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  1. I don't know about a bad man driving it...........................He's probably EVIL.😁 Seriously though, that is one sweet build Ryan. Two thumbs up, I'd give it more if I had more thumbs.☺️
  2. Whoa..............that baby rocks. Absolutely amazing build David.
  3. Maybe it's just me but that rake looks perfect, gives it that badass stance. That rear 3/4 view couldn't be more perfect to my eyes, WOW!!!!! Everything else looks spot on too. Exceptional work thus far.
  4. I may be one of the few but I've always liked the style of the '60 Ford and you done it more than justice. That is stunning.
  5. Wow, I'm blown away David, that is absolutely stunning. I gotta wipe up the drool now.😁
  6. Thanks guys, I do appreciate the kind words, they do keep me motivated. Bill, I used Rustoleum Rustic Pink and Vintage blush. i was trying to get as close as possible to the real cars colors off the shelf. It's not perfect but close enough to represent the real car. The colors ARE closer to the real colors, they just showed up lighter in MY pics under LED's. In natural light they look a lot closer.☺️
  7. Getting closer with the interior, I'm waiting on the PE set to finish it up.☺️
  8. I like it Mattias, the color looks great. Just an idea if it's attainable there. I use Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish on the bare metal, a few times going over it and it'll shine almost like real chrome.☺️
  9. Man for $18 you sure didn't get hurt, those look pretty darn good. A friend had one like the white version back in the day, it was roomy and rode great.
  10. That's a sweet setup George, I'm diggin' it.😎
  11. LOL, you're welcome Gary. They got the proportions better than either Mint, that's why I never got the DM or FM versions.😊
  12. Whitebox 1/24 replica of Marilyn Monroe's Caddy given to her by Joe DiMaggio when they got married. He had it custom painted this color by none other than George Barris to match the color of an outfit Marilyn had that he loved. The only thing I didn't like is they didn't detail the interior in the right colors. I already have it apart to remedy that. I'll keep ya posted. It's still a gorgeous model.
  13. Wow, that is sweet Paul, I'm diggin' it.
  14. Love this build. I've built several of these over the years, this is my current version.☺️ Hopefully these work.
  15. I'll be watching as well, I actually liked building this one but I made it stock to go with my 1/24 diecast collection. I used the chassis from the Monogram '64 GTO.
  16. Picked this up at our local Wally World, the F9 Charger aka "Hellacious". They actually got one to 1/24 scale albeit a widebody. Last photo side by side with the DM Bullitt Charger. This will also come apart for a full detail session.😉
  17. Geno

    Rays kits decals

    Thanks guys, I do appreciate the info.👍
  18. Absolutely beautiful, I love the '59 Fords, very under appreciated car.👍😎
  19. Geno

    Rays kits decals

    I'm curious as well as I'd like to order a set of the '70 Buick GS decals. Is the quality there also?
  20. 👍👍 I also used the white tail strip. I got my set from Firebird Designs.
  21. Stunning all around build Tom, that color looks exceptional on it.👍
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