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  1. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    True, but free doesn't always last forever Putting the magazine-destined content and bonuses into a premium area makes a lot of sense for the reasons Bill clearly elucidates. You'd pay for the magazine anyways. mike
  2. AMT 63 fairlane

    Still looking..... m
  3. This camaro sheet might share some of the same architecture... https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/mpc-instructions/1-sort/mpc-camaro-z28-78-0/?view=roll#1 mike
  4. This looks like a fun build

    ...and styrene bodies too
  5. '65 Falcon A/FX

    Looking forward to riding along on another one of your fantastic builds, JC Here's what she looked like twenty-five years ago; original body work, new paint... One thing that appealed to me about this car was that it didn't have the extreme rear axle forward move (only 8") that some other AFXs had. I was actually at a friend's bodyshop in London the day a sikkens (I think) rep gave her a fresh coat of pearl white. The T-Bolt chassis is a great fit and easy swap in scale but the comet chassis is closer prototypically with floorpan engraving, etc. The scale '65 comet chassis is actually a modified 'borrow' from the '66 Fairlane/comet kit, so availability is plentiful for the basic design. mike
  6. Thanks, I'll consider it and keep you first on the list. Still just mainly interested so far in the Fairlane body... mike
  7. Let's see some police cars

    Thought some of these looked familiar... more here...
  8. .. for fairly decent amt 63 Fairlane; mainly interested in body, chrome and glass.
  9. AMT 63 fairlane

    Looking for a restorable amt 63 Fairlane. Mainly looking for body/chrome and hopefully glass. I have a decent 61-63 amt ford unibody shell for trade.
  10. '69 Mustangs....

    Long past time for Kevin to refresh his resin '69 … and maybe a notchback as well mike
  11. Sad News - George Toteff passed away

    Worked fine for me yesterday. Thanks Casey, for taking the time to dig it up. mike
  12. 66 Shelby GT350 convertible

    Nicest build I've seen yet of that monogram kit
  13. Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis

    My high school shop teacher had one in pieces in a box. He let me take it home to reassemble and bring back. Wish now that I'd bought it from him.
  14. '69 Mustangs....

    A pic comparing the revel '69 Mach 1 body to the revised Boss 302 body... and a comparison of the original amt body to the revell '69 body.... The amt body has the reputation of being the best representation of balance and scale fidelity. An opportunity to get some measurements recently from a 1:1 revealed a few points of interest. Revell's body looks vaguely off for a reason; the side 'panels' and door height are each about 1" taller than the prototypes, the rear wheel openings are too big and the quarter windows can stand a slight reshaping. They did, however, capture the correct rocker height below the doors whereas the amt rendition is too skinny. The side window height on both is about an inch short. Having gotten the lower rear quarters and rear wheel openings correct, the real surprise on the amt body is that the rear quarters themselves are at least two inches too short! Revell got them the right length. Other minor weaknesses on the amt '69, like the windshield height, chassis and interior detail and small tail lights, are there as well, but the nicely sculpted front fenders and headlight area bring the whole package together as the most appealing. The revised front headlight area on revell's just released Boss 302 is a noticeable improvement over the Mach 1's treatment but it is obvious that without some finessing of the fender itself, the ghost of the misshapen 35 year old 1/10 master will continue to lurk. mike
  15. 68 GTO Convertible

    Sure glad it fell into your hands... that's a beauty mike