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  1. ToyLvr added a post in a topic 64 impala limo done   

    Somewhere in my stash of literature I have a book about limos. I was surprised to see photos of a '65 Chevy stretched for airport duty, just as Tom mentioned. Apparently it was common to stretch "everyday" cars such as Impalas or Buicks back in the 60s. Not all limos were Caddys or Lincolns. So, Cale's creation is in the norm after all. I like it! 
  2. ToyLvr added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    yeah, my thoughts exactly! :-) 
    Been wanting one of those Cyclones for years....
  3. ToyLvr added a post in a topic '26 Mercedes "K" (Franklin Mint Diecast)   

  4. ToyLvr added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Received this today; a fine addition to my modeling library.
    R.I.P., Harry

  5. ToyLvr added a post in a topic charger III info   

    I've got that same Hasbro toy in my collection. That body looks pretty close to 1/25 scale, and thus could be the basis of a build for you.
    Send me a PM, and I'll send you some photos of the "stock" kit, which may help.
    The irony of this is that this car (and the model) look uncannily close to a Chevy Corvette Mako Shark II show car. MPC did a kit of that Mako Shark (late 60s?) kit #500. Many of its chassis and interior parts would probably be helpful to your build. I've never done a side-by-side comparison, but I'm willing to bet that MPC shared some parts between the two kits to save on tooling costs. Unfortunately, the Mako Shark kit is as rare and expensive as an original Charger III kit!
    MPC reissued the Mako Shark kit in altered form over the years, calling it the "Custom Corvette Super Trick Street Machine", the "Street Shark", and the "Street Fever Vette". These reissued kits, while not readily available, will be a lot cheaper than an original issue, so you might try searching for them, too. BTW, if you do a search for "Mako Shark" here on the Forum, you'll find an excellent thread about these kits with lots of useful info.
    Hope this helps...
  6. ToyLvr added a post in a topic 1963 Lincoln Continental Parts   

    Ron, glad to hear you found the grill. Let me know if you want me to keep looking for the back bumper...
  7. ToyLvr added a post in a topic charger III info   

    Yes, both the "stock" kit and the "Flying Dutchman" funny car kits are hard to come by, and thus bring outrageous prices on evilBay whenever one turns up.
    I'm lucky to have a stock one in my collection. Send me a PM and I'll try to provide more of the info you're seeking.
    BTW, what "toy" version of the Charger III did you acquire???
  8. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    Yup! I bet a lot of us got busted a few times by Harry. :-) And, I won't forget my outside mirrors on any of my models again ;-)
  9. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    Second that motion! I've had the pleasure of meeting Dean in years past, and he's definitely an expert on model cars. Likewise, he's a total model car nut, and would be the kind of person who would appreciate Harry's models and want to help preserve them....
  10. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    Hi Amy:
    First of all, I'd like to express my condolences to you and your family as well.
    Here's my thoughts on the disposition of your Dad's model collection. As some other Forum members have mentioned, many of his models were way, way above average in terms of their build quality and the basic kits were often rare and special. From my observations, many of his projects were large scale, and the kits themselves were very expensive to begin with. I think most of my associates here on the Forum would agree that many of his projects were "museum quality". As such, each *individual* model could be worth hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars depending on the subject matter and the build quality. So, I would definitely encourage you to seek advice from a knowledgable modeler in your area before you sell them or place them in a museum, etc etc. You deserve to get maximum $$$ for them.
    Speaking of museums, before handing over any models, be sure you have an understanding of what's going to happen to them, and get it in writing. Don't just assume that they'll be permanently displayed in his honor and lovingly preserved. Often times, "donations" of items to museums are sold off later on by the museum. You and your family should be the ones who decide where his models wind up. Perhaps you should consider an arrangement where you temporarily "loan" them to the museum for display for a specified period of time. Likewise, whatever museum you might choose, if you do decide to donate the models to them, check on whether the donation qualifies for a tax write-off.
    Finally, keep some of them for yourself, or other family members yet to come (grandchildren? Nephews/Nieces? Etc) These models could become family heirlooms that y'all will cherish for years to come. Remember, if you sell/donate them, once they're gone, they're gone....
    God Bless you and your family.
  11. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Need Part for Monogram '70 Challenger (PLEASE DELETE)   

    All I can say is that Paul is so generous with his spare parts. He deserves mega points on the "Pay-It-Forward" list! 
  12. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Need Part for Monogram '70 Challenger (PLEASE DELETE)   

    Thanks once again to gardnerpag44 (Paul Gardner), one of our friends here on the Forum, I'm back in action! Paul has bailed me out on several occasions when I need parts! Thanks, buddy!
    Mike Adams
  13. ToyLvr added a post in a topic 1963 Lincoln Continental Parts   

    Yeah, the '63 Steve spoke of wound up with me. I went on a spree looking for '61-'69 slab-sided Lincolns for a while.
    Ron, give me a couple days to check my parts box and see if I have any extra '63 parts.
  14. ToyLvr added a topic in Wanted!   

    Need Part for Monogram '70 Challenger (PLEASE DELETE)
    I'm looking for part #24, Inside Wheel half, for Monogram kit #2214 '70 Dodge Challenger, 1/24 scale.
    I don't care if the part is new or used, just so long as it works!
    I have stuff to trade....
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  15. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Trades Gone Wrong   

    Along with some others here on the Forum, I got caught up in a scam with "JTKirk1701" (also known later as "MadMaxFan") almost exactly three (3) years ago. 
    Casey, one of the moderators, was very helpful. So, I would suggest that anyone having a possible scam situation should first contact the Forum moderators. At the very least, the moderators can terminate the offender's Forum privileges so that he won't be able to scam anyone else...
    For those of you who got caught up in the scam, stay in touch with each other, and share information. If you shipped a trade item to the scammer via U.S. Post Office, and received messages promising a trade item in return, you may have legal recourse against the scammer due to MAIL FRAUD. For most of us, if you've lost a basic kit or two in a scam, it probably won't be worth the effort, and will be chalked-up to lessons learned.