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  1. Modellpularn added a post in a topic Barris T Buggy chassis, sand rail?   

    Thanks Glenn! That's the same basic chassis. I never had that kit, but I figured it had to have been used in some other kit. Now I'll have to come up with something crazy.... sand dragster is nagging in my head. Cool to be back on this forum, and get help from fellow modelers!
    Btw Glenn, are you related to Jon Asher?
  2. Modellpularn added a topic in General   

    Barris T Buggy chassis, sand rail?
    Hi guys, it's been awhile since I was here. Builders cramp, or maybe I hit the wall. I quit my job two weeks ago, and it actually was a relief! Not the panic I might have envisioned. I probably have a bus driving job in the near future.
    I won't bore you with that anymore.

    The reason for writing is the chassis in the Barris T Buggy. It looks a little funny for being a buggy chassis. Not your typical buggy chassis. Two narrow square frame rails, and then a Corvair engine and huge rear suspension. The front has a dragster or hot rod type slim front axle. I found some pic on fb, and the page/link had lots of neat old pics of buggys and wild sand rails. So I got to thinking if this chassis had been used as a sand rail kit before. I have not thought about, or seen anything like it. It has four holes on the front part of the rails, where you might add some sort of floor pan. Am I out on a limb here...??
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  3. Modellpularn added a post in a topic Midnight Marauder   

    Just a quick observation: I see you painted the chassis and roll bar blue, they are now black. Strange... And some other rear wheels and tires came with it. Someone must have taken it apart, there's a lot of parts missing! Maybe swapped the chassis... I have a Miss Deal kit that I can borrow parts from, to get it looking right again. I'm thinking of making a new firewall, 'cus the kit piece is weird, doesn't fit. It's like Revell had something else in mind with this kit. I will also do something about the headers, so they exit at that opening in the body.

    I haven't asked the seller here in Sweden where he got it, but I would think he found it on ebay. I'll check with him.

    Updates will follow.
  4. Modellpularn added a post in a topic 1957 Chevrolet Belair 4 Door Sedan I Revell 1/25   

    Great work on the meter! It looks very similar to the ones used in swedish taxicabs in the 60's and 70's.
  5. Modellpularn added a post in a topic 1957 Chevrolet Belair 4 Door Sedan I Revell 1/25   

    Cool conversion. I must also say the dash looks great! I'm just puzzled that the taximeter sits outside!!!??? I work as a taxi driver in Stockholm, and as far back as I can remember, the meter has always been inside the cars.
  6. Modellpularn added a post in a topic Midnight Marauder   

    I got a reply on the SA forum, I had to ask around ok? It was built by Trae Larkin. I will fix it up to it's former glory, and bring it to the big model show in April: CCM Open. I think the other guys will dig it!
  7. Modellpularn added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Midnight Marauder
    I recently won an auction on our swedish version of "evilbay", this custom painted Stude, Miss Deal. I have a slight memory of seeing it in a magazine, like SAE, way back. Anyone else that remember seeing it??
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  8. Modellpularn added a post in a topic Crazy (un)gullwing 300SL   

    Wasn't it a Dart? Sorry, not much is happening with this one.... Have to get out of the builders block somehow. Right now all I do is work, eat, sleep, And get stuck in front of the 'puter.... Any suggestions for paint?
  9. Modellpularn added a post in a topic What's it worth, autographed Ala Kart kit?   

    Here's a pic for ya:

  10. Modellpularn added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    What's it worth, autographed Ala Kart kit?
    I've got a first issue '29 roadster/Ala Kart kit that's signed by George Barris, and Richard Peters. I can take a pic of it later. Soo, how much can it be worth? I was thinking about maybe putting it up on the 'bay...
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  11. Modellpularn added a post in a topic On-Line How-To #7 - or how to take nearly 30 years to complete a simple, near box stock kit buildup....   

    Hi Tim, I remember that story! Thought it was a really cool idea. I never searched for the graphics... I've got one of those on the back burner too. I had started it last year or so. It's a fairy simple kit, but I had to add details and improvements. You know how that goes..... Hmm, better dive in and do something about it I guess. Any chance of you heading my direction?
  12. Modellpularn added a topic in Big Boyz   

    NASCAR decals for 50's cars 1/16?
    A fellow modeler on our scandinavian model forum asked about NASCAR decals for 50's cars. I assume he's thinking about AMT's 55-57 Chevies. Anyone who knows if such decals exist? I think he's referring to the 1/12 version of the 57 Chevy.... Hmmm, slipped my mind...
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  13. Modellpularn added a post in a topic First issue Big Deuce, unbuilt. What's it worth?   

    Small bulbs and stuff so you get working lights, a small saw to cut the doors and trunk open, and a nail file. Of course there's that cool custom grille... Naturally the big and little whitewall tires. I think the custom grille is included in the latest reissue, along with some new parts never seen before.
  14. Modellpularn added a post in a topic First issue Big Deuce, unbuilt. What's it worth?   

    I would guess he has passed away... If he's alive, he must be pushing 90. I have no idea how old he was at the time, maybe 40-45. And to make it easy, I was maybe 12, will be 57 next week. Simple math... Thanks for your concern, Chuck! Feels good to know I have friends in far away places.
  15. Modellpularn added a post in a topic First issue Big Deuce, unbuilt. What's it worth?   

    Well Tony, I was out there last year in February. I saw a thread from you about ifs/ifr for the deuce. But the pics were gone missing. I'd love to see some, since I had plans around '77 to install Jag suspension on a deuce frame. I still have the project, it's started with some crude brackets maybe. It would be interesting to see how you solved it.
    I have no plans to build this one. It' s just so beautiful laid out in the box. I remember when I was about 11 or so, my LHS had lots of cool stuff, and I used to hang around there a lot. One day, a customer comes in and is interested in the Big T. One of the sales guys shows it to him, and then says to me: "this is something you can never afford" That guy was a right jerk! But somehow I gained their trust, so they let me build display models for them later. Like 5 or 6 years later, and then some. I built a number of the big Tamiya kits.