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  1. Clearly Scale

    Back in December I filed for a refund through Paypal (order placed in September). Paypal refunded my money. My advice is stay away until we hear he is healthy again and has taken care of all the back orders.
  2. ModelFiesta 38 today.

    Total model count was over 700 (748 I think). The place is so big it apparently looks empty. (Although, I do think cars looked thin.) I managed a first in Small Scale Armor and a second in Exotioc Cars.
  3. air lines

    If you want pre-made lines, check out: American Industrial Truck Models Auslowe Model Accessories
  4. Wanted: Information on Kits

    Another good source for cheap kits are vendors at model shows and contests. And you can have a hell of a good time hanging with other modelers. Check the show listings section of this web site. You can also check out the IPMS show listings on their web site, http://www.ipmsusa.org/.
  5. Russian Car

    Looks like a Packard 12 knockoff. ICM make a couple of kits in 1/35 scale. Here are links to them at Scalehobbyist.com: https://tinyurl.com/packard135 https://tinyurl.com/packard136 Mike
  6. Clearly Scale

    I placed an order with him about 10 weeks ago. Have tried contacting him twice recently with no response. Never even got a "your order has been received" email, just the Paypal reciept. I would not order from Clearly Scale until his health problems are behind him. Someone should alter the web site to not take orders while he is ill. (He must have someone to do this if he can't.) By leaving the web site as it (taking orders), it is damaging his reputation as most people probably won't know what is happening. Plus it is unfair for him to receive that money from other folks Paypal accounts without delivering in a timely fashion.
  7. DSPIAE buying source

    Look at Amazon.com & www.bnamodelworld.com. Don't be put off by BNA being in Australia. Great service & never a problem with shipping to Texas.
  8. Jeremy John/Clearly Scale?

    It wasn't anything I had to have, just nice to have for possible future projects - seats & wheels/tires. But I don't like having orders sit open for long periods of time.
  9. Jeremy John/Clearly Scale?

    I placed an order with him a month ago. Should I assume I won't be seeing it any time soon? If not, I would just as soon cancel the order.
  10. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    Been a while since I checked in on this thread, but... YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MUST HAVE THIS. (Now if we could just get a GT3 Huracan.)
  11. Stripping lacquer & 2-part clear

    Super Clean worked like a charm. After a week there is just little bit of purple stained primer left on the body. But that seems to be easily rubbed off. Thanks again.
  12. Stripping lacquer & 2-part clear

    Thanks, guys. Think I'll try the Super Clean. And tt will be easy to keep it warm in the garage in Houston. :-) Off to the store...
  13. So, I've got a styrene body painted with Gravity Colors lacquer paint & their 2-part gloss clear. Unfortunately, it needs to be stripping. What is the best chemical to use to remove these paints? How long will it need to be submurged in the liquid?
  14. Zero makes their own airbrush cleaner. Alternately, automotive lacquer thinner should work.