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  1. Thanks guys, Jeff, what is the wheel well lip issue? Thanks, Geno.
  2. Man, that is a sweet build David, I've got an original promo that'll become a Maverick Grabber.
  3. Thanks Rich, I do appreciate the info.😁
  4. Thanks Steve, much appreciated.☺️
  5. Does the newer Revell version have a properly proportioned body versus the old Monogram kit? Thanks, Geno.
  6. Man that is looking sweet Mike, do you know, or anyone one else here if this same body is used for the AAR 'Cuda. The Monogram body is awful in proportion, Thanks, Geno.
  7. I picked up this blue version at our local Wally World.
  8. I have a few as well, I love old trucks.
  9. Just as a comparo, this is the Monogram GTO I built as a restomod. it went together really nicely.😊 Shown with the Franklin Mint convertible diecast as well.
  10. An amazing build Alexandr. It's stunning.😎
  11. You got a good start on it Mike, I like where you're going with it, please keep us updated on your progress. I'm with you as well, it sometimes takes me a year to do one model, I work as the mood strikes so I don't get burnt out, plus I do a lot of research on whatever I'm working on. Plug away lol. Later, Geno.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
  12. John, that is beautifully done. Great job, I love this bodystyle. I always loved the tail light treatment of the '58 as it broke away from standard Ford rounds.😎
  13. You rocked it Tim, it looks great in that Mopar classic color.😎
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