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  1. Excellent job, i like the paint scheme. congrats!
  2. Thats a bautiful built, congratulations! I´m going to ebay right a way to search fore one!
  3. beautiful little jewel!!! Tameo detailed kits are a real challenge. My respects and congrats for the award!
  4. beautifuly made model!!! in every aspect. a Joy to watch
  5. Nice built, this model is in my "wishlist"
  6. Wowww a like it a lot! it's a beautiful car. The weathering looks nice to me, the only detail i would change are the tires, they are a bit shiny, i think they would look better witha a flat finish. Congratulations!
  7. Very very nice, love the weathering. Nice pictures too. Congratulations!!!
  8. oooo thats so nice (father & daugther bulding a car) The model looks very good to!!!
  9. Hi Fred, The extras in this model are: -scratch bulit the disc brakes (didn't like the kit's discs) -scratch front lights (they where solid, so i removed and replaced with transparent sprue, sanded and polished) -Flocking -Carbon fiber decals for the side panels. I thinj thats all; no photoetched set used. Thanks for your comment Fred, and everybody else!!!
  10. The kit has a problem when you put together the body and the chasis. Ia had to trim the back wheel arches that are attached to the chasis in order to achieve a nice fit. Everything else is great, te interiors had very very nice details.
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