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  1. MCR had a pretty good run, but they never did fill the gap left when Tom Shaw passed away
  2. If one actually stops to consider the reams of information so easily accessible in some non-current threads and how advantageous it is to be able to reactivate as necessary, there might be a lot less moaning about it... but without a chance to moan and b about things, some would just have to go elsewhere
  3. That looks like great stuff! The flareside tailgate would be accurate from '53-'68 (including the Foose truck) and the styleside gate from '64-'66. With the upper panel from the moeb tailgate, it would be accurate for the 67-'68 mercs.
  4. My introduction to the world of rewrapped kits fortunately didn't turn out to be an expensive one. Some older kits had shown up at a hobby shop under consignment from a collector. Bought a couple without realizing the rewrap. One was missing slicks and had wear on box that I hadn't noticed but otherwise nothing wrong. Keep your eyes open
  5. Ask for two and I'll be interested in the extra to reconstruct my old Belvedere
  6. Thanks for sharing those pics Mr B. Some great stuff to look forward to. Good to see the 4x4 will have the correct 5 lug wheels...
  7. Here's a, um, retired '64 laurentian Even with north of the border cars using the '58-'64 chevy x-frame, underbody priming practices were probably similar.
  8. Great to see this project fall into your hands, Roger. Great inspiration for the rest of us fordnatics Truly spoken; the company 'cribbed' the 66/67 fairlane/comet chassis (and various Ford truck parts) from amt and slightly modified it. The 'borrowing' isn't really the main issue here, as its happened before in the industry. What's needed is someone who knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff when looking for items they can, um, appropriate
  9. Here's a reference pic of the standard steel wheel design Ford used on vans and pickups...
  10. You guys can have that sci-fi stuff Nice art but holds not a particle of attraction for me. Haven't seen Jairus Watson's name here yet but I think he definitely rates mention
  11. Very nice combination. Do you have more pics of the body mods? Sure a little safer to ride in with the perimeter frame vs the x frame it would have been built with
  12. Good eye Looks like they used them for the '65-'68 rhd cars as they were easy to convert. Interesting pics here... https://canadianponcho.activeboard.com/t61771026/anyone-have-photos-of-a-rhd-69-dash/?page=1
  13. there's a fair amount of good rhd pics on google images; appears to be a number of survivors in australia ...
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