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  1. Long Shot - 64 Cadillac hood and grill

    His eMail address = okeyisnow@gmail.com probably the easiest way for you to get in touch with Okey.....
  2. Four-door 'Cuda

    Sorta like a "Corvette America"😉
  3. Show Car Display Stuff

    The easel is in the original AMT '57 Ford kit; not sure about the reissues of that kit....
  4. AMT 1969 Corvair engine

    Jon - if you think that's crowded, you should see the engine compartment in my '65 Corvair with factory air conditioning😆 As an alternate engine source, yes, the Revell "Road Agent" is Corvair powered. The engine is so-so. Corvair engine also available in the "T-Bone Stake" kit, too.
  5. Jerry Van Dyke, Dead at age 86

    Yeah, having lost Rose Marie just a few days ago, and Mary Tyler Moore last year....
  6. Actor/Comedian Jerry Van Dyke passed away yesterday at age 86. I greatly enjoyed watching his shows over the years. In particular, I loved watching the 60s show "My Mother the Car" when I was a kid. I know that a lot of folks considered it to be cheesy, even by 60s standards, but I thought it was hilarious.😋. I still have the model car kit associated with the show. R.I.P., Jerry....
  7. MEl Tillis dies at 85

    Lost Glen Campbell this year, too. So many of the good ones gone....
  8. Terrible Box Art

    Here's a photo of a built-up Premier kit of the Corvair (photo courtesy of Tom Geiger). This one looks like it was mastered by someone on LSD😮
  9. Dan - you're right, the windshield area is not too curved. The kit instructions include a template for the "glass", and recommends 0.015 acetate sheet.
  10. Unique TV/Movie vehicle

    How about Gene Winfield's "Reactor" show Car, as seen on the "Bewitched" TV show back in the 60s😆
  11. Terrible Box Art

    And another classic for this thread....
  12. No, Chris, this one was mastered the good old-fashioned way by Mike Hanson of Best Model Car Parts. The kit shown above is the result of 18 months worth of work. The research included field trips to photograph and measure a 1:1 "Rampside" and a "Loadside" pickup, as well as a lot of work to find era-correct parts for the master. The hubcaps, for example, are from a rare SMP '61 Chevy pickup kit. I think that the 3D unit you're referring to was done by Robert Burns, and it has no relation to the Hanson project. If my info is correct, the 3D unit sold on evilBay for a crazy amount ($300 ???). Not to say anything bad about the 3D, but the Best Model Car Parts Rampside is very nice, and a fraction of the cost of the 3D.....
  13. Mayberry's top mechanic has passed away at age 87. Wonder if Sgt Carter will be waiting to greet him (I can't hear youuuuuuu!)
  14. Terrible Box Art

    You could probably put that extension up for sale on evilBay and make a few bucks.😆 We've been poking fun at this, but Porsche got away with on a real *production* car.... Anyway, I still think the box is UGLY.
  15. Terrible Box Art

    Okay, so the photo itself isn't too bad, just the subject matter😜