #300 Red over White and Yellow strips Here are a few Vintage 70's pictures from the BRE Shop.
  14. And the J30t shared a lot it's chassis with the z33!
  15. I don't want to charge a membership fee. I want to make it open for people to come in with no pressure. There a lot of places where we can meet and not have to pay. There can be a table setup with snacks and drinks that people volunteer to bring. If the group starts to get bigger then maybe a concession table or raffle supplies to help raise funds.
  16. Thanks for the input. I was not planning on charging a membership fee. I want to make the club a community where people can come together. I'll look into the googlegroup. I use gmail for my personal email.
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