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  1. This would be an excellent addition to Moebius Models fine line of products !
  2. Trucking in Kansas with 2003 T8 triple digit 60 series 377 rears 24.5 tall rubber 10 speed direct along with a sunrise looking east over Parsons KS on my last run at the US 400 & US75 junction.
  3. I would be listening to Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin over a grocery stores sound system while shopping...
  4. Experienced team speak, & the trusty type in text chats on different applications. I'm all in for a scheduled session. Time to get to know everyone.
  5. Very inspiring great color choice! I currently have 2 on the shelf now waiting for their turn on the work bench, Time to build one!
  6. Spotted in Wichita KS, KS turnpike cash box
  7. Mercy that is sweet ! Great photography as well !
  8. slow painstaking work with a fine brush. Thanks for the kind words
  9. This AMT kit was a well thought out kit. I enjoyed this build .
  10. Mercy ! Very nice great choice of color's.
  11. Barnes & noble Wichita KS carries your publication. As well as several Dillions / Kroger owned grocery stores.
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