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  1. well that's sad news that HobbyTown in Murfreesboro closed up. I now live in Montana so I guess it won't matter to me anymore but they were good people there.
  2. darn if you ain't right Ben. I'm planning on building the tractor again and make it much more accurate so I will use your wheels then. sorry buddy for the faux pas. The trailer really tried my patience as you may well imagine. It is a bear to do from scratch and make as accurate as possible w/o that much documentation material. But I will use your wheels on the next rig and hopefully withing the next month or two have it all done. Apology offered Ben.
  3. well here are the pics Ben, and your wheels are on here. note the different colors of each as they are on the real truck and trailer (the first truck in the movie that was used) I had a guy on another forum ask if I'd build the rig for him and I said no way. the trailer itself was a beast to get correct and some may say it looks different but they used different rigs in the movie. Also I did not do the butterfly hood since the trailer wore me out but after talking to Eric from P&P at the Cookeville show I think that I will build the tractor again and do the butterfly hood. Hopefully I convinced him to do a resin Pete for that year with butterfly hood. The decals are from Josh (Bedlam Creations). great decals and the license plates are from MiniPls.
  4. well Duel didn't win anything but my well drilling rig won 1st place in heavy commercial. I would have taken pics but someone put a big rig w/trailer in front of the Duel rig. I'll take some later to post.
  5. like this? It's a scratchbuilt model but based on the real crane from Knoxville TN.
  6. I'll take some at the show Ben. I totally forgot to do it before I boxed it up. apologies
  7. I spent almost 2 years building my well drilling rig from scratch. the only aftermarket part I used was a Cat engine in the rear. Cost? Don't care I do it for the enjoyment and I'm also single so no wife to gripe at me. LOL
  8. well this coming Saturday I am off to Cookeville for the model contest and show. Got the decals on, the license plates mounted, the tanker and tractor weathered and boxed up with foam padding. Also taking my well drilling rig along to enter. Hope to see a few of you there.
  9. I still plan on getting the same decals from Jerry at ModelTrucking as well. I believe in spreading the wealth
  10. Ben Ben Ben, it was a brownie But seriously folks, I'm gonna start back on the rig this week. Been involved in doing some research for a buddy of mine who writes books on battlefields of the Civil war. Back to plastic and resin
  11. I got my decals the other day. Josh Muma of www.BedlamCreations.com did the setup so now if anyone wishes to do the DUEL rig those decals are saved in his files. They look great too. Now I can finish this truck and trailer and relax again. By the way I do NOT get any kick backs from his site or Josh. But I did ask him if it was okay to let my modeling friends know of his site and that he had DUEL decals now. If anyone is interested in them he did say mention my name. You may get a discount or not. I don't know but Josh is a pretty good guy. He asked me when was the latest I needed them and I said Feb 11 and they got here Feb 9 so he is good at getting his products out quickly.
  12. I'm jealous. those 24" x 24" spaces I work at now look REAL tiny
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