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  1. Amen Buddy lol, I have some painting to do but it's just too cold right now.😖☹ī¸
  2. Thanks guys, Rich, it sure is. It's satisfying to do in just a few short hours and have a nice model on the shelf.😄
  3. Picked this up at the local Hobby Lobby today. It's crappy out today, rain and snow so it gave me something to tinker with. Detailed the interior including flocking the floorboards, detail painted the buckles for the seatbelts and the shifter, also painted the headliner black. Took the tail lights out and darkened them up from the backside, they weren't much darker than the body paint, also painted the headlight stems white. Detailed the engine compartment a bit and drilled the tailpipes out and aluminized the mufflers and tips. Put the tires on my portable drill and sanded the treads and added my own personalized plate, nothing too crazy but it did improve it quite a bit. It is a nice looking model overall and fits in with my newer Mustang models. Plus it looks great with my GT500.
  4. Nicely done Rich, it looks great. Love those Shelby Mustangs.
  5. It's beautiful Richard, I love those 50's Mopars.
  6. This is right up my alley lol, I love redoing diecast. Great start Sam, keep it going. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
  7. Hey, a really cool Bee hive lol. Great job Dan, I like it.
  8. I've always had great dealings with Vaughn, great guy and great parts and service.
  9. I just picked up one of the orange ZR1's over the weekend. It's pretty darn nice.
  10. Holy Smokes Tom, you knocked it outta the park on this one. Absolutely beautiful.
  11. That looks sweet, better than the flamed version.
  12. Same here Tim, I'm extremely pleased with all my M2 models.
  13. Nice looking 'Bird Keith. Love dem Tin Indians.
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