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  1. Master Box make quite a few reasonably priced 1/24 figures in plastic. Here is a list of them for sale (with prices in Pounds) at Hannats in the UK: https://tinyurl.com/masterbox124 And Master Box's own web site: http://www.mbltd.info/figures/1-24-scale.html But I do understand that our hobbies need to fit within our finances. Keep up the good work. Mike
  2. Excellent work, Safak. But I think there is one more thing you could do to put this model over the top - add people. Someone sitting at the table talking to another person, who either sitting in or leaning on the car. Dioramas should tell a story, and people in the scene really help that. With the skills you've shown in building this, I'm sure you would do a great job on a couple of figures.
  3. All I can do, is tell you what I use. First, I follow the painting schedule you already do. For tape, I use either Tamiya tape or 3M blue painters tape. I remove the tape as soon as possible after painting. (This last step is mostly because some tape glues react with some paints if left on too long, and cause discoloration.)
  4. Dave was just on Model Car Podcast 2 weeks ago (August 17). Model Car Podcast #20
  5. And a last batch of 68 photos have been uploaded: https://public.fotki.com/ipms-hams/2019-hams-model-car/page4.html
  6. Almost every single race car model I've built in the last 15 years was clearcoated with Future/Pledge. No cracking, no yellowing. Look the same as the day they were coated. I also use it on armor models, after paint and before decals & weathering. Mike
  7. vintagerpm

    Finding Shows

    Two ways I can suggest to you to find shows. One is to check the contest announcement section on this forum (and on other modeling boards). The second is the event page on the IPMS-USA web site: https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/all-events Mike
  8. vintagerpm

    2020 Corvette

    I wonder how man will be flipped at a huge profit. Mike
  9. And here are 72 more photos shot by myself and HAMS club president Rob McQuown: https://public.fotki.com/ipms-hams/2019-hams-model-car/
  10. That's bascially the same line we got at the Houston Hobbytown, right before they closed, a couple of months back. And the San Antonio owner owned the Houston store.
  11. Results & photos of the major award winners are now up on the club web site. I hope to have more photos up by the weekend. https://www.ipms-hams.org/category/blog/ The MCMA's Len Woodruff has some photos of his own on-line already: https://public.fotki.com/retabeth/hams-2019-model-car/
  12. If you paid with Paypal, you have only a limited time to request a refund ( 3months? 6 months? I don't remember). I wouldn't wait much longer.
  13. Thought I'd give this a bump as we are 2 weeks out from the show. There are only 2 vendor tables left, if anyone is interested.
  14. One thing to note, this is an R/C car, not a static model
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