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  1. That is an awesome car. beautiful workmanship. Thanks for posting the photo. Brian
  2. I just commented on the WIP that these cars must be pushing 1000hp per tonne. What must be awesome is the noise. Thanks for sharing Brian
  3. Agreed. Both of you!! These cars caught my eye because they are real cars. Made by very smart guys working to regs that allow individuality. Until I came across these cars I thought the only areas left were at Bonneville, Time Attack and the European hillclimb cars. I mean we must be talking close to 1000hp per tonne! Biggest downer for me are regs that push cars to one make status and this where F1, our Supercars and maybe Nascar have ended up. One make series usually mean the Team with the most money wins (Mercedes?). They also make boring models. And Dave... Where I learnt to drive. a good road was one you could see over the grass on. Wallabies and 'roos weren't too bad but wombats did real damage!! Best part of posting this build has been the feedback, which I asked for! So thanks Brian
  4. Hi Alan Sorry! I think you must be a lot like me. You have a nice list of projects sitting there then something comes up that bugs you till you have to do it! I looked at the high wing cars which are probably more effective but I'm a low and wide man so.... A good thing with these cars is the great variety of options for things like the suspension design and power plant. It was probably more fun designing it than actually building it. Can't wait to see your build. Brian
  5. Sweet build mate! Perfect proportions and a nice balance of chrome and colour. Brian
  6. Thanks for the comments gentlemen. Build was a lot of fun We don't have them here either Steve but from the comments I've had I'd love to see and hear them Brian
  7. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. Car is now finished and in the Under Glass section. Looking at it the only thing I would change would be to go back to the beam axle originally intended but I couldn't work out how to do the links so they would be strong enough. Otherwise pretty happy with it. There seems to be a lot of options for the suspension on these things. I often use the graph paper base for scratch builds and framed models like hot rods. It keeps everything straight (sort of!) and I can make notes so I don't forget any ideas I have when I'm not actually working on it. Brian
  8. Finished! Found these on the web. Awesome cars. The sort of cars I like where some very smart people are building very fast cars within some smart rules without multimillions of backing. Mostly scratch built with bits from my junk box. Looks good on the shelf. It's not copied from a specific car nor is it particularly accurate but a lot of fun. Brian
  9. 90% there! Suspension is almost finished and mounting the side panel is next then a lot of little detail cleanup. Brian
  10. Don and Mike. I figured these cars would make an impression and I seem to be right. Doc, No need to apologise. Most of my stuff is left field and I often hope it stir ideas or see other peoples efforts on similar subjects. I'm afraid I can't match your great detail but it's still a fun build. Thanks for sharing. Currently having my usual change of mind on colour where I always go back to what I first started with... Brian
  11. Great look and nicely done. Just see the guys from Mighty Car Mods going for this. Brian
  12. Thanks for the comments. The wheels and part of the nose were from an old indy car kit. Rear wing is a 1/20 open wheeler, I have forgotten which one sorry. Part of the cage and carby's are sprint car items. I'm building it in two halves, the forward body shell, engine and front suspension and the back half hanging of the frame work. It was the only way I figure how to paint it andget the diver in! That rear end still needs a lot of cleaning up to look right and the wing won't sit straight. I'm working on it..... Brian
  13. Came across these on the web and they fascinated me so I had to have a go at building one. I'm not modelling a particular car or am I trying for super accurate detail, I just want to have something representative of the type. Pretty well all scratch build so far. I have the front and rear suspensions sorted now and just trying to work out the side panel and nerf bars. Great thing to model and something unique for the cabinet. Happy to hear from anyone who has seen these things run. They must sound awesome. Brian
  14. Sweet build. These were cool looking race cars. Colour looks good. I so wanted a body kit like that for my Celica when I had it. Brian
  15. Love the race cars but this yellow really lets the awesome styling stand out for itself. Great looking model mate! Brian
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