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  1. Geno

    Rays kits decals

    Thanks guys, I do appreciate the info.👍
  2. Absolutely beautiful, I love the '59 Fords, very under appreciated car.👍😎
  3. Geno

    Rays kits decals

    I'm curious as well as I'd like to order a set of the '70 Buick GS decals. Is the quality there also?
  4. 👍👍 I also used the white tail strip. I got my set from Firebird Designs.
  5. Stunning all around build Tom, that color looks exceptional on it.👍
  6. What a beautiful build Ken, I've always liked that bodystyle.😎
  7. Geno

    64 GTO Hardtop

    WOW, beautiful job, I love this kit, it builds out very nicely.😎
  8. Thanks guys, it is very much appreciated.☺️
  9. Just a little more painting, I'm going with the factory medium saddle interior, I had originally planned on going with black and had painted it so, but it just looked too boring, I wanted something that would pop. Right now I'm waiting for the flocking to do the carpet. Conversion of the Monogram GSX kit.[:)]
  10. Absolutely stunning build Andy.
  11. Geno

    AAR Cuda

    Sweet, perfect color for this car. I have the new Revell version coming up. I think I'm going to do it in Petty blue, subject to change though lol.
  12. Great save Doug, it looks way better now. I love the '59 Mercs.😎
  13. Man, that looks great Gerald, 2 thumbs up, I'd give it more if I had more thumbs.😁
  14. Tony, you rocked that build, I have one up next on my build list after I finish my '70 Buick GS convertible, I hope my turns out half this nice. Way cool.😎
  15. Man, that's gonna be sweet John, i dig the '59 Fords, way under appreciated car.
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