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  1. Sah-weet build. Love those Ponchos.😎
  2. I understand Tom, I for one love these big full size cars. I also owned a Grandville at one time too back in the 80's, it was a '73 also, an excellent cruiser for sure. This is like the one I had, right down to the color and Rally II's. Wish I had my own pics of it. I really liked that car. The guy I sold it to totaled it sadly.
  3. Man that looks so real Steve, love those outdoor shots. Park it in my driveway lol.😁
  4. A '72 like this, I like the fancier grille versus the '71.😉
  5. I'm drooling Steve. Absolutely amazing build. WOW!!!!!!!!!!😎
  6. Thanks Tom, it's looking pretty sweet. A Pontiac Grandville would be cool also.
  7. That is sweet, love the '60 Buick tail lights.😎
  8. When will these be available for purchase? 🙂
  9. Oh man, this is gonna be sweet. I dig those ol' Nova's.
  10. Wow, that turned out pretty darn nice Tim. I'm diggin' it.
  11. Looks good to me Randy, Nice Job.👍👍
  12. Nothing cooler than the Bandit T/A. Great job Glenn.
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