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  1. I'm kinda partial to green lol. This is a conversion from the Super Bee kit.☺️
  2. Those are great, '72 is my fav for the Torino also, you rocked it.
  3. Geno

    Up in Smoke

    Pat. you nailed 'em both. Great job.
  4. I want one of these but I think I'll wait for JADA to make it in a different color then detail it out.πŸ™‚
  5. Thanks guys, I certainly do appreciate the kind words. It was fun working on it. Rich, the '69 is a DM model.πŸ™‚
  6. Looks like a real piece of sh**, but in a good way lol, I dig it.
  7. Man, this is gonna be sweet.😎
  8. Motormax '70 Boss 429. I've done a lot to it but still have some minor stuff to do. All trim foiled and added an antenna, painted the headlights surrounds to match the grille. Side marker lights foiled and painted. I got to get some Candy Apple Red paint to do the door jams. I didn't detail the tray engine as i plan on getting a Monogram '70 Boss 429 kit engine and building to put in this. I did take it apart and detail the interior including flocking for carpet and a decal detail set from a '69 Boss model kit I used for the dash and door woodgrain details. I foiled and painted the rest of the door details. That interior was all black plastic with the chrome shifter being the only contrast. I wasn't able to get good outdoor pics of the interior but the shifter, console, steering wheel and the rest of the dash were detailed as well. Not Mint by any means but I wanted to make it close and I'm happy to have it in my collection. The Candy Apple Red version is a tough one to find and the ones you do, want $30 or more. I picked this one up for $15.[:)]
  9. Those are a couple of neat looking models. Great job on the detail work. I love taking cheaper models and detailing them, it just brings them to life for me. 😊
  10. Likewise, I have bought a lot of decals from Jeff and even had some custom made. He does a beautiful job.
  11. Stunning build Robert, '65 was a great year for the whole Pontiac lineup. They all looked great.😎
  12. Geno

    Some recent buids

    WOW, every one a beauty, great job Alex.
  13. Cliff, amazing as always, I love seeing your work.😎
  14. That turned out nice Dave. I converted mine to "The Punisher" GTO.😊
  15. WOW!!! what a beautiful transformation Mike, absolutely amazing.😎
  16. You rocked it Claude, absolutely beautiful build.😎
  17. Geno

    β€˜66 Mustang

    Beautiful Chaz, you nailed it.😎
  18. Chaz, that is looking great, You've convinced me to look for one lol. 😊
  19. Now that'll hurt ya. Sweet build Jim.😎
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