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  1. The BBB will do nothing. Contact the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.
  2. Next time you mask, remove the tape almost immediately after painting. (Let it set up, though. Probably one hour max.) I've noticed that the longer Tamiya tape sits on a model, the more likely it is to mess up the paint underneath. I'm sure other tapes will also react the same way.
  3. Postponed to 2021. https://www.liarsmodelcarbuilders.com/
  4. Check out Aeroscale on the KitMaker network. https://aeroscale.kitmaker.net/ Mike
  5. Wave is a Japanese hobby company. They make a lot of mecha (Gundam style) kits now-a-days. I have that Tyrrel in my stash and have previously built 2 Wave kits - Benetton B192 F1 car and Sakura Spirit Armor mecha. The Tyrrell should build up into a nice model. I don't remeber any issues with either kit I built. Don't know if it is of any help, but you can see pictures of my finished models at these links: https://www.vintagerpm.com/124-benetton-b192/ https://www.vintagerpm.com/124-sakuras-spirit-armor/ Mike
  6. I agree that scalehobbyist.com is my first choice. Second choice would be Hobbylinc.com. This is not the Japanese company - they are in Braselton, Georgia. I've got about $100 worth of Tamiya spray paint coming from Hobbylinc right now. 🙂 Shipping via FedEx ground for the same price as USPS.
  7. Great looking truck. Glad you went back to finish it. Mike
  8. Windex is good. Any amonia-base cleaner. (Note that many Windex competitors do not use amonia.) Mike
  9. To quote Wikipedia: "The Howmet TX (Turbine eXperimental) was an American sports prototype racing car designed in 1968 to test the competitive use of a gas turbine engine in sports car racing. Planned by racing driver Ray Heppenstall, the TX combined a chassis built by McKee Engineering, turbine engines leased from Continental Aviation & Engineering, and financial backing and materials from the Howmet Corporation." Howmet was later bought by Alcoa Inc., which eventually became Howmet Aerospace.
  10. Why do you want to mix colors into it? Some may work, others may not. (This is from experience of trying to mix different brands of acrylic paint together.) If the colored paint is flat, and it mixes, it will flatten the combined mixture. Yes, you can use acrylics over it. I have seen flat lacquer (Testor's Dullcoat) sprayed over acrylics & Future with no problems, but not enamel. However, I would not spray it on "wet" or heavy. You can, of course, spray any acrylic over it. I brush it on model race cars that do not need a high gloss finish. Works very well on 1/43 scale cars. It is self leveling so most brush stokes will fade away. Do not go back over an area that has started to dry as that will induce brush strokes. Be care not to force air bubbles into the Future by working too quickly. If you get build up at model edges, wick it away with the edge of a paper towel. If you want high gloss, you need to use regular model clear coats. I've had very little luck airbrushing Future as it wil sometime bead-up on a glossy surface. Therefore, I only use it that way to seal armor models before applying decals and weathering. Then flat coat afterwards. Mike
  11. Repairs. Oy! I bought mine in 1998 and sold it in 1999 when I realized I was spending $1000/month to keep it running. Apparently, every peice rubber (bushings, gaskets) were rotting and needing replacement. Four hour charge to remove the turbo every time the engine had to be worked on - One hour per bolt. Mechanic had to get under the car and use every extention he had on his torque wrench to reach the bolts hoilding the turbo on. Typical German engineering. 🙂
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