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  1. Those are some nice models Steve.
  2. Geno

    Buick part needed.

    Sweet, thanks Roger. It is certainly appreciated. The one I had was warped really bad, I tried everything I know to straighten it to no avail.😓
  3. Hello all, I'm looking for a chassis for the Monogram '70 Buick GSX. Any help is greatly appreciated, may have stuff to trade. Thanks, Geno.
  4. Has anyone heard from R2 yet? I haven't. Maybe they don't care about customer input.😢
  5. Man, this is great, I sure hope they check out the link. Thanks Raoul for doing that.😎
  6. Bob, I have picked up sets on Ebay for pretty reasonable prices. Just type in 1/24 wheels and tires.
  7. Thanks Rich, I've emailed Round 2 about re-releasing their white letter tire sets, I'm hoping that'll work.
  8. Same here Mike, no response yet.
  9. Thanks everyone. It's amazing what just a wheel and tire swap can to for the image.😉😊
  10. Sweet, glad to see the interest, a BIG thanks to everyone participating, let's keep this at the forefront.😎
  11. I've done the same Raoul with the same results. I have emailed Round 2 about re-releasing these. Maybe if others can do the same it'll let them know there is interest for them.😂
  12. I agree, when I go to shows there's a guy there that sells different tire packs and I hear folks ask him frequently when he may have the WLT back in stock.
  13. Yeah Mike, those are the ones I was referring too.
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