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  1. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    They'll do that. Got my shipping notice for orders 243xx and 250xx four days ago.
  2. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    Given that they probably will release one or two new kits annualy, as per the original e-mail I think they could have a pretty nice retirement issuing a kit or two from their catalog if the molds are still workable. Sort of "We will make 30 copies of the 61 DeSoto available" (I wish) on a first come, first served basis. A whole lot less stressful than filling a random order for kits/parts out of 10000 (guessing) items ávailable in the catalog.
  3. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    Must have been a frenzy, I managed to get in two orders for parts 2.5 hours apart and order #s were 243xx and 250xx. 7000 orders in that time frame must be a dream for any mail order operation....
  4. Great Traders List

    Did a great trade with Steve Guthmiller. Lot's of nice e-mails going back and forth with large close-up photos to see what's involved. Nothing but high praise! Claes
  5. PM sent on 63 Bonneville, 64 GTO.
  6. 68 GTX grille

    In the Mopar world, a better detailed grille for the 68-9 MPC Coronets would be nice. But I guess the market would be extremely limited....
  7. Chevy Corvair Ramp side pickup 1/25

    E-mail sent. I hope this gets off the ground!
  8. Stock hood for '69 AMX

    FWIW, my Y922 kit have the headrests. However, I have no idea of the history of the contents of the kit as this was bought off ebay some 10 yrs ago.
  9. New item: GM Door Handles--> Now Mopar!

    Got my B-body doorhandles together w a lot of other stuff from Joseph yesterday here in Sweden. Beautiful parts! And some can learn a lot about packing fragile items for shipping from Joseph. Thanks!
  10. Scale Production VW Double Cab Questions

    I have one, it's up there w Modelhaus qualitywise. Conversion work is difficult to spot and and all sink marks in the original Hasegawa kit are attended to. Bit pricey for a body and four additional parts but junking two kits to get there is about the same and then comes the work...
  11. 1959 Chevrolet Impala Flattop Sedan

    AAM did one shortly before they ceased operation some 10 years ago. Will NOT be easy to find now....
  12. Resin-people ( Casters ) I Need Your Help!!!

    I believe it does. Admittedly, it is a race version which brings some new problems but I think it would be helpful to have...
  13. Who did the resin 66 Valiant?

    R&R did them and I suspect it was those you saw on eBay. I have seen it and IIRC, it is basically the '65 with the front from the 66 AWB F/C Cuda grafted on and a modified grille. Interior is still 65 which might, or might not be correct for '66 though I suspect the latter. Major problem is the rear roofline which is substantially different between '65 and '66. Will be interesting to see if the promo has it correct... I believe Motor City does the '63 BTW.