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  1. Just sold for $380 US on the big auction site... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Vintage-Promo-1963-AMT-Ford-F100-Custom-Cab-Truck-Dealer-Promo-Model-Truck-/223584753801?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true
  2. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    There are still a few stockish looking ones lurking here and this old street freak surfaced a couple of years ago
  3. Aside from some slight differences, Mark, the basic amt proportions are fairly equal... I believe it's plain that AMT captured the lower fender width and the rear down-slope of the fender accent more accurately; the curve seems to flatten a bit. As well, the lower line at the front of the fender on the new kit is placed about two inches low; which along with the accent's curve, contributes to a heavy, pudgy looking front clip. The upper fender length at the top of the grill appears correct on the new one, a little longer than the amt. I will amend my comments on the grill being too tall as it is closer than I thought at first look. I'll admit to feeling that old maxim 'once bitten, twice shy' when it came to my first look at this kit. From the nadir of scale fidelity and proportion accomplished in aspects of the former series, there has been a remarkable improvement that shows well in this model. One other note about the rear window; measurement shows a 1:1 width of 50" outside the rubber and the kit window is scaled at 53". The line on the door of the new cab indicates a flirtation with the thought of transplanting the front clip/windshield frame from an old amt cab as I just like the shape a little better... haven't made up my mind yet which way I'll commence work on this
  4. IIRC, the lower boxside measurements I took were approx 21" front and rear. Kind of an unfortunate faux-pas on the modelhaus shortbox... someone forgot to section the rear half
  5. Sure don't get much more appealing than that!
  6. Agreed... some excellent builds to look at
  7. I'm told these hubcaps came in the '63 amt kit. Hope someone picks these up in resin...
  8. 65/66 F350 Suspension

    The 65/66 F350s maintained the use of a single I-beam front axle. They changed to the twin in '67.
  9. AMT 88 Mustang GT

    If dese be what you lookin' for, lemme know where to send 'em ...
  10. How Do You Maneuver The Board??

    Maybe, maybe not. I just don't understand the histrionics here... your active link still shows in the original area posted in but simply re-directs to the truck stop. Best of both worlds; lots of exposure, and now with the drama, even more. There are many different types of modelers here with different interests. Logic certainly would dictate asking questions where the most knowledgeable modelers would be lurking.
  11. How Do You Maneuver The Board??

    ... except for those who can actually answer your question
  12. Like this one? Great concept Bill. I can see I might need to add a few parts to the order
  13. Revell 2019

    Boy, do I hear you on this, Bill ... trying here to get steam up again to finish work on a light commercial subject issued during a company's ill-advised and fortunately short-lived flirtation with a Toy and Novelty division
  14. Revell 2019

    Comment makes absolutely no sense at all... I do recall some dummy (hi!) assuming a certain kit had a dana, but that was because he hadn't checked the box recently and was thinking of older trucks. This topic of dana vs 8.75 is a valid discussion of a wrong part included in a kit by guys who generally know what they're talking about. mike