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  1. That is a fantastic clean build, Steve, and should sell a bunch mike
  2. Correct you are, Luc. One would think taking flak for this sort of thing would be foreseeable by the principals here; a little work on the wheels to give them a five lug look by the artist would have paid dividends in credibility. There appears to be a divorce from reality in some aspects of the development of these truck kits that didn't show up in the other kits released over the last few years. The inclusion of F250 hubcaps, other generic parts and the pending possibilty of non-Ford six lug 4x4 wheels being included in the '66 kit are interesting. One must remember, though, that the company has a strong presence in the fantasy kit genre and has a right to spend its money as it wishes mike
  3. Looks like the powers-that-be relaxed the requirements from total translation to the basic 'modele reduit' ...also looks like AMT was into a similar translation program.... mike
  4. That sounds logical. Guess the lithography and instruction sheet translating tipped the balance to enable the 'made in Canada' notation. Scrounged up a couple of pics. Looks like the 'golden wheels' promo was just a stateside thing. The US version was numbered in this example as 1-0713 and the Canadian market kit was numbered Q-10713. mike
  5. Sad it is that it's still happening; add it to the pile that includes a recent release of a series of light commercial models with body shape problems worse than the trumpeter had mike
  6. They would have on this side of the line. It looks like an effort to have the boxes of kits sold here fully 'frenchified' and I'm just curious how long this era lasted and the disposition of the molds; ie were they just shipped north for short runs and returned etc. mike
  7. Just curious to know if anyone has taken the time to research or catalogue the MPC kits produced in Ontario in the late '70s/early '80s by Parker under licence from cpg/fundimensions. I've seen the camaro and I think the little red express kits.
  8. The '68 and '69 grills are identical in 1:1 aside from distribution of black accents and a thin groove pressed into the middle horizontal bar on the '69. Plenty of reference pics available. If this scale interpretation suits you, you're golden ...if, however, the company should choose to add a '67 to their repertoire, it will require not only a modified grill but also door panels and dash face. This would provide a chance for a more accurately designed grill overall. Would new owners like to see something more reputation enhancing? Time will tell... mike
  9. hmmmm... Maybe this pic is a figment of my imagination Anyways, as these are labelled the first test shots and it's been reported that changes are due for the next round, it behooves us to patiently wait for the results. The real beauty of these trucks in 1:1 is in the body curves and shape. Obviously there are some things evident on the cab that are in need of an experienced eye and knowing hands to correct and we can hope those kind of people are being allowed to help with their input. Perhaps, with experience gained from the last foray into truck design, a truer shape and scale roof and body will result. mike
  10. Why do people dig up these old threads???

    Well said. This place can be a gold mine for good modeling info that can't be found anywhere else and the effort put into some older posts may or may not ever be replicated on those subjects. Those that find old dates annoying don't have to click on them. mike
  11. For all the lamentations (mine included) about the trumpeter falcon body, it's not an incorrigible mess. As Mr Reckner (afx) proved with his '64 T/A build, some minor reshaping brought it into reasonable shape. Strangely enough, it's a whole lot closer to it's subject's shape than a long awaited recent release is ... mike
  12. He did say aftermarket utility bed, so possibly some kind of toolbox-sided service box or a flatdeck like the one in the amt/lindberg '34 pickups. The flareside bed will be another '53-'72 shortbox. mike
  13. New reissue announcement from Round 2

    Ron, you're really making me long for the dark green '68 XR7 I had years ago Some commentary over on the spotlight forum suggests that the '73 mpc cougar chassis and engine bay would work as well for a conversion. mike
  14. New reissue announcement from Round 2

    You might end up with something that looks like a cross between a '69 grande and a '67, like one of the resin casters had a few years ago Maybe the '71-'73 were closer...