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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Very reasonable garage sale find on this beautiful sunny day
  2. I hear tell that there is soon to be a resin grill available that is more accurate than the toy-like one supplied in the kit...
  3. This particular 6 cylinder engine design (240/300) came out originally in '65, along with the twin I-beams. It was used in trucks until the '90s and was used in full sized cars (galaxie etc) into the '70s. The falcon/mustang/maverick six (144,170,200,250) was a different smaller design. mike
  4. Kinda brings to mind an old trucker song 'tombstone every mile'
  5. 1960 Ford Pickup Chassis Swap?

    Thanks Tom. With Steve's inspiring 'nth degree' detailing habit, it's worth trying to help get the right info
  6. Hopefully the licensing will work out for the '79 LRE. It may have been the issue that brought us the 'pumping iron' variant instead.
  7. 1960 Ford Pickup Chassis Swap?

    Here's the general front suspension layout for the single I-beam/leaf spring setup that Ford used on the light trucks until '64 (from the Carpenter '57-'66 catalog) ...and here's the general twin I-beam setup used from '65 - '79 ...plus a 57-60 frame diagram The '65/'66 moeb frames are going to be the same ones used in their '69 - '72 F-series.
  8. AMT 68 El Camino

    Seems to be a different promo-type plastic. Just picked up this built-up one at a swap meet.
  9. The McGee '32 Ford Roadster: a Very Important Car

    Pure gold.... some extra history about one of Mr Scritchfield's contemporaries, Sam Conrad, goes well with the story Bill brought us https://www.hotrod.com/articles/1929-ford-model-a-sam-conrad-roadster/
  10. Seen at a recent farm auction...
  11. SMH 1986 Mustang

    Just what is the problem with it? Can you show us a decent pic of the front end to help us judge it for ourselves? edit 04/23 Hmmmm… guess the poster can't or won't justify his smear... mike
  12. Yessir, right up to '65