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  1. Thanks Carl for your comment
  2. Awesome build really like all the detail you put into this
  3. Cool remember building one of these as a kid when they first came out. Look forward to seeing more of this build
  4. Real nice job on opening up the rear and that interior is going to look sweet. Looking forward to more of this one
  5. Looking really nice and the detail you are putting into this is looks spot on
  6. Thanks Jeff and Elvin for the comments
  7. Thanks Rusty and Bob for your comments. Bob thought about it but all my decals for whitewalls are now getting old and cracked so decided to save myself the grief and left it as is
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments, will have to get stuck back into this one over the next couple of days and try to finish it off. Will post updates as I go along
  9. Very nice looking build
  10. Thanks David and Dennis for your comments. David didn't want the look of a tail dragger and since its been lowered, I only have about a millimeter clearance between the top of the inner guard and tire, I decided to leave it as is and might have to get out a red sharpie and give the lettering a go thanks for the idea
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments, soon as the bmf arrives will be getting stuck back into this one. David there is a chrome badge going there thats why I left it, just to break up the rear look
  12. Thanks Marty for your comment and thanks Frank for the info already had that sorted out but nice to know people out there helping to try to improve others build. Just a matter of intrest building a 68 roadrunner at the moment and as I am here in Australia not really intimate with the hemis, so a quick search on google found all the 68's that I looked at run the air filter the same as if not very similar to the 67 Plymouth gtx , not the one supplied in the kit so which would be correct for a stock build ? Cheers Steve
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments, hope to have a delivery of bmf in the next week or so, so I can try to get this one finished off
  14. Thanks Dan thought the body needed a little contrast and over here in Australia our Holden commodores had a similar color contrast that I always liked, so I went with it. Cheers Steve
  15. Thanks Dan not much longer and hope to have it finished. Cheers Steve
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