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  1. Here's a built up 1/16 General Lee in good shape for trade. Looking for a restorable '70 johan gtx/rr body for one thing... haven't decided what else yet I can use. Am open to hearing other offers for trade...
  2. Camper special plates represented are 70-72. 67-69 emblems were scripts.
  3. The 67-72 and 73-79 design ford f-series had distinctly different 'skins'. While they shared the same windshield/cowl structures, no outer parts like fenders or grills were interchangeable between the two designs. Inner front fenders, rad supports and hoods could be swapped but nothing else on the cab except mechanical or interior parts. The trucks you're remembering as '72s, Del, may have been probably '73s. They started '73 production in jul/aug of '72.
  4. From what we've seen of how highly accuracy is valued on this series, it's probably not likely we'll see a new grill... but who knows, they might surprise us. The fender bars could be sourced from the amt 427 Fairlane but the camper special nameplates haven't been done yet. The older amt F350s can provide 16.5 tires and 8 lug five slot wheels along with steel axle dana 60 and front suspension to go with the wheels. Scenes Unlimited may have decent steel 8 lug wheels and 16.5 tires if they don't show up in this coming version of the kit and he may be able to design the proper mirrors.
  5. True, but there was only one design for the 16" wheel F250 hubcap in '68. Moebius replicated it beautifully in scale. Why would they not use it?
  6. Same caps they've been using for five years...
  7. Finally putting those F250 hubcaps where they belong. Never were accurate for the F100s.
  8. ... and likewise, just as quick from sunny southern CA Will wonders never cease. Great trade!
  9. As we all know, 'good' can mean different things to different people. It's true that the box assembly can be difficult depending upon the degree of warpage found in the kit, and the choice of modeling the super camper special wheelbase version makes for a goofy looking truck. However, the amt pattern makers did an excellent job in bringing us a superbly scaled kit with as close to perfect perspective as you're likely to find in 1/25 or any scale, with easily correctible flaws. Unfortunately, the same can not be stated for the newer kits
  10. No reason to do one as the 68/69 trucks would be identical with only paint details on grill to distinguish year. On the other hand, they could have covered all the bases by putting 8 lug wheels on the 4x4 along with their vague rendition of the '68/'69 grill and called it a '68 F250 4x4.
  11. Definitely nothing like those stores here 😥 ... once in a while a guy strikes gold at yard sales, though
  12. I really like that stamp art, on this one anyways; but the rest is, like, pure millennial marketing. Maybe it's, like, to go with the 'noss' and that hoist kit with the hilarious far eastern engrish translation naming style
  13. That's what I thought. On the Mercury side, it's called Madras Blue poly. I had my local napa mix up a can for me. White seats and door panels would really make a nice contrast for that Shelby
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