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  1. Thanks for sharing those pics Mr B. Some great stuff to look forward to. Good to see the 4x4 will have the correct 5 lug wheels...
  2. Here's a, um, retired '64 laurentian Even with north of the border cars using the '58-'64 chevy x-frame, underbody priming practices were probably similar.
  3. Great to see this project fall into your hands, Roger. Great inspiration for the rest of us fordnatics Truly spoken; the company 'cribbed' the 66/67 fairlane/comet chassis (and various Ford truck parts) from amt and slightly modified it. The 'borrowing' isn't really the main issue here, as its happened before in the industry. What's needed is someone who knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff when looking for items they can, um, appropriate
  4. Here's a reference pic of the standard steel wheel design Ford used on vans and pickups...
  5. You guys can have that sci-fi stuff Nice art but holds not a particle of attraction for me. Haven't seen Jairus Watson's name here yet but I think he definitely rates mention
  6. Very nice combination. Do you have more pics of the body mods? Sure a little safer to ride in with the perimeter frame vs the x frame it would have been built with
  7. Good eye Looks like they used them for the '65-'68 rhd cars as they were easy to convert. Interesting pics here... https://canadianponcho.activeboard.com/t61771026/anyone-have-photos-of-a-rhd-69-dash/?page=1
  8. there's a fair amount of good rhd pics on google images; appears to be a number of survivors in australia ...
  9. Interesting. Maybe mpc didn't scale it right. Should be roughly 5" for a bville. Wonder if all the '66-'70 mpc kits had the same chassis. Doesn't really matter anyways, as what's needed is to get the wheels centered in their openings. Looks like you have leeway to adjust the wheelbase as you see fit. My chev dash isn't converted to rhd, I was just offering it in case you didn't have one laying round to convert.
  10. If the wheelbase on your kit chassis scales to 121", it's possibly sourced from the amt grand prix rather than the bonneville. It'll probably be easier to use the '70 chassis to keep the wheels centered in the openings. Properly shortening the bonneville body will probably not be worth the effort as in scale you'll find few who will know the difference anyways. The g/p, catalina and ventura had the 121 wheelbase and overall length of these cars is identical to the parisenne/laurentians. To use the 2" shorter chev wheelbase under the pontiac skin was fairly easy for GM as all they had to do was to allow they rear axle to sit one inch forward in the wheel opening. You can kind of see this in your pic. The front wheel center sits 1" back in the wheel opening, possibly necessitating a slightly different front fender than the US cars. Of course, mounting of exterior sheetmetal and bumpers had to be altered because of the chev superstructure/cowl/frame etc. Note also that the canadian pontiacs had parallel wipers rather than the US clapper style through most of the sixties. Learning this info has helped me on one of my own projects, a '65 parisienne 409 custom sport ragtop using the amt grand prix and revell '65 chev chassis. If you don't have the '65/'66 chev dash for your rhd conversion I've got an extra you can have.
  11. The Bonneville was a special stretched model. The regular catalinas and venturas were the same basic physical size as the parisiennes, laurentians etc with the canadian models basically being reskinned belairs/caprices. Those engineers did a fantastic job with the body work. The front fender wheel opening may be slightly different but I believe the quarters are almost identical to the shorter US pontiacs.
  12. Like this one? These are very interesting little books, updated yearly. This particular one is from '66.
  13. Got mine A gift pretty much out of the blue from a friend...
  14. Incredibly sad part of this point is that it still goes on, even with all the modern tech advances. Just makes the old 'gigo' more obvious. Unfortunately true. Brings to mind a fairly recent release by a company that absolutely could, and should, have done better. Hey, it was a '69 too
  15. Fully agreed on this point. The monograms make good parts cars though, as Mr Reckner has proven. Picked up a radio car reasonable enough that I can use the body to complete another project. I'll try a promo coupe body on the radio chassis.
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