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  1. Part of the problem is that Rustoleum's own announcements on-line (at least the one's I've found) have been vague. Their marketing/PR people need to be taken to task for this.
  2. Ok, just did some checking. It appears that Testor's 1/4 oz square bottles and 3 oz spray cans (both enamels) will remain. All others gone (that means no ModelMaster).
  3. All Testor's model paints have been discontinued.
  4. When using lacquer paints, I always wait 1 week between paints. Prime, wait a week and shoot color; wait anothr week and shoot the clear coat. That should be enough time to let the previous coat cure and shrink.
  5. http://www.hobbylinc.com/ https://www.scalehobbyist.com/ https://upscalehobbies.com/ All are in the US.
  6. The base kit of this model is the Revell Mercedes AMG GT. I also used parts from the Hobby Design update kit and the Prior Design transkit from C1 Models. Carbon fiber decals are from Tamiya. The paint is AMG Brilliant Blue from Zero Paints. Clearcoat is Tamiya lacquer. Shoulder harnesses are silk ribbon with Studio27 hardware. Wheels & tires are resin parts from DiOlex Productions painted with Alclad aluminum. The Revell kit is pretty good. Surprised at the amount of flash, though. Some of the glass (windows & lights) doesn't quite fit right. The C1 transkit has issues, too. The fenders should be flush to the bodywork at the edges and the hood is too thick to close all the way (something I did not notice untill too late). I didn't use all the tiny aero parts from the transkit kit. And I didn't lay the paint down as well as I liked, but its a good shelf model.
  7. Actually, it is "stine" not "steen". In German, the long vowel sound of the second letter in an "ei" or "ie" combination is pronounced.
  8. Both the 3D printed one came out looking real good. Can't imagine how much cleanup work you have to do to the body to get that smooth finish. The Academy one looks good, too. I had that kit once but disposed of it after getting the 1/43 Marsh kit of the car. Didn't realize the Academy kit could look that good when built. Cool looking car that was not such a great racer.
  9. I really like the snake skin version. You did a great job with the decals. There have been other Falken race cars, not just the BMW & Porsche. A Ford GT (the ovesized GT40 replica Ford made a few years back) endurance racer and Nissan Silvia & Ford Mustang drift cars are 3 off the top of my head.
  10. Looks fantastic! I started to build the same car several years ago but then quit when I couldn't figure out how to properly mask it off to follow the contours of th decals.
  11. I have a new routine when its an actual human calling. Before they can get into their shpiel, I ask for their credit card number. I tell them they are using my phone equipment for their work, so they owe me rental. Its amazing, but most will protest a little. A few hang right up. One actually argued with me for 5 minutes. I was happy to waste his time. (Note: Apparently you can charge them for phone use if they call your cell phone. Haven't looked into the details.)
  12. The last 2 years I had my BMW, when ever I brought it in for service, my service writer would tell me to get ready to spend $7000 to replace my transmission soon, because they dont last long in BMWs. (I traded it in for something not BMW instead.) Neighbor has a 15 year old Mercedes parked in his garage because it will cost several thousand dollars to replace the transmission if he does it himself. (Luckily, he was given the car for free when it was 10 years old. Got to drive it for 1 year.) So yes, you can easily pay $6000 for a new engine and transmission. (Lesson: do not buy German unless you only keep your car until the original warrenty runs out.) These warrenties are still scams. Usually have stipulations in them that will prevent them for paying for this and that, so you are still out money when the car breaks.
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