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  1. Thanks guys, I sure do appreciate it. I'll keep paying it forward the best I can.☺️
  2. Hey Bud, just wanted to give ya a shout and let ya know I got the hood ornament. Again, many thanks. if I can ever pay it forward just give me a shout. I'll help out if I can. God bless, Geno. 👍😂
  3. Wow, I think they both look great Rich. Love the slicks and Grabber Orange paint.👍👍
  4. My favorite tri-five. John, you rocked it man.
  5. Excellent work Dominik, it looks fantastic.😎👍👍
  6. Man, your right Rich, I am diggin' it, especially with the rake. You knocked it outta the park with the snake fu. I really like the looks of those Rallys, I have the Sunstar version but I'm not crazy about the color, mine just has the spinner style hubcaps as well. You got me wanting to tear it apart and redo it LOL. 😎👍👍
  7. Email sent. Thanks Rich, I do appreciate it.
  8. Thanks again guys, This is up next, the companion car.😊
  9. Hi Rich, my address is:

    Gene Mills

    1532 Marilyn Drive

    Sidney, Ohio 45365.

    Again, thanks and if I can return the favor I surely will. Happy New Tear and God Bless, Geno.

  10. Sweet, thanks Rich, I do appreciate it. If there's anything your looking for and I can help out with I certainly will. I'll PM my addy to you.
  11. It will come apart for a full detail like the MM '59 Caddy. Pictured with the DM '56 2 dr. HT.
  12. Thanks everyone, it is most certainly appreciated. It was a fun & rewarding build.☺️
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