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  1. I like it Rich. great job.😎
  2. Nice job Michele.😎
  3. Geno

    1970 Buick GSX

    Sweet build.😎
  4. Wow, that turned out great Randy. Nice Job.
  5. Geno

    Revel 58 Impala

    Sweet, I love '58 Impalas. great job John.
  6. She's a beauty Roger. Great job.
  7. Man, that is gonna be sharp. I love the '57 Fords, good looking cars. Way better looking than a '57 Chevy. JMHO though.
  8. Hi George, that's awesome, 1/24 correct? If so I'll take it lol. I could use the carb and air cleaner too if those are available. Just let me know what I owe ya, Bill is sending a 1/25 version but I'd rather have the 1/24 to fit properly on the block. My addy is:

    Gene Mills

    1532 Marilyn Drive

    Sidney, Ohio 45365.

    Again, thanks George, you're always a great help. God bless, Geno.B):)

  9. Thanks Larry, I appreciate the info.
  10. Hi Bill, I'll give it a shot lol. Thanks a million, I do appreciate the help.

    My Addy:

    Gene Mills

    1532 Marilyn Drive

    Sidney, Ohio 45365.

    Blessings. Geno.

  11. I don't know if one was made in 1/24 so I'd use a 1/25 if possible. The 1/24 Monogram kits I have only have the 440 6 bbl. Thanks in advance, Geno.
  12. From it's humble FM beginning to the strip thrasher it is now I really enjoyed making something cool out of this little '60 Falcon. When Curt gave it to me it had several issue and I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it.[:)]
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