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  1. Vintage Auto World catalogs

    Thanks, Mark!
  2. Vintage Auto World catalogs

    Mark, do you have a pic of that catalog?
  3. Vintage Auto World catalogs

    Ca '59-60. From memory, the left has the '60 annuals (kits, frictions) listed and the AMT 27T Roadster as "coming", the right one has the '61 Jo-han frictions listed as well as the '60 kits and the AMT 25T listed as "new".
  4. Vintage Auto World catalogs

    These are the two oldest I have; were there any issued previous to these and what did they look like? /Claes
  5. Just a scrubbing w warm water and dishwashing detergent. As for the resin itself, there's nothing to trim or sand whatsoever....
  6. Here are a couple of wheels (5" & 7") that I had plated at Kustom Krome. Tire is FMR 022 BFG 295/50 that's no longer available in white resin. Somewhere I have same tires painted w Tamiya rubber black & wheels w chrome spray but I can't find them now.
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Thanks for the info and the extra pic. /Claes
  8. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Who casts the Vista Cruiser? And do you happen to have more pics of it? /Claes
  9. Wanted: Plastic modelkits history / pictures .

    Well, there are some sources. Between the books by Tom Graham ( Monogram Models, Remembering Revell Model Kits) , Tim Boyd (Collecting Model Car & Truck kits, Collecting Muscle Car Kits), Dennis Doty (Model Car Building) and Terry Jessee (Hot Rod Model Kits), you can piece together a lot of history. Obviously lacking is the definite history of AMT, a book yet to be written. The Doty book(s) had an appendix with then current mags and books and also same for vintage items (still vintage but more now ). R&C Models 6/64 has a couple of pages on Monogram, 7/64 (Revell 4p), 8/64 (AMT 4p), 9/64 (Cox 4p), 11/64 (Aurora 4p), 1/65 (MPC 4p). AMT Model Car Handbook also has 6p of AMT history. Hope this helps. Claes
  10. AMT 64 AMT Craftsman Chevelle

    Modelhaus did one, way back. You have to go back to their 1995/96 catalogs to find it. Simplified at $29 and with the shiny stuff from the promo $42 in '95. Nothing currently AFAIK.
  11. 1963 Buick Electra Hood.

    Have to ponder that one. If I can't think of anything, its going your way anyhow. I'll send along a few pics later on today. Claes
  12. 1963 Buick Electra Hood.

    I think I can help. I'm pretty sure I have one that I got in a parts lot off eBay many years ago. Only 63 Electra part in that lot as I can recall... Claes
  13. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    They'll do that. Got my shipping notice for orders 243xx and 250xx four days ago.
  14. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    Given that they probably will release one or two new kits annualy, as per the original e-mail I think they could have a pretty nice retirement issuing a kit or two from their catalog if the molds are still workable. Sort of "We will make 30 copies of the 61 DeSoto available" (I wish) on a first come, first served basis. A whole lot less stressful than filling a random order for kits/parts out of 10000 (guessing) items ávailable in the catalog.
  15. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    Must have been a frenzy, I managed to get in two orders for parts 2.5 hours apart and order #s were 243xx and 250xx. 7000 orders in that time frame must be a dream for any mail order operation....