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  1. You did such a great job with those other histories, I thought it was a natural fit They sho 'nuff got their money out of that tooling
  2. Whoops, guess the A-team van was amt
  3. You'll have to adapt the amt grill if you want stock. This kit has been reissued over the years in a few different themes; Hardy Boys, Charlies Angels, A-team, a yellow surf decaled version and maybe others. Lift-off roof and full custom interior. There was also a 1/16 version, the Big Bad Van. Maybe a good one for Chris to do a history on
  4. and the 1231 '72 Chevy pickup
  5. Yes I would be Phil, if Tom hadn't made a deal with me Thanks
  6. '59 Lincoln friction chassis promo in fair condition for trade if anyone's interested. Front fender damage and light warp.
  7. That's because it is a 2wd; note that there's no drive axle under the front. Another pretty pic from moebius marketing almost relating to the contents ... True, but all they have to do is look at the side pic of Mr Goldman's excellent build to see what it will look like, just like this current one. Could be they're trolling us with the incorrect box art; hard to believe a company in this era would be that out of touch Thankfully they refrained from including this unicorn from the prototype... ... and guess where the pic came from
  8. Seems to me someone had a corrected resin boot for these but I can't find the pic. Great looking project, Mr G! Getting me closer to digging out and finishing my '70 johan 'bird to R/R conversion
  9. Good to know... the unfortunate 'meh' attitude toward accuracy in this series of kits is disappointing. At least those who aren't salivating for another utility truck box know there's no real reason to spring for this issue as the aftermarket parts can be applied to any meob F100.
  10. Looks a little better but they didn't dish the headlight reflector. They'll look like the monogram 65 Mustang headlights For my money, the rookie resin piece still wins Thanks Rob... would you perchance have a pic of the dash and door panel ?
  11. It's possible you're thinking of the '80-up beams here. The dentside beams with disc brakes are a very popular and common swap on the slick and bump trucks. I've done a couple of transplants myself.
  12. Details are great but at the expense of body envelope accuracy... not so much Not sure I'm smellin' what you're cookin' here, Roger. Having owned multiples of the slick, bump and dent 1:1 trucks, I've found that aside from earlier (pre '73) rear frame rail width and slight wheelbase differences, the cab floors, mounts and front frame rails are very close to identical from '65-'79.
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