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  1. jeba added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    What's up with the December issue of M C
    Forgive me if this has been brought up before. I got the Dec. issue of Model Cars at my lhs yesterday and there were three different places with overprinting on the pages. It looks like printed two different pages on the same page. Most of the words can be read it you try hard but there were some places where the overlap was just too dense. I only checked two magazines so I don't know if they were all like that. I wonder if they will make good on the bad ones.
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  2. jeba added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    fuel pump on Revell's SB Ford
    I'm building another Revell '32 roadster and I'm using Rep & Min's duel 4 barrel induction. I'd like to put fuel lines on it but it doesn't have a fuel pump that I can see. Am I missing something or does it not have any? I checked round 2's '67 mustang and the 289 has a nice looking pump on the front cover, would the 302 in the roadster be the same? TIA
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  3. jeba added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    fuel pump for Revell's small block Ford
    I'm building another '32 roadster and I would like to plumb it a little bit. I don't see a fuel pump on the small block Ford. Would the 289 in the '67 Mustang look like the 302 in the kit? I'm using the duel 4-barrel set-up from Rep & Min. if it makes any difference.
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  4. jeba added a post in a topic question about the Ford car-hauler cab   

    Can anyone confirm that the frame is longer on the C-600 city delivery than is on the stake truck?
  5. jeba added a post in a topic which kits would I use for the '69/70 Ford drag team.   

    Yes Casey, that's the picture that got me started. I've got the trailer and the mustang and the torino. '69 was the only year that Car magazine gave their high proformance award to a team instead of a single car and the C-850 (according to the article) was included in the award. I'm not a contest builder but I like to get things close to what is right. Things like the headers and wheels paint and decals. Also the recently reisued C-600 city delivery truck must have a longer frame than the stake truck because Tim A said that with just a litle repositioning of things like the fuel tanks and widening of the hauler body to fit over the frame, it should be real close. The artical that I read also said that they used '69 BOSS side stripes. So, as I collect parts and information I feel that I'm getting closer to a start.
  6. jeba added a post in a topic which kits would I use for the '69/70 Ford drag team.   

    Thanks A C. I was afraid that would be the answer because I sold my AMT Torino and kept my Revell '70 Torino. I also have the Revell '69 Super CJ Mustang, is that the same as the Mach I ?
  7. jeba added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    which kits would I use for the '69/70 Ford drag team.
    I'm, considering replicating the '69/70 Ford drag team with the Ford car hauler. Which kits would require the least modification and/or kit bashing for the cars. I'm sure some of you will say that the hauler was made with the Ford C cab and you would be right. I have the sleeper cab by Hendricks and Tim's great information in the MC magazine.
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  8. jeba added a post in a topic question about the Ford car-hauler cab   

    I want to thank all of you for the effort you put into this for me. I have the Budweiser decals for this and I thought that a hi-dollor sponsor would opt for this but after looking at the Ford drag team haulers, I see that they didn't have them. So I might just leave it off of this build. I'm also going to do a C-cab hauler with an after-market hauler body. With the great pictures Aaron got, I think I'll just have to put it on that one.
  9. jeba added a post in a topic question about the Ford car-hauler cab   

    Thank you very much for your reply. That answer seems very complete to me. The A C box on the roof, would the two lines exit from the back or the bottom of the unit and would they just hang over the back of the cab? Also, could I just substitute the one from the 359 kit,(would it be as correct as the one in the Ford kit)?
  10. jeba added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    question about the Ford car-hauler cab
    I have some questions about the cab on the Ford car-hauler. What kind of radio is it that fits to the roof of the interior, (C.B. or AM-FM) and what would you use for a radio face or dials? Also, the roof mounted air conditioner has "legs" on the botom of it, How is the air supposed to get to the cab that way? Last and not really important to me but if you were building it, would you fill in between the cab shell and the interior?
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  11. jeba added a post in a topic MICRO PENS   

    I got some at Hobby Lobby. I have .05 and .005 and one other.
  12. jeba added a post in a topic Grumpys 66 Nova   

    there's anotlher Grumpy's Toy post in this section that give more information on details of the build like painting the motor, making a deep sump oil pan and painting the gas tank bright white. I haven't started mine yet. I'm waiting for more post with more information.
  13. jeba added a post in a topic model car drag racing parts   

    maybe you guys know this but Rocketfin is like the shopping mall of all things plastic model related.
  14. jeba added a post in a topic Grumpy's Toy '66 Chevy Nova   

    I hope I'm not too late with this information but according to the magazine Elaplsed Times, Bill painted his engins flat black to "encourage heat radition". He removed the blades from the alernator fan to reduce parasitic power loss. The stock rules required a battery in the original location so Jenkins used the lightest, smallest import battery he could find. He also used a homebuilt "cool can" made out of a coffee can with coiled tubing filed with ice, (the picture shows it just to the right of the radiator shroud). The interior shows an aftemarket tachometer, a couple of gauges and no roll bar. He used a three speed shifter (it looks like a T-handeled shifter) with an auxiliary lever for reverse.
    Good luck and I'm going to keep watching this build too.
  15. jeba added a post in a topic "Making a Barn Scale Model From Scratch"   

    Hey guys, while you're talking about the wood you want to use, How about a couple of sugestions for staining. Soy sauce and India ink have both been sugested in the model magazines. Test and play around with them. If the color isn't dark enough, dip them again. Just thought I'd pass that along.