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  1. Excellent job, Man... This is one of the most beautifully done 378's I've ever seen... Very nice...
  2. It's a repainted die cast... There are way more 1/24 scale offerings in modern cars and trucks than in plastic... It's true 1/24 scale, too... It was the Muhammed Ali Action/Brookfield Collectors Guild Nascar show truck model.... Bill Elliot.... Way more for your money... Got tired of base model snappers with no mirrors that cost way more than they're worth... Trust me... Repainting this thing was WAY harder than building up one of those 1/25 scale AMT Dodge models... And looks so much better...
  3. That's a great looking build, Bro... Beautiful work... I love that paint job, too... Very well photographed, too... Very nice...
  4. Beautiful job on this.. I don't know how many times I've thought about building a school bus from one of the AMT Transtar kits... Didn't even know there was a kit for a bus.... I'm assuming it is 1/24 1/25 scale?
  5. Awesome looking beast, here... Very nice work, and very imaginative... So glad the words "Zombie Apocalypse" weren't used in the title... 😁 Excellent work...
  6. I like the way you photographed this one... Very nice build, too.... Great decal application, and I like the red frame...I've always thought these to be a little of an odd ball design.... Can't say I really like the look (and I love these Euro jobs) Not my favorite, but your representation of it is quite nice.... I really love the Scania R Long Lines Y'all got over there... Now, those are a really nice design... I like the Man and Volvo cabovers, too... Odd that Scania would go with this look... I have a couple of these kits that need building... I just might have to break one out.... Excellent job, my friend...
  7. Oh, that's NICE!!! Beautiful... Always love to see the orange carriers represented!! Awesome build, too... She's a beauty!!!
  8. The orange one is a Hell Cat... The green one is the Scat Pak...🙂
  9. I got these off ebay at both for under $70, each after shipping and all... Really cool models... Way less than the GT Spirits, and made out of die cast metal, and not resin... The hood doesn't open, but they are very nice replicas... The last pic is of the orange one with newly painted rims... Can't stand the black ones...
  10. I like that orange one for SURE!!!! The red is cool, but that orange just knocks your socks off... Wonderful models... I like the pop up headlights, too... I have the one from Bburago, I think... Don't quote me on that, though... That one is 1/25 scale... They say it's 1/24, but it ain't... It was cheap, so I can't complain... These are AMAZING!!!!
  11. I have one red and one purple of these...(They can be had on ebay reasonably priced) I wish I could say they were 1/25 scale, but they are closer to 1/27 scale... Not sure why they went smaller than the gen release before this one... (That one was true 1/24 scale) These are very well appointed models, as the doors and the hood open, and both with very tight fits... So tight, you need a razor blade to open them... And the doors are NOT dog legged!!! I just don't like the scaling, for sure... Just too small... BUT, they did a great job replicating it... And the hood DOES open...😉 I may just have to get one of those black ones... That one wasn't available when I bought mine...
  12. I've seen those, as well... I'm a little concerned about the scaling... Jada is screwing up my "eye balling"... The Jadas are the 4 door version, and quite a bit bigger than the Maistos, but the Maistos are usually the more accurate scaling... I'm going to have to get one of these and check it out... They have the orange one assembled at full price and these at 40% off, but I just don't know.... Every time I see the real ones, I'm convinced that the Jadas are correct, but when I put it next to other true 1/24 scale trucks, and I'm not so sure... They (Jada's version) look ok next to Maisto's Raptor, but they look too big next to my Norscot Chevy Silverado..... Man, I need to get up close to figure this out, unless anyone else can help with this...😉
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