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  1. vc273 added a post in a topic 71 plymouth duster pro street update 15/09/15   

    Hi got this one out on the weekend since it was nice weather and give it a coat of paint. Used duplicolor grey primer then duplicolor ford alpine blue from a rattle can, will polish it in the next couple of weeks bmf it then give it a clear coat. Was going to use the decals from the kit but unfortunately they have little bubbles and are cracking so wont be able to use them. Have also decided to go a little old school and put centrelines on it to give it that earlier prostreet feel. Cheers and thanks for looking

  2. vc273 added a post in a topic 41 plymouth gasser small update 08/16/15   

    Hi havent been able to get much done lately but have finished off the rear rims and detailed the slicks. Hope to have some updates soon. Gary was more level but ended up changing the rear slicks and had smaller front tyres hence it ended up being a bit higher than I had hoped but didnt want to strip the the front end off. Cheers and thanks for looking

  3. vc273 added a post in a topic Wynnscharger FE dragster, 7-27-15. engine is in.   

    Hi Clayton I feel your pain as I'm close to finishing mpc jawbreaker and what a nightmare think they are the same kit with different bodies but in saying this if you can overcome the faults these kits have they can turn out really nice as is yours. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  4. vc273 added a post in a topic mpc jawbreaker   

    Hi thanks for all your comments. Wasnt a bad kit to build but the front end was a nightmare trying to figure out and modify it to fit and being patient with the chassis making sure everything stays true. Again thanks for looking.
  5. vc273 added a post in a topic Pro-sportsman Impala wagon... update Engine detail started...   

    Looking real good in my books and being a wagon is even better. Only wish I could stick to a project long enough to finish it. Looking forward to seeing more of it.
  6. vc273 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    mpc jawbreaker
    Hi started this one a while ago and not far off from finishing now. Built mainly box stock apart from some wiring and plumbing to the motor and some parts box decals. Need to clear the main body, detail the rear slicks and set up a parachute with cables. Used later model dragster headers which I drilled out and a different scoop from the parts box. Cheers and thanks for looking.

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  7. vc273 added a post in a topic 55 chev   

    Hi thanks for all the comments and hope to have some updates soon. Just stripped down a motor and soaking it in mr muscle oven cleaner. Gene I first sprayed it in the blue which is actually sapphire blue then masked up for the titanium silver and used the dupli-color also for the primer just wish i caught that flash line under the tail-light. Will the use their clear coat once the weather is better here winter now. Stan yes I do have the rear tail lights thanks for your offer but have them in the oven cleaner stripping the chrome so I can spray them the titanium silver to go with the rest of the car.
  8. vc273 added a post in a topic 41 plymouth gasser small update 08/16/15   

    Hi thanks for all your comments. Have made a few changes to the front changing the front headlamps for some parts box items. Think it gives it a better look and have detailed the rear slicks for it. Have decided to stick with the blue rims but unfortunately when gluing the rim backings on the outer rim section broke into a few pieces but have found replacements in the way of the ramchargers dodge 330 rear rims. Not as deep but think they will do the job and have them in the oven cleaner stripping the chrome. Cheers and thanks for looking.

  9. vc273 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    55 chev
    Hi found this body that I had left over after using its chassis in another kit that I have on the go at the moment and a lapd pro stock chassis that was picked up as a glue bomb off ebay. This was meant to be a quick build but ended up scratch building most of the roll cage the chassis needed more work than I thought. Have sprayed the body in duplicolor sattelite blue and titanium silver and decals from the parts box. Made up my own rear wing and parachute set up. Wing painted in flat black and will do the same with the rims as they are only stripped to bare plastic. Sanded down the slicks and added the goodyear/eagle decals and painted the front tyres lettering. Cheers and thanks for looking

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  10. vc273 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    75 plymouth duster
    Hi this one has gone through a few different ideas than what I originally set out but now I think its on its way. Started off with the idea of a relatively mild looking pro stock with the lapd pro stock chassis and tunnel rammed hemi but now has progressed to what I have mocked up now. Found a pro stock chassis from the stp pro stock that I got as a glue bomb from ebay. Found this kit was an excellent fit within the duster body with very minor mods. Now using an injected and supercharged twin plug hemi that i cut the trans off and installed a lenco trans that I will be detailed. Made up my own wheelie bars as the originals where bent and broken and made up the rear wing with the original stp kit one with the ends from a revell dragster kit. Found the parachutes in the parts box and made up a mounting for them and also the chutes main cables. Still yet to decide on paint and decals but its winter here so only good for building not painting.Cheers and thanks for looking.

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  11. vc273 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    41 plymouth gasser small update 08/16/15
    Hi been working on this for a while now and have it in mock up stage, just trying to decide if I will use the blue steel rims or the five spoke rims on the rear. Have installed a supercharged and injected 426 hemi that still needs finishing off topped of with the scoop from the 33 willys panel gasser. Used the wheelie bar set up from the willys kit aswell with a few mods. Painted in duplicolor diamond white and used part box decals that I had then clear coated.Made up my own roll cage and going to modify front bench seat for shift clearance. Still deciding whether to use the original head lights or to put blanks in. Still a way to go and will update as I go along. Any comments welcolme, cheers and thanks for looking.

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  12. vc273 added a post in a topic maverick dodge 330   

    Hi thanks for all your comments have bought some auto interior vinyl paint for it to try to get more of an authentic look. Just a matter of interest when I was sanding the paint I had accidentally got some dish-washing liquid on the wet and dry and to my surprise the section came out so much better than using just water I finished the whole body using it. Was it just luck or has anyone else used this method cutting back their paint work. Cheers and thanks again.
  13. vc273 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    maverick dodge 330
    Hi completed this one when it was first released but over the years the decals started peeling and looked a bit worse for wear. Had another kit that I didnt need the decals so ended up stripping and soaking the body in water to remove the decals. Polished the body and ended up painting the blackouts instead of using the decals for a cleaner look. Sanded back,polished,bmf and got the rest of the decals on then a couple of clear coats. Light sanding back then polished again and the body is close to being finished. Stripped the interior and am about to repaint. Left the motor how I built it all those years ago as it was the first detailed engine I built. Changed the front rims for ones I found in my parts box and replaced the rear slicks as I thought the original ones looked a bit small. Everything is just in mock up at the moment but hope to have it finished by the weekend. Cheers and thanks for looking

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  14. vc273 added a post in a topic bantam blast   

    Thanks for all your comments. Hope to have an update or get it finished in the next couple of days. Cheers
  15. vc273 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    bantam blast
    Hi this is my take on the bantam blast. Started this one about eight years ago and never got around to finishing it. Still need to finish wiring, some fuel lines, paint detailing, final glue and assembly. Used parts box rims and tires and also found the headers in the parts box. Will post completed pics when its all assembled and complete. Cheers and thanks for looking

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