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  1. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic RAIDER VETTE! Custom 24th Scale Space Ship is Finished!   

    Nice use of the "Pandamonium" handle. Lol Another amazing project, loven it so far.
  2. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 9/23/2017 - Chassis Tins   

    You know it would have been cheaper and less time consuming to just build the real car... Right ? LOL

    It's really looking good. Something to really be proud of.
    Question: What is the material you are using for the blanket ?
    I skimmed through the posts but couldn't see mention of it.
  3. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic Lindberg 1/16 Bull Horn T-Bucket updated 3-7   

    I've got a set of front tires and spoked rims from a Don Garlits dragster or a set from a Chi Town Hustler funny car. in 1/16th scale. how skinny you want to go?
    PM me if you are interested.
  4. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 9/23/2017 - Chassis Tins   

    I haven't chimed in for awhile but wanted to applaud. This build is a great inspiration. The ideas you have come up with are amazing. This build is going to end up in a museum some day.. Keep it going.
  5. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic The ultimate model car inspiration and reference scrapbook   

    I ditto the statement "Like a walk down memory lane" This is a truly cool idea. I would love a link as well and Thanks so much..
  6. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic Wheelstanders , who was first ?   

    I think it was the Little Red Wagon as well. What a cool thread though.

    I can say that I have had the honor of being friends with "Outlaw Ed Jones" who immortalized the Jolly Rancher wheel standing stage coach.
  7. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic What was the best model kit you ever got for Christmas?   

    My best ever...
    I believe it was 1975. Don Garlits front engine dragster. "Wynns Jammer"
    Wish I could find a photo of the box art.

    All the body panels were clear. If I remember, the oil pan was clear as well and the crank shaft was a separate piece glued to the bottom of the engine so it was visible. Also that was my first kit that had a real rubber blower belt.
    I was so careful putting it together that I actually got the crankshaft to turn in the engine. Not that it mattered, later when the blower belt went on because none of the rest of the pulleys turned. But I knew that I made it happen.

    A purely magical day..
  8. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic McLaren M8B   

    Very Nice. I built a pair of the re-release McLarens a while ago. This kit has lot more detail. Looking forward to more progress photos
  9. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic Some new uses for the Purple Cleaner   

    Yes, it's Zep brand. got it at home depot and it remove chrome off models and paint with out harming the plastic
  10. pandamonium2112 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Some new uses for the Purple Cleaner
    So I got thinking a while back on what else the Purple Cleaner would do.
    Here's what I've put it through.

    1. I poured it in a clogged drain.. Awesome results.
    2. I used it to clean the Algae out of my backyard pond. Worked better than anything else.
    3. Cleaned the rims on my wife's Jeep. This was amazing!

    Other than an occasional car wash, these rims haven't been cleaned in 7 years. I put the cleaner in a spray bottle and used a common scrub brush then rinsed them off with a hose.
    Here are some before and after photos.

    After 7 years of road grime.

    A small trial use turned out ok.

    Here's the end result. Not perfect but real close.

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  11. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic McLaren M8B   

    Please! could you post some photos of the box content before starting?
  12. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic 71 Charger Daytona   

    Nice build. Just enough custom work to break up the super bird look. That's so true about the length of the car.
    You pulled it off..
  13. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic USA-1 CORVETTE LSR TEAM! WIP Photos! Finished Now!   

    You just keep turning them out! You're imagination has no bounds, I keep pushing myself to bolder ground because of people like you.

    This is turning out amazing!!!
  14. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic my widow   

    Hence forth the "Budget issue" not to mention re-picking up the hobby of model building.
    The progress looks great! I love the way the seats turned out. Very good plan there. Opting for shaving the body trim off so you wouldn't have to BMF was also a very bold move and turned out great.
    Can't wait to see more.. Keep smiling
  15. pandamonium2112 added a post in a topic 1965 Ford Galaxie Street Machine   

    I guess I'll chime in on the "Structural fender well" question. As a person who has worked on a lot of 1:1 cars, the inner fender well isn't structural as much as it is just supportive. The solid frame under the car can actually hold take the load of the car without the fender wells. The radiator cross brace or bonnet slam panel' which ever you prefer to call it, holds the structure and shape of the front end (fenders) by bolting them to it and the rear portion of the fender is bolted to the front bulk head or fire wall. The fender well is there mostly to strengthen the fender due to its length and to keep a fair share of road grime from getting in the engine compartment.
    On a true race machine, they can be taken out in the process of loosing weight and it would allow more air flow to cool the engine although you loose aero dynamics (toss that up for debate) Adding a lite amount of bracing would be an alternative to the 100 plus pounds you get rid of by taking them out.

    Long winded, but I hope this answers the question.. Good luck and great progress so far!