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  1. Started with a scrap 1/35 armored car body. I call it "Mune Buggy".
  2. They thought they were getting an M but the factory delivered a well worn S. They made their own body, so the Penske 512M doesn't actually match any other 512M. Penske never fielded it as a 512S.
  3. Do a search at eBay.com for "Porsche GT3 Miami". You'll find several in different scales for sale.
  4. In profile, it looks like a Camaro, especially in convertible form.
  5. 43rd scale McLarens Can-Am cars. All kits from Marsh Models. #4 cars driven by Bruce McLaren, #5 Denny Hulme, #7 Peter Revson, # 48 Dan Gurney.
  6. Yes, Miniart is out of Ukraine but I believe they have moved production to Poland. They are presently in business. Known for their 1/35 scale diorama bases & building facades and figure sets. Their armor kits are good but they have lots and lots of parts, many of them fiddly. If its a subject you like and don't mind lots of fiddly parts, go for it. Check online suppliers such as ScaleHobbyist and Spruebrothers. Miniart web site: https://miniart-models.com/
  7. Not a very accurate kit. Which is strange considering how good the 917/10K kit is.
  8. Have you not been paying attention? California (2035), the US (2035), and the UK (2030) have set dates after which it will be illegal to sell new gasoline or diesel powered cars.
  9. I was refering to car vs horse, not gas vs electric vs steam.
  10. Except that switch wasn't forced down their throats by governments like EVs are being forced down ours. It happened naturally.
  11. The 908 with cameras mounted fore and aft was entered in the 1970 Le Mans race to get actual race footage. A GT40 was used as a camera car during the staged filming later in the year. The Gulf version kit is technically of the car driven by Jo Siffert and Brian Redman in the real race.
  12. Sorry it took so long, but the photos from the Houston Automotive Modelers Society 2022 Model Car Show are now on-line. Just click the link below. https://public.fotki.com/ipms-hams/hams-2022-model-car-show/
  13. Long story short. I found the info I needed and have tech support investigating. Sorry for not investugating this sooner.
  14. Hmmm... First time I've heard of this through a home computer.
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