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  1. At least the flathead in a Crosley makes sense. I’m with Ace-Garageguy on the Camaro. I don’t get it, other than for shock value....😮 But then again, I’ve seen a lot of strange things over the years. A Pinto with a 428 V8, a Mazda rotary in a Henry J, a 455 Toronado mounted in the bed of a Corvair “Rampside” pickup, etc etc etc
  2. Although I don’t have a photo handy, I’ve seen a flathead installed in a Crosley. It fit pretty, well, too. 😆
  3. Thanks, Tom. I have already contacted Joseph to see about ordering them. Question: When you use them, did you just glue them on, or “pin” them???
  4. A convoy of Ford iron headed down I-75 this afternoon, just south of Cincinnati. Wonder if there’s a convention somewhere?
  5. Nice, er, ugly! I like it! When I built a rat rod for the first time a few years ago, I was surprised to find that it took me a lot more hours to make it look “ratty” than what I usually spend building a “pretty” car. So, I appreciate the amount of work that you put into this one.
  6. My .02 worth.... Several years ago, forum member Jantrix (Rob Mattis, a great builder - I’ve seen his work) posted this “essay” that I feel really addresses the underlying problem. Here’s a link to his post - it’s definitely worth your time to read it.
  7. Snake: check your e-mail... thanks - Mike
  8. Hey Snake: If not too much trouble, can you post a photo of the chassis of your recently acquired original ‘66 Mustang? thanks - Mike
  9. Picked this up today from a fellow modeler at a local model club meeting. AMT 1962 Chevy Corvair. The majority of these “Styline” kits I find are usually built with all of the custom stuff attached. It was nice to find one still in the stock configuration! My first 1:1 car was a ‘62 Corvair Monza coupe. It got me hooked on Corvairs, and I still have a couple in my garage😆
  10. Well, I was incorrect about the reissue, which was Round 2/MPC kit #MPC842. The reissue shares the box art with the original issue MPC #1-7506 (see photos below), but unfortunately the new kit doesn’t include the Wankel engine🙁 I checked my stash of old Corvette kits and found that the Wankel engine was also included in MPC #1-7405 (‘74 Corvette coupe), and #1-7406 (‘74 Corvette Convertible). These old kits show up fairly often on evilBay, and can be purchased at a reasonable price if you’re patient. I have also even purchased the Wankel engine alone from a seller who was parting out one of these kits. Do a “Google” search for “Corvette Wankel” for background info on the GM rotary engine. Hope this info helps....
  11. How about the one which MPC included in their 74-75 Corvette kits. If I recall correctly, it was supposed to replicate the 4-rotor Wankel that the Corvette showcar of that era would have used. It’s decently detailed, and includes a GM automatic transmission. should be available in the reissued ‘75(?) MPC Corvette kit that was available in the last couple of years.
  12. The value of black Trans Am just went up.... RIP, Bandit....
  13. I had a “Pyro” kit of a ‘36 Cord that was molded in green. I think it’s already been mentioned - JoHan ‘63 Olds Starfire; IMC “Avenger”; Monogram “Green Hornet”;
  14. Aha! So you’re the one who stole my ‘61 Pontiac stuff which I tried to order!😝 I jumped on the site hoping to score a kit, but they were ALL gone in seconds! I had a pretty good list of parts going, but much of it disappeared as I was trying to get thru the checkout phase. I’d say that the “Black Friday” description is pretty appropriate. Did anyone else notice the full moon last night, too???😮
  15. All dressed up (with my credit card), and no where to go......
  16. My grandson built a snap kit at age 4. It all depends on the kid 😉 Anthony - your son did a good job! Keep ‘em coming!
  17. Yup, don’t post your address or other info. And, think twice before posting photos of your “stash.” In recent years, one of our long-time members had his house burglarized on Christmas Eve. The thieves stole a lot of his best models, then trashed the rest. He always felt it was an “inside job”. We’ll never know if it had any connection to the Forum, but why take chances with putting your info out there???
  18. Regarding the chassis, only Mike Hanson (who mastered this kit) can tell you for sure, but my guess is that he took a casting of the engine and drivetrain from an AMT '62-'64 Corvair car kit; the front suspension likely was copied from an SMP '61(?) Chevy pickup kit (with the "A-Frames" cut off to make room for the wheels). Trust me; having owned many 1:1 Corvairs, the AMT '69 Corvair "chassis" bares NO resemblance to the actual Rampside "chassis" (other than the location of the engine). I agree with Bob Downie - what's provided with the kit is good enough for me for this particular replica. I'm so pleased to finally have a decent Rampside kit! 😀
  19. ToyLvr

    '66 Ford Falcon

    Thanks, Kevin. I've got the Falcon on my evilBay watch list. Problem is, I'd have to sell a kidney to afford that one! 😝
  20. I'm sure that the Cincy club will be posting some much better photos of the contest cars. I saw someone running around with an expensive-looking 35mm camera, so the pix will undoubtably be 100% better than those from my humble cell phone The club's website is cincinnatiautoreplicas.org
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