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  1. Hot Rod Duesenberg

    X2... I've got the book here somewhere and remember that there was a note published at the front crediting a gent in Connecticut for technical info supplied to the author. Great book; in the vein of Hot Rod or Street Rod, sans the unhappy ending. mike
  2. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    Here's another great thread on the box modification procedure... ...also, the compartment built into the box side on the camper special is actually a spare tire compartment; that's why the inner wall is shaped like it is. The regular toolbox is shown in the second pic. mike
  3. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    Yes, they are. AMT very accurately captured the '73-'79 F series in scale (aside from the upper windshield trim). Modelers aren't so fortunate with some current releases... mike
  4. (Ford) Pickup Truck Bed Length?

    This kit does have the regular 8 foot bed on it but because of the F350 super camper special package it is modeled after, the wheel base is longer (140") than the regular 133" wb that the regular long box trucks came with. It's only the box sides/inner panels that need modifying. More info in this thread...
  5. Revell '67 Corvette Roadster

    That is a beauty, Rich . Evokes a memory of an identical big block roadster pulling away from me at a light; you didn't just hear those pipes, you felt them through the seat and floorboards mike
  6. My Last Modelhaus order

    When did you order? XE shows the exchange level today to be within a couple of cents of what it was in the spring/summer of '16... mike
  7. 1968 Shelby Green Hornet-----Update! 5/27/18

    Fantastic, inspiring work, Bill mike
  8. Read A Good Book Lately?

    RIP Tom Wolfe... https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/15/obituaries/tom-wolfe-pyrotechnic-nonfiction-writer-and-novelist-dies-at-88.html Interesting and insightful writer to say the least. Prompted me to dig out and reread his essay on the mid-sixties socal custom car scene; Ed Roth et al; 'Kandy colored tangerine flake streamline baby'. mike
  9. Good to hear you found some, Tom. AMT did release the star truk in '75 and '76 with the '73-'75 grill in one and the '76/'77 grill in the other; and no change in box art. mike
  10. Very good idea, Mike They're found only in the star truks, with the fully loaded chrome shots containing either the '75 or '76/'77 grills. The profile fits all '64-'77 F-series front bumpers and can be modified to the '78/'79 bumper only found in the amt broncos. mike
  11. '68 GTO dash

    I'd take either scale but the monogram '68 apparently uses their '69 dash iirc. Only 45 bucks can. plus shipping? Wow, what a deal mike
  12. '69 Beaumont convertible

    I've been hoping to see an actual application of the apparently mythical mcg parts. Don't know how I missed this the first time but better late than never. Really nice work on the whole package, Steve. Been gathering parts with the same project in mind as John. mike
  13. '68 GTO dash

    Still looking...and hoping... and wishing... and praying mike
  14. Everything is done with CAD files now but the output can only be as good as the input. Full factory blueprints on the big trucks made the difference, as Chuck said. mike
  15. I'm sure 'good enough' wasn't the primary intent of this expensive project but it's plain that early test shots didn't get into the hands of people familiar with the subject matter. With all the other distractions going on, things got overlooked. What's done is done. Hope the next one hits the goal. mike