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  1. Ken: I’m pretty sure that the hood from the AMT ‘62 Vette kit will fit your old SMP. The AMT kit has been reissued like a zillion times, so it shouldn’t be too had to track down a spare hood. The only difference, as I recall, is that the AMT version doesn’t have the « tab » on it for the little spring clip that allows for an opening hood....
  2. A while back, I posted a photo of a well-used ‘72 Ford station wagon I saw as I passed through the scenic little town of Bellevue, KY. I wondered where it came from, and who was driving it. Now I finally found out where it was from, and it wasn’t alone… 😁
  3. Yeah, I’ve been monitoring EvilBay for any sign of a rear bumper....
  4. The early issues of the Jo-Han Chrysler Turbine Car had foil for the rocker panels. Those kits go back to approx 1964. And now we can start yet another new topic heading for another obscure kit item🤪 Personally, I like the one about “what kits are molded in green?” 😆
  5. Yippee! #209 has arrived Friday 8/27/21. I resubscribed after several years. We’ll see how it goes...
  6. I may have mentioned this before in another post, but I use baby food containers for storage of misc parts, etc. For those of you not up to speed on baby food, it comes in nice little plastic containers with snap-on lids these days, instead of the old glass jars. I discovered these while watching my grandkids eat😆 So, if you have any family or friends with little kids, ask them to save their containers for you instead of tossing them in the recycling bin.
  7. OK, I’ll limited it to automotive related. Rose Martin of Rhode Island passed away back in 1998. She made a strange request of her family and community, namely that she wanted to be buried in her beloved 1962 Chevy Corvair. Now, that’s dedication to your car! And some of you think a car-shaped headstone is weird? Check this out....
  8. Looking for rear bumper for Jo-Han ‘68 Imperial. Yeah, I know it’s a long-shot, but you guys have always come through for me before. I have stuff to trade.... Please PM me if you have the part..... Thanks!
  9. Another one for my home museum of oddball built-up models. Here we have a ‘63(?) Mercury Comet with a custom front & rear clip. It was advertised as a “Vintage Ford Custom”, but I knew right away from the rear fins that it had to be a Comet, so I took a chance on it.😆
  10. Hi Fellow Plastic Fans - Up for your trade consideration today is a built-up ‘63 Ford Galaxie convertible (see photos). It’s an original issue “screw chassis” kit from back in the day. Display as-is, or restore it to your specifications. Body looks like it’s brush painted, so shouldn’t be too hard to strip the paint. Complete except for the engine air cleaner, hood “C” clip (I have the front fender ornaments). Models I’m looking for: AMT ‘68 Ford Galaxie; ’70 Ford Maverick (Kit or promo); IMC Kit of the Ford Cougar showcar (no Testors or Lindberg); IMC Kit of “Little Red Wagon” Dodge pickup truck; SMP ‘61 Corvette “bubble” windshield parts (or the whole Kit!); Monogram 1/32 scale Grumman “GulfHawk” airplane kit (prefer original issue); Monogram/Mattel 1/32 scale F-51 Mustang fighter plane kit; IMC (or Testors) Gates Lear Jet airplane kit; I realize some of these are rare or unusual kits, so I’m willing to sweeten the deal with other offerings of vintage kids and/or parts if you really have what I’m seeking. Both parties to pay for their own shipping. Please PM me if interested - thanks!
  11. Yeah, saving private Ryan is a good one. If you like war movies or military history, add “We Were Soldiers” and “Glory” to your list. I recently got to see the relatively new movie “The Last Full Measure”, another sobering story from the Vietnam era, along with the aforementioned “We Were Soldiers”.....
  12. Loved the music in the first movie - got the “album” on my Apple Music...
  13. Hi Forum friends! Up for grabs is a built-up ‘76 Caddy Eldorado, in pink, of course. Please see the attached photos. It’s got a pretty decent paint job and details, and would make a good shelf model with just a little TLC, or restore it to your specifications. In trade, I’m looking for a 1970 Ford Maverick, kit or promo. Prefer unbuilt kit, but will give consideration to what ever you’ve got. I am willing to sweeten the deal with other vintage cars or parts if you’ve got a really mint item to trade. Each trader to be responsible for their own postage for shipment Thanks in advance for your consideration! Please PM me if you’re interested.
  14. ‘72 (or ‘73?) Ford Country Squire wagon. Photographed today in the scenic little river town Bellevue, Kentucky🙂
  15. There was a really nice one built back in the 1980s by the late Don Filkins of the Corvair Club of Cincinnati. He donated it to a museum. It was a very well-crafted vehicle. Would be an interesting prototype for a modeling project😆
  16. Now here’s one you don’t see every day, at least not in good condition. 1980 Celica Supra Mk1
  17. A colorful pair spotted at the local WalMart, suburban Cincinnati
  18. Seen at the local supermarket yesterday evening. I watched it pull into the parking spot, then a shapely blonde lady driver got out😉
  19. I’ve had my share of good & bad experiences on evilBay. There is one funny one I’ll share with the gang. I won the bid on a nice looking built/up model. It arrived a few days later, busted up, but with cash in the box. The note inside explained that the seller had accidentally dropped the model during the packaging process, but he decided to go ahead and send to me in case I could use it as a parts car. He had fully refunded my purchase in cash! The irony was that I had planned to use it as a parts car all along! Honest seller, whom I bought more stuff from over time...
  20. Saw this beautiful ‘65 (?) Riviera on the road today in Erlanger, KY. Nice day for a ride, mid 50s temp & clear weather here in the hills of Northern KY. Saw some other interesting vehicles as well, such as this “auto art” VW....
  21. Seen in Northern KY. on “AA” highway ’65 (?) Buick Special wagon
  22. Nice rail buggy on this sunny day in the hills of Northern Kentucky. VW powered; full “EMPI” accessories; hydraulic clutch.
  23. Nice shoe box seen at the gas station today. Owner said it had a stroked 383 under the hood?
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