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  1. nope he sure didn't..one of the great casters even offered him a vacuum pot for free before he started this and he said he didn't one..lol..he is just a kid wanna be caster..and i told him when he sent me the test build that i was gonna post it on my group on face book, and that opened up a can of worms..lol..he tried to blame everything on me and the man that built the prototype ..
  2. i sent them to the man that built the prototype for him to just see how bad it really was..
  3. they want be any..it was a big rip off for all that ordered..he took the money and tried but the junk he sent me wasn't even build able..now he want refund anyone's money like he said he did..this is only a couple photos of how messed up it was..
  4. ***NEW****** From T&T Model Truck Parts mastered by Dave Steele (Herman Munster) we present to you the long awaited 55 ton Talbert detachable Lowboy trailer kit. This is being opened up for PRE-ORDER at a discounted price. There are only 25 pre order spots available. Kits will begin to ship at the End of April. In this kit you will receive all that is picture, the detachable gooseneck, main lowboy deck section read rails with low ride suspension, and rear bumper. You must supply wheels and tires and decking. Anyone interested please feel free to message me and we will get you taken care of. Any questions email Travis at travisr685@yahoo.com ...
  5. some of the best...look to the left , scroll down to you see Plaskit_ C and D section ..open and their will be pictures of them.. Plaskit_catalogue_USA…
  6. the chain hooks come from AITM, the weld on hooks come from Plaskit..
  7. u know thats right..i think i need to take the exhaust down and duel it also
  8. well i'm calling this one 95% done, still need door decals (ran out of color ink)...hood is a Mack RM resin cast conversion that Dave from AITM had...( the only one ) , the frame is from a DM 800 mixer that a friend has gave me.. (extended 3 inched) added a pulling axle and a Cat under the hood..the bumper and bed-winch tower is scratch built.. i will always add more little detail as i look at it more, and always suggestions from u guys-gals are always welcome.
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