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  1. hi rich there isnt really any scale to it it was built from scratch with no plans just an idea i had in my head i went and bought the wood and just built it.
  2. Love this Harry! Not many people who scratch build appreciate the satisfaction of building from wood. Great job with the wheels too! Hardest part when building from scratch I always find. I found cocktail sticks came in rather useful for spokes! Fantastic model!!
  3. Been a while since last post. Just another quick update! Interior just about done & lamps fitted & glowing. Have yet to hide wires & illuminate the wood burning stove. Next big challenge roof frame to carve & stain, & then fit the canvas roof. Sorry about the poor quality pics. Any & all comments welcome. Cheers. Andy.
  4. Progress is progressing! Slowly but slowly. Other side of wagon interior now done. Woodburner bit of a challenge. Too many tiny "fiddly" bits. Especially the logs. Trying to make something real, gathered from the garden actually look real, by burning on a flame from a cig lighter! Without totally torching something so tiny, was another challenge! All comments welcome. Cheers, Andy.
  5. Progress so far. Made a start on inside.Just added one working lamp for now, for effect. Roofwork all ready for canvas cover. Next challenge! Then woodburner. All comments welcome. Andy.
  6. hi skip its going to be round like the old bow top vardos ive got abit further ive done the front and the back now ive put some pics on here of the progress so far.
  7. Thanks Derick. Cant beat old skool eh? Trying to do it as close to original vardo as I can. So much intricate detail in these though! Will be fitted out with glowing effect wood burning stove, etc. What is bass wood exactly? Is it ply wood? UK terms?
  8. thanks ray not sure what scale it is though it was an idea i had so it was built with no plans or scale in mind really ive still got all the furniture to make for the inside and the roof to make as well.
  9. Any suggestions please? Been using humbrol balsa cement in tube but find it rather expensive & more air pockets than glue!!! Thanks. Andy.
  10. Please pardon my ignorance, but what is basswood? I make my models from balsa wood. Does it warp after being varnished? New to this!! Thanks. Andy.
  11. First off, thanks for your replies. Just a bit further on & a few more pics of progress so far. All comments welcome. Cheers. Andy.
  12. The black rig started out same as the red original truck. Did a few modifications...Extended the cab & added aerofoil to the roof,(made from balsa wood). Mirror brackets made from large staples. Primed & painted. Added larger custom exhausts (chrome gas pipe) & finally fitted the lights! All comments welcome. Cheers, Andy.
  13. The black rig started out same as the red, original truck. Did a few modifications.. extended the cab & added aerofoil to the roof, & mirrors,(made from balsa wood), made the mirror brackets from large metal staples, Primed & painted. Added larger custom exhausts (chrome gas pipe) & fitted the lights. All comments welcome. Cheers, Andy.
  14. Hi Sam. Yes they are. Very painstakingly by forming thin strips of balsa round a plastic lid from a cigarette lighter gas re-fill can.
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