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  1. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Jeep J10 Gladiator   

    I have a friend who owns a 1:1 1964 Gladiator pickup.
    He would go bananas if they actually manufactured such a kit😄

  2. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Whoops! Heat and plastic, not a good mix.   

    In times past, I purchased a parts kit that had a melted hood. The seller had heard that you could "cure" the paint faster on your models by hanging the painted parts near a light bulb. So, he came up with a method to hang some parts inside of a lampshade. Needless to say, the paint "cured", alright. When he came back to inspect his handiwork, he found the hood warping into a weird mass of plastic. Too bad, as he had done a nice job on the paint job.
    He was so discouraged by this event that he gave up on the project and sold the kit for practically nothing. I happened to have some spare parts for this particular kit, including an extra hood, and was able to rescue it. 
    So, add this to the list of curing methods to avoid! 😮
  3. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Unique TV/Movie vehicle   

    '82 Jeep pickup from the movie "Twister". There are enough to different Jeep truck kits to eventually gather the parts for the truck itself, then have fun scratch building the "Dorothy" instrument package.

  4. ToyLvr added a topic in General   

    Life-Like model company?
    Anyone out there know anything about the history of "Life-Like" model company?
    I've seen a couple of their car kits here and there over the years. A friend of mine just recently acquired one of their ship model kits; I didn't know they manufactured anything besides cars.
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  5. ToyLvr added a post in a topic Front/Rear Windshield "Glass" for '68 Chrysler 300 (Still Looking)   

    Bump - Still Looking.
  6. ToyLvr added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got my Molotow chrome markers today from Amazon. Can't wait to try 'em!
  7. ToyLvr added a post in a topic AMT #6824 1964 Chrysler Imperial hardtop   

    Bump - Still Looking
  8. ToyLvr added a topic in Trading Post   

    '26 Mercedes "K" (Franklin Mint Diecast)
    I know that some of you guys collect diecast also, so here's an opportunity for you.
    Up for trade is a 1/24 scale Franklin Mint 1926 Mercedes "K". As you can see from the attached photos, it's in nice shape; even has the original tag (no box, though). However, one small problem - rear bumper was broken. That will take a little bit of work to restore, but given the modeling skills of y'all here on the Forum, I don't think that will be much of a challenge.
    As for trades, I build mostly "showroom stock" American Iron from late 50s thru early 70s, and I especially like the old screw-chassis "annuals". However, I'll consider almost anything *except* NASCAR. What have you got??? Thanks for looking....

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  9. ToyLvr added a topic in Trading Post   

    '33 Duesenberg Victoria (Franklin Mint)
    I know that some of you guys also collect diecast cars, so here's an opportunity for you.
    Up for trade is a Franklin Mint 1/24 scale '33 Duesenberg Victoria. I picked this up years ago from a local collector. Unfortunately, it got knocked off of his display shelf and landed hard on a concrete floor😟 As you can see in the photos, it got busted-up pretty badly.  It would be a challenge to restore; some parts are missing, and it's dusty from sitting around so long. However, given the skills of many of you here on the Forum, anything is possible. The body still looks pretty good. As for me, I bought it with the intention of using the nicely detailed engine and wire wheels to highlight a Monogram 1/24 plastic Duesy kit. I figure someone on the Forum can find use for it, since I never got around to doing my project.
    As for trades, I mostly build "showroom stock" American iron, late 50s through early 70s, and I especially like the old screw-bottom "annuals". However, I will consider others *except* for NASCAR. What have you got???

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  10. ToyLvr added a post in a topic '53 Ford Ranch Wagon - Kit Ever Made?   

    It was a built-up I bought here locally. I'm pretty sure the body was resin, but don't know where it originated. Neat idea, though....
  11. ToyLvr added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks, Mark.
    for those who may be interested, this was custom-fabricated for me by a vendor on evilBay. Check out the current item #152392220106, then search "sellers other items." 
  12. ToyLvr added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    Amongst the many cars I've owned was a '76 MG Midget, which I bought in the mid 1980s. I thought it would be fun to drive to work, and would offer great gas mileage. Not long after I purchased it, I drove it to work (25 miles) one morning, and everyone kept telling me that I had left my headlights on. I *never* forget to turn off the lights and lock my car. So, I went to check the car. Sure enough, headlight switch was in "off" position, but headlights were on. Thus began my acquaintance with Lucas Electrical components (otherwise known as Lucas, prince of darkness)😮 Then there was tuning twin carbs, and the high price of foreign car parts, and..........
    The two (2) cars that I really miss are my '70 Pontiac Grand Prix, and my '76 Caddy Coupe DeVille (hope my Modelhaus '76 Caddy shows up some day soon). Both of these were victims of car wrecks caused by idiot drivers.