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  1. I had a similar experience on the way to work years ago, only it was the “Peeps-Mobile”. I never even knew there was such a thing until that day🤪
  2. Seen today, literally “on-the-road”, a “Speed Calming Device” in my neighborhood. I guess this is the new terminology for a speed bump. 🙄
  3. And then there’s the discussion of what color the weiner is, etc etc 🙄 A few years ago when I visited “The Henry Ford”, the museum had an old weinermobile or two. So, that might be the place to start your research for the prototype weiner...😆
  4. I bought a few “Mint” cars in the early days when they first started, thinking they would increase in value, or at least *hold* their value. I had to sell most of them after losing my job, and was lucky to get about half of what I originally invested.🙁 Many of them are pretty cheap these days, if you watch for bargains. I have seen some sell on evilBay for as little as $10.00, and that was for a unit in perfectly good shape.
  5. Spotted on I-75 southbound just South of Cincinnati today😀 ’49 Chevy(?)
  6. ToyLvr

    Actors and Models

    Dug into my stash and pulled out the ol’ MPC “Bearcat”. The *actors* are clearly named on the box. Just for amusement, note that the box top photo shows the car in its original right hand drive configuration. The model box side panel shows a left hand drive😆 The actual car used for filming the TV show (1971) was built by George Barris, and had a drivetrain composed of modern Ford components.
  7. Love that photo! Only thing is, now I miss my old GP all the more.😩 BTW, I seldom ever see them anymore at car shows, except for all-Pontiac shows.
  8. Jeffery, you’re so right! The price keeps going up and up on even the most simple kits. Honestly, I’ve lost count on how many stalled projects I have🤪. But, I still look forward to completing each and every one of them in the future, so I hang on to them. Amongst others, I’ve got a 1/8 scale Pocher ‘32 Alfa that I’ve had since 1976. I got it back then for approximately $30.00 (that’s a long story I’ll save for some other time). Imagine what that kit would cost me today if I had disposed of it in years past, which I’ve been tempted to do on occasion. But you know Rob, it’s whatever works for you, just sayin’.....
  9. Bill - Nice job on the GP! 👍 I guess I’m part of the GP fan club, too. I owned a ‘70 model J back in the late 70s during my college days. One of my all time favorite cars. It was about the same color as the one in the pix Gene posted. Sold it after I got married in 1980; it’s one I wish I could have held on to. Anyway, I’ve got the MPC kit, and plan to do a major build when I have time to do it justice. In the meanwhile, I have this promo sitting on the shelf as a reminder of the good old days....
  10. ITC (Ideal Toy Company) midget models combo kit #3746.5 of a T-Bird and an MG, circa 1962, molded in red.
  11. Monogram “Predicta” show car. Original issue was molded in metallic red (very rare). Subsequent versions in plain old red. And yes, some of the later reissues were in blue, but my favorite was always the red.
  12. Got some much-needed decals from “Alexis”. Thanks, Alan!
  13. Nice early Falcon, seen in Covington, KY today.
  14. Sitting next to a former “Tressler Comet” gas station in rural Campbell County, Kentucky, this past Saturday afternoon. Hey Snake, now I can appreciate the “Torq Thrust” wheels....
  15. You will be in heaven with the Cobra that Matt Damon drives around in the movie😆
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