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  1. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Race Trailer Time (Shells assembled 02-27-2017)   

    Got the second trailer done......Gonna get onto the lift gates, sometime this week....They have only subtle differences.....Mostly at the bases of the trailers....

  2. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Auslowe trailers   

    Very impressive.....They look quite good....
  3. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Custom trailer   

    You've got a good start.....I've done this before, but I didn't attempt to lower the deck.....I used 2 kits to make a 53'er and just added length by cutting and splicing sections.....Your plan WILL work....You shouldn't need much plastic as, if I'm not mistaken, this trailer scales out to 45', anyway......I like this idea....Never thought about lowering the deck....
  4. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Mack flatbed   

    Good job, Man.....Great work on the bed.....
  5. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Fleet Pete   

    Helmut.....This baby is 1/24 scale and is made by New Ray....In China, too....I get mine from 3000toys.com for about $50, but you should be able to find it over there,,,,Maybe for cheaper, even.....But No, it doesn't come in the fabulous color of orange .....Just blue or black.....

  6. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Fleet Pete   

    Thanks, Boys.....I've been having a little too much fun doing these things.....I appreciate all the interest and kind sentiments....
  7. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic custom meng f-350 dually   

    Now, that's pretty darned cool looking.....Excellent work....The paint job is superb.....
  8. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Fleet Pete   

    I'm gonna add some decals to the truck, later.....Just as soon as I can figure out "what".....

  9. kilrathy10 added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Fleet Pete
    Well, Guys....I got another 579 from New Ray reworked, and I made a fleet version.....I'm really liking this offering....So many possibilities.....I took a Moebius 53'er and set it on the back, and this is how it came out.....

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  10. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Freuhauf dump trailer   

    Hmmm....Curious.....That's an interesting look....Must be a northern weather type thing......Can't say I see that much, here....Mostly just rust and lots of dents and such.....However, it looks cool, though.....
    And you've sparked my interest with your color choice for this rig, as well..... Excellent choice....Everything looks good in orange..... 
  11. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Heller Ferguson   

    Wow...That looks cool....Excellent subject....I think I need to snag one of these....
  12. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Kenworth dump truck   

    These have always intrigued me.....Can't wait to see how this unfolds.....
  13. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic beside the brbo project   

    Looking good, Man....What a nice array of resin, here....Too cool....
  14. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic Kenworth w900 wrecker (ROG kit)   

    Looking pretty awesome, so far......Great job on that bumper, and the engine looks amazing....
  15. kilrathy10 added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General update 41 sleeper start and underhood piping   

    This thing looks absolutely amazing......You've done an awesome job on this, Bud.....It looks like the sleeper will be "simple" compared to all you've done, so far.....I like this so much, I'm willing to part with some flat .060 sheet styrene to contribute to the build, if you're interested.....I've got enough to last me for years to come.....I could cut some up and hook you up if you don't find anything at the dollar store.....Just PM me.....I just want to see this baby come to life......