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  1. Any good source for scale woodgrain decals that would work well for interior trim? Thanks, Geno.
  2. Hi Greg, do you know of a good source for the chrome outside rear view mirrors that would work on the Monogram Buick GSX kit? Thanks, Geno.

  3. I have done this on some models and have used Super Glue Gel with great success.
  4. Geno

    '70 Buick GS.

    Monty, I used Rustoleum Professional also from Menards lol. It laid on smoothly, I let it dry a couple of days then wet sanded it lightly and let it dry good before putting on the color coats.I generally go to Menards as they have an exceptional array of paints, even your regular Testors model paints. In general, whatever brand paint I use I use the same brand primer & clear since I know it'll be compatible for the most part, at least I haven't had any issues by doing that.
  5. Geno

    '70 Buick GS.

    Thank you all, it is greatly appreciated. Monty, the paint is Rustoleum Universal Metallic Turquoise. I went with that as it's pretty close and didn't cost me an arm and a leg lol. 6 bucks at Menards. Always glad to share and help out fellow modelers if I can.😁
  6. Geno

    '70 Buick GS.

    Awesome, it is a small world, and thanks for the kind words. I live in Sidney but work in Piqua.😁
  7. Geno

    '70 Buick GS.

    Thanks Jerry, I do appreciate the info.
  8. Geno

    '70 Buick GS.

    Thanks Mark, much appreciated. We've got some essential business for Emerson but since they shut down a plant due to some folks checking positive for Covid it slowed us down to a crawl, We have maybe a dozen folks still working now. All we can do is pray for this nasty bug to get shut down. Stay safe, Geno.😊
  9. Well, one of 3 on the bench but this one is first up. Using the Monogram GSX kit as the base. I got laid off yesterday so I've got some time to do some modeling. I've never been laid off before so it feels kinda weird. God's way of keeping me safe is how I'm looking at it. Any good source for the chrome outside rearview mirror on the drivers door? Hope you all are safe and sound as well. God bless, Geno.[:)] [ Going to try and replicate this car but without the vinyl top.
  10. Beautiful Steve. I'm diggin' it.😎
  11. Jared, that is a knockout. Keith Marks makes some excellent Trans Am decals.
  12. Another cool Pontiac build I'll be watching. I'd done the opposite kitbashing these two kits to get me a stock 1/24 '66 Chevelle to fit in with my 1/24 diecast collection.
  13. 2 thumbs up Ludwig on a very nicely done Boss.😎
  14. Man, i'd love that in 1/24. I'm droolin' lol.
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