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  1. ...and they could all (70-72) benefit from at least a 1mm sectioning in height just below the headlight
  2. Looks like a great start! You're making me want to dig out the one that came to me sans chrome, headlights and bumpers and start a remodel into an '01-'03 look, with 5.0 motivation
  3. One of them is probably this one, Scott. 'Assembled' by Bill Neumann using pics of Don Emmons' projects published in R&C. (done without crediting Mr Emmons)
  4. Fortunately, this is one of the rare kits that has contents equaling the appeal of the art ... and yes, ignore the trolling; as Casey mentioned, lots of us share this affliction.
  5. If anyone has these parts taking up space and wants to get rid of them, I'd like to hear about it
  6. With a little help from an a-daptor kit.. as Mr Cash put it... Spotted this pre-assembled one at a swap meet. Wish I'd kept the pic of the big scale Ford Indy engine I missed on the big auction site a few years back.
  7. Missing link offered it in resin once upon a time.
  8. The body in the funny car kit is the stock '70 Mach1 body with the '69 front lower valance supplied because the stock '70 kits' valance was molded with the chassis.
  9. This one might deserve its own thread. It will be interesting to see how they achieve the '67 only door panels, grill, heater controls (knobs instead of slide controls) and a smaller radio face. If the grill is just a rehash of their toy-like '69 rendition with different center bars, it's good to know rookie resin has you covered with a pretty accurate replacement.
  10. Reminds me of Vince Gill singing 'she might have took my car keys, but she forgot about my old john deere' ...apparently written about an anecdote involving George Jones
  11. Looking to trade this GMC stepside shortbox (kit T409) for just a regular fleetside box from the same 67-72 era. Floor is bowed slightly but warm water will fix that.
  12. They did take up a lot of acreage
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