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  1. Tim, I grafted them in from a hood I had in my parts box.☺️
  2. Thanks Jose, much appreciated.☺️
  3. Man, that looks great to me Jose. I went the stock route with mine using the Monogram '64 GTO chassis and '70 Chevelle wheels and tires.
  4. Geno

    65 Bonneville

    You rocked it Ken, '65 was a great year styling wise for all the Pontiac line.
  5. Oh she's gonna hurt a lot of bad people.....great start Stephen.
  6. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I've had some pretty good luck as of late.☺️
  7. DM '49 Olds 88 coupe. All I needed to do was replace the bent antenna. Thanks for looking.☺️
  8. A beauty Steve, looks like a real Poncho.
  9. 1st Gear '34 Ford 3 window coupe. I got this to display with my DM California Kid '34.
  10. I too love the '61 Pontiacs and those are just way cool Rich, thanks for sharing them with us.😎
  11. 1st Gear '55 Nomad. I think it's closer to 1/24 than 1/25 based on size compared to the DM model. $25 and free shipping on this one.
  12. You're welcome Rich, I'm particularly fond of the 59's as my Uncle, who worked for Chrysler had a really nice one.
  13. That's gonna be so cool Cale. I did a conversion of a Johnny Lightning 1/24 Duster several years back.
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