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  1. Neat build, It reminds me of a custom Lincoln Mark III.😎
  2. Oops, sorry Roger and Randy, my fingers got ahead of my brain lol.😮
  3. Great start on a sweet project Randy, I'm diggin' it. Keep us posted.😎
  4. Randy, that turned out great. Looks like I'll have to add one to the collection. How close to scale is it compared to the '55? Thanks for sharing it with us.😎
  5. Nicely done Ludwig. I love the 66/67 Chevelle bodystyle.😎
  6. Sweet, my favorite year Charger in an awesome color.😎
  7. Those look great, I have quite a few of these inexpensive models and am pleasantly surprised at how nice they are. Great score Gary.
  8. Some more neat ones Rich, I'm enjoying these. Thanks for taking the time to share them. Blessings, Geno.😎
  9. Geno

    Yenko Nova

    You rocked it Michael, a beautiful build.😎
  10. This is gonna be sweet.😎
  11. Steve, words are beyond me, all I can do is drool lol.
  12. The interior is finally done, now to get the engine wrapped up.😊
  13. Man, that is gonna be sweet Jim, keep us posted.😎
  14. Thanks Greg, The front grille and the tail lights I scavanged from a scrap JADA diecast.😉
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