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  1. Hi Steve, long time since I’ve heard from you. I’m ok on Eldorado parts, but thanks anyway for asking! Mike
  2. X 2 Also, there are some unusual sources you can mine for parts. Back in the old days, there were “parts packs” that had engines, or bumpers, bodies, chassis, and these can sometimes be a source of much-needed parts. I just found a really strange source for one of my parts needs. I needed complete taillight assemblies for an AMT ‘62 Chrysler Imperial. Couldn’t find ‘em anywhere. One day I looking here on the Forum as one of the fellows shows the parts breakdown on his newly acquired pristine ‘63 Buick Electra AMT kit. Right there on the chrome tree, amongst the optional goodies, are the taillights I need! Apparently AMT had added them in the Buick kit as an optional add-on “custom” doo-dad ( the kind of custom stuff we all glued onto the model to make an unholy mess of them back in the day). So, I went shopping on evil bay, and got lucky immediately, found a kit buster who was selling parts from the ‘63 Buick kit. I bought the lot of “custom” parts; got the taillights I needed, and as a bonus got an under-dash A/C unit, water skies, etc.😁
  3. As the old saying goes, you can outrun the police car, but you can’t outrun the police radio....😉
  4. Thanks, Steve, for helping clarify. It’s the smaller Tempest I’m looking for, not the big Catalina or Bonneville.
  5. This is the body style I’m looking for. Hey Gerry - PM sent!
  6. That may be the ‘63 Tempest racer kit with the altered wheelbase. I need one that is factory stock...
  7. Looking for an AMT ‘61 or ‘62 Pontiac Tempest; a *stock* kit, or clean restorable build-up, or promo. Not particular about the body style (although I think the ‘61s are all 4-doors). I realize this is a long shot, but you guys always come through for me! I have stuff to trade. Please send me a PM. thanks -
  8. Up for grabs is this built-up Jo-Han ‘76 Cadillac Eldorado, the proverbial pink Cadillac. I acquired this off of evilBay, with the intention of using it as a parts car. It turned out to be a pretty nice build, too nice to chop up (IMHO). The original builder obviously took some time to try to make it nice. So, I thought I’d offer it up for trade. Rebuild it up to your liking, or enjoy it as-is. Sorry that the pix aren’t better, so here’s a couple of notes. The “chrome” trim is painted, not BMF, so that helps if you decide to strip it and repaint. The chrome bumpers are nice. Also notice that the outside mirror and hood ornament are intact - always hard to find. Nice glass, too. The front suspension was busted when I received it, so I glued it back together as best as I could. No box, no spare parts, just what you see in the pix. WHAT I WANT in trade.... Top on my list is an AMT ‘61 or ‘62 Pontiac Tempest, either a kit, promo, or restorable built-up. I realize this is not a common item, but you guys always come through for me! Also, I have other things to offer to sweeten the deal depending upon what you have to trade. Please PM me. Thanks, in advance..... Mike
  9. ToyLvr

    Modeler's Scars

    I think this one wins the prize for best story so far.....😆
  10. ToyLvr

    Modeler's Scars

    I’ve got a pretty big scar on my leg from a model building accident when I was a kid. Like Greg, I was using a razor blade - never heard of an “Xacto” or hobby tools in general back then. While wearing shorts, I was sitting on the floor (no workbench, either), trimming something on a model, and slipped, resulting in a nice *deep* cut on my leg. Probably should have gone to a doctor and had it stitched-up, but didn’t want my parents to know; they probably would have taken the models away. I managed to keep it bandaged up and hidden from them until it healed.😆 I could write a book about all the other injuries from working on my rusty 1:1 cars, etc etc. To quote the George Jones biography, “I Lived To Tell it All.”
  11. Took these pix last Saturday. Saw this ‘69 Poncho ambulance in a motel parking lot in the Cincinnati area. Not seen in the photo is it’s companion, a “Smart car”, done up in similar livery. Both used for advertising for what appears to be a diet pill business. Note the taillights; ‘66-‘69 Corvair.
  12. Seen on a used car lot near Cincinnati. Start you 1:1 “Deora” or “Little Red Wagon” project here....
  13. The article I’m familiar with was in the 2001 issue of “Car Modeler” magazine entitled “Intergalactic Exchange” by William Bozgan. This was for modifying the ‘63 Galaxie, but I’m thinking it would work for the ‘64, too. The AMT ‘60 Ford Starliner kit (#30044) not only gives you a better engine, the chassis is much more detailed than the original old promo style.
  14. Yeah, gtx6970 (Bill) beat me out on some parts when Modelhaus announced their last call. I wound up with just a ?front bumper for a ‘61 Pontiac bonneville, and a set of chrome taillight bezels for a ‘67 Ford. No immediate for the parts, but they’ll come in handy later. prior to that, I purchased the resin ‘76 Caddy coupe deVille and some misc chromed parts. like everyone else, I wished I had the finances to buy a lot more!
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