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  1. Good thinking. Looks like they tried for a 351M/400 in this one; wonder how it compares to the '78 amt issue. Carb looks hilarious.
  2. Beautiful work on those quarters, Claude. If there's any color that would put bodywork to the test, you certainly picked it.
  3. Look what Hallmark finally added to their truck ornament line... https://www.hallmark.com/ornaments/keepsake-ornaments/all-american-trucks-1972-ford-f-100-2022-metal-ornament-2199QXR9183.html More scale bumps here... http://www.fordification.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45618
  4. The glass and tub may fit but the reissued vans represent '78 up; they have a different grill than that early 73-77 one you have. Nice find.
  5. That one is a reissue of the 1/24 monogram '68 and does not contain a true '68 dash. More here...
  6. Interesting little album here of a vintage 312 deuce roadster... Looking pretty good here in about '62. Now it has a cheezy flame job https://www.tbirddeuce.com/index.html
  7. Sure glad this one fell into your hands, Mike. Gonna be a beauty The original paint looks like the old amt peacock metal flake. Anyone know if there's a currently available match for those beautiful old turquoises?
  8. Offering for trade a 1967 Thunderbird philco radio car that needs some work on the rear end of the chassis. Radio is intact, and I'm including an extra newer body to help with the resto. Open to interesting offers or variants of the revell custom chevy van, chevy pickups from the billy carter/big red series, 60 starliner multi-engine reissue, builtup '58 ford or ...
  9. Yup... Wanting something stronger than currently available 4 spds (T-10 etc) Ford engineering came up with the toploader design in '64. It was named for the way all the internal parts were loaded through the top; the shifter position had nothing to do with it, as some might have you believe. Their three speed was based on the same design... with one less shaft sticking out the left side and one less bolt on the top cover. The 3 spd was such a durable design, GM even used these on some of their cars in the '60s. This is the style of trans that would be accurate for the 3spd '67-'72 F100s.
  10. Looking for the old johan maverick front bumper and grill in decent shape, along with a set of headers if possible. Also looking for the amt small ranger front bumper and grill.
  11. The basic 68/69 grills would be identical in scale, except for distribution of black paint accents. The phoned-in design of these grills by moeb has the headlight door area approximately double the size of the 1:1. In addition to this, all the moeb 67-72 grills are at least 1mm too tall. Betcha Mr Burkett was very impressed when he saw what moeb was sticking him with for the initial '69 release.
  12. The F250 came both ways, 2wd and 4x4. The current '68 pickup offering is meant to replicate a 2wd 3/4 ton. There is a 4x4 F250 coming down the pike sometime; hopefully they've done their homework on the suspension.
  13. In what way? It's got the dana 60 and there's only so much you can do to the I-beam front in scale.
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