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  1. Seen in Northern KY. on “AA” highway ’65 (?) Buick Special wagon
  2. Nice rail buggy on this sunny day in the hills of Northern Kentucky. VW powered; full “EMPI” accessories; hydraulic clutch.
  3. Nice shoe box seen at the gas station today. Owner said it had a stroked 383 under the hood😆
  4. Here’s a nice trio for you. Seen today in the parking lot of a local body shop near my home in the hills of Northern Kentucky. It was unseasonably cool weather today - high 70s - when it’s normally 90s and humid. No doubt a great day for a ride in that Vette convertible! Just outside the frame of the photo was a ‘67 Camaro; equally nice as the other three gems.
  5. Really nice ‘66 Mustang in the Kroger parking lot, Cold Spring, KY
  6. Check out the license plate on your his Tesla, seen on I-71 just north of Cincinnati yesterday...
  7. Just got this one yesterday. Built one over 40 years ago when I was a teenager, and it didn’t turn out so well. Been wanting to take a crack at again, but this kit is rare and expensive. Got this mostly-unbuilt and unpainted unit off of evilBay for just $20.00. Broken windshield, and a couple of missing parts, but I already have a built-up parts car that should provide what I need. Was surprised that both of the metal front springs were still intact!
  8. Indeed, GM could have done a better job of defending the Corvair, but they had greater concerns at the time - namely the Ford Mustang. As much as so many of us love the Corvair, we have to face the facts. The 64-1/2 Mustang is what really killed it, IMHO. For about the same price as a Corvair Monza, the average guy could buy a sporty Mustang with bucket seats and get a *V8* engine. GM released the Camaro in response to the Mustang, and unceremoniously dumped the Corvair. The rest, as they say, is history....
  9. Back in 1991, the Corvair Society of America (C.O.R.S.A) held its annual convention in the Washington, DC, area. Just for giggles, the club officials invited Nader to be the keynote speaker at the convention. Of course, they didn’t expect him to accept the invitation, but they figured it would make for some good PR in the newspapers (remember when everyone still read the papers?). Well, much to our surprise, he accepted the invitation and showed up for the convention, made his speech, and hammed it up with the attendees, posing for photos in Corvairs, etc. IIRC, he said if he had known they would become a “collectible”, he would have bought one and stashed it away😆 You can do a search (just type in Ralph Nader 1991 CORSA) on YouTube if you want to hear his speech.... I’ve owned 36 different Corvairs over the years, and used them for daily transportation for many years. I’ve driven them in some of the worst road conditions, and even intentionally drove like a nut on a gymkhana course, and never once did one show a tendency to flip....
  10. Not exactly out on the road, but seen at the U.S. Air Force Museum this past Monday. Thought that you Mustang fans would appreciate this on. Strongly recommend that everyone visit this museum if you are ever in the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio....
  11. Seen heading North on I-71, just outside of Louisville, KY, during rush hour this evening. A fresh batch out of Bowling Green??? 😁
  12. Hi Steve, long time since I’ve heard from you. I’m ok on Eldorado parts, but thanks anyway for asking! Mike
  13. X 2 Also, there are some unusual sources you can mine for parts. Back in the old days, there were “parts packs” that had engines, or bumpers, bodies, chassis, and these can sometimes be a source of much-needed parts. I just found a really strange source for one of my parts needs. I needed complete taillight assemblies for an AMT ‘62 Chrysler Imperial. Couldn’t find ‘em anywhere. One day I looking here on the Forum as one of the fellows shows the parts breakdown on his newly acquired pristine ‘63 Buick Electra AMT kit. Right there on the chrome tree, amongst the optional goodies, are the taillights I need! Apparently AMT had added them in the Buick kit as an optional add-on “custom” doo-dad ( the kind of custom stuff we all glued onto the model to make an unholy mess of them back in the day). So, I went shopping on evil bay, and got lucky immediately, found a kit buster who was selling parts from the ‘63 Buick kit. I bought the lot of “custom” parts; got the taillights I needed, and as a bonus got an under-dash A/C unit, water skies, etc.😁
  14. As the old saying goes, you can outrun the police car, but you can’t outrun the police radio....😉
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