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  1. 1976/77 Ford Pickup Parts

    Bet I know who helped with the master …
  2. Those side emblems are the same for 67/68 and are also used on the 63/64, attached to the hood. The mercury lettering is black for 67/68 and red for 63/64. The decals look like they may have improved from the first set of his that I saw I believe they were made for the '67 used for pulling Elliot's racecar. mike
  3. Over on the spotlight forum, Steve A makes the best set of 67/68 Merc decals I've seen yet. For the '65/'66 Mercs, all that would be needed would be the fender name plates... as the front letters and tailgate letters are the same size from '65-'68. Ford merely added extra tabs to the '65/'66 Ford letter piece to make it work on the Mercs. If the Merc letters were to be done in photoetch, it might be a good idea to include the '62-'64 and '65-'68 front letters, the '65/'66 side nameplates and the '63/'64/'67/'68 cowl/hood plates (same design). Maybe even include the hood and tailgate letters from the fifties Mercs as well. Go big or go home mike
  4. I stand corrected, Tom Kind of assumed they'd be like the newer ones but from the scarce pics available it looks the paint patterns are indeed different. The '66 shortbox I owned was solid red and I'd never really paid attention to the tutone trucks. It appears that the '61-'66 trucks had the upper accent colors painted after the foundation color and the process was reversed at some time during the 67 model year. I've seen some '67 trucks where the wear-thru made it look like the bottom color was applied first. Thanks for sharing those great pics Tim. mike
  5. Great Traders List

    Glad it got through Thanks to you too, Brandon, for the trade. mike
  6. The light-catch here shows the rear ducktail arch and side contours off very well. We can hope that moebius will perhaps want to finesse this for a more accurate looking roof. If not, a little filing and some putty work should bring it up to snuff As far as the box interior color goes, Steve, it usually matched the hood, interior and upper box side color from the factory. You can find any combination on a restored truck. mike
  7. A clean, one-owner '57 Chevy

  8. That could be part of it. Maybe the straight-up-and-down appearance of the grill vs the slight lean forward on the 1:1 could be throwing me off here too. mike
  9. Makes me wish I'd kept the '94 Lightning press kit I had Good article here from Motor Trend... https://www.motortrend.com/news/ford-f150-lightning-xlt/ mike
  10. Agreed. Beautiful build, Steve A couple of things that appear be worthy of further attention would be the over-tall appearing grill (1:1 height top to bottom 12.25") and taillights needing a slight sectioning and the fender bulges looking a little pudgy and over-rounded. Overall, a pretty good likeness. mike
  11. '32 Ford Tudor Resto-Rod

    Been wanting to build a likeness of Mr Poteet's delivery myself. Very nice work on that black tudor mike
  12. That is a really nice set of parts from Fireball. I'm still looking forward to seeing someone make a serious attempt to accurize the topside to justify the time spent on the foundation mike
  13. Some eBay Weirdness...

    The first bidder could see the second getting close to his bid so he raised his maximum bid. It doesn't change what shows as his current leading bid. I've had bidders raise their max bid two or three times if others were getting close. mike
  14. 1969 Beaumont front bumper/grille

    A gratuitous pair of pics showing '68 and '69 dashes... '68 and '69