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  1. vc273 added a topic in Under Glass   

    mpc jawbreaker
    Hi started this one about 6 or 7 years ago and finally got it finished. This was a nightmare kit to build as the frame was warped, the body was warped and nothing seemed to fit without modification probably why I kept putting it away. Built mainly box stock I added fuel lines and added plug wires. Swapped the headers for some better looking ones from the parts box and drilled out the pipes, also added a different scoop. Not sure what the colour is as my wife had some of her spray cans around and thought it would looked neat on this build. Body half's were warped but managed to get it squared up and made a parachute mount for the rear. Front end just didn't want to fit so I had to modify everything to fit. All in all I think it turned out alright for something I thought I would have to part out. Cheers and thanks for looking Steve. Any comments welcome.

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  2. vc273 added a post in a topic Late '50s Slingshot Dragster: Ft. axle, steering, wheels. April 9   

    Very nice builds will be watching
  3. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Thanks everyone for your positive feedback. Hoping to get some paint on the interior this afternoon and will post a couple of pics. Cheers
  4. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Hi have been working on the body the past week or so and now have it painted,bmf and in clear coat. I have yet to polish it so see if it may need another coat of clear or a cut back with wet and dry but think it has come out all right. Unfortunately the door and some of the boot emblems didn't have the depth for the paint work so I had to remove them and hoping to come across some decals to put in their place.Now on to the interior. Cheers and thanks for looking. Any comments welcome

  5. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Hi Dan thanks for your comment. Been working on the grille and rear tail lights the past couple of days. I wasn't impressed on the chrome headlights after all the work I have done to the rest of build so I drilled out the chrome lenses and had to file down some parts box lenses as everything was to big. I cut some styrene and bmf it then glued it behind the head lamps. On the tail light side I sanded down the outer part of the lense and then glued some styrene to the outer rim of it, then sanded it down to a suitable trim size. Then bmf it then painted it and think they look better than the stock ones. I also removed the plastic from behind the tail lights so they fit more flush. And yes the left is on the right and visa versa as they seem to line up better with the trunk crease. Any comments welcome and cheers for looking

  6. vc273 added a post in a topic 1970 Challenger T/A build (Revell 1/24)   

    Very nice paint and foil work. Will be following this one
  7. vc273 added a post in a topic 1962 Dodge Dart Sedan Pro Street   

    Very nice Rick dont see to many early model pro street mopars very refreshing. Will definitely be watching this one.
  8. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Thanks Richard was a bit worried when it came time gluing the suspension in although it looked good in mock up theres always the chance something not going right and with all the cutting of the floor pan, all four tyres are touching the ground evenly. Cheers
  9. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Hi david thanks for your comments. Originally I was going for a tan leather look but I have a willys in the build at the moment with the same body colour that I painted the interior with tamiya bright red which I think turned out real nice and it also attracts your attention. Just a small update of the build over the last couple of days. Working on the rear end I noticed after painting the diff mount the middle section of the sway bar was square and wasn't satisfied with it and although you cant really see it, it didn't look right so I removed the centre section and replaced it with some round styrene and now looks heaps better. Also with the diff bracing it was solid so I removed some of the plastic to make it look more realistic. Got the front and rear suspension in and mocked it up to see the final ride height and am happy with the way it turned out. Painted the bonnet and decided to paint only the bonnet vents black for a bit of a different look. Now its on to the interior tonight. Cheers and thanks for looking. Any comments welcome.

  10. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Hi thanks for all the positive feedback and a small update on whats been done today. Finished off the inner guards, primered and painted in duplicolor cyan blue rattle can and the underneath in black duplicolor. Also have primered and painted the fuel tank and floor section in black duplicolor. Haven't glue them in yet as still need detailing. Also started on the motor and have one rocker cover done to see how it looks against the blue. Thinking that I may also do the interior red instead of the usual black or white for something a little different. Cheers and thanks for looking. Any comments welcome.

  11. vc273 added a post in a topic 1968 Roadrunner WIP Updated Pictures 01/18   

    This is looking real nice. Like the color choices you have made and look forward to more updates. Also just wondering on the rear of the trunk did you do the trim work or is it supplied in the kit? Just curious as I'm building one that was manufactured in 1989 and doesn't even have the decals for the roadrunner just custom stripes. Also how is the rear chrome trim around the rear screen as mine is practically non existent.
  12. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Hi just a small update on this one.Have now finished up the floor pan and chassis and all that's left to do is finish off the fuel tank /rear floor pan section and the front inner guard assembly. Have given it a couple of coats of duplicolor black rattle can and hope to polish it out and give it a coat of clear in the next couple of days. Also made up some small filler panels which will fit between the front of the inner guard to the front apron and extend down to the chassis rail for a nice smooth engine bay. While I'm waiting for that I will start on the suspension and motor and hopefully by then I will be able to decide on color. Here's a couple of pics where i am up to. Cheers and any comments welcome

  13. vc273 added a post in a topic 50' Olds   

    This is one wicked looking build
  14. vc273 added a post in a topic Ford Gran Torino (Boss 302)   

    Liking where this is going. I would have heated up the section going to the air filter and bend it till it cleared the bonnet, so I could keep the stock bonnet but that's my preference. Have done it to a 70 dodge superbee that I put a dodge ram V10 into. Cheers and keep the updates going.
  15. vc273 added a post in a topic 68 plymouth roadrunner update 02/10/16   

    Hi thanks for all the comments. Have been working on the rear end the past couple of days and have managed to finish off putting in one rear viper wheel tub and although it was a lot of work it was worth it in the end as I do have a lot more room for wheel and tyre now and suits the style of build better. Cheers