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  1. Brianl added a post in a topic '32 Sedan   

    Hi Dirk
    Sorry but I didn't take many photos of the chassis build. The ones below show an early rear frame that didn't let me put the seats far enough back but you should get the idea.
    I was going to zed both front & back but when I set the rear axle up I realised that to zed the rear chassis would not work so I scratch built up a setup that would be more interesting to look at through the open roof. The standard kit chassis has the floor on the top of the frame so I was going to cut it out but by cutting the chassis at the firewall & turning the floor upside down I got the lower floor & a cleaner looking front frame. There is not much more to it really.
    Airfix do a 1/24 Focke-Wulf 190 with a twin row radial in it too.
    Steve, you must have been talking to my son, he said exactly the same thing about the silver paint. I was going to add some rust & stickers but the clean look it has now is it
    Thanks for the comments

  2. Brianl added a post in a topic '32 Sedan   

    Latest pics.
    About 80% done. Just the little bits like pedals, dash etc to go.

  3. Brianl added a post in a topic '32 Sedan   

    The Gypsy engine came from an old Matchbox Tiger Moth kit. It was 1/32 but a big 1/32 so it looks OK I think. Technically it is upside down but it looks good with the individual heads etc. The earlier moths had a heads-up motor so its not totally unreal.
    I also have the two twin row radials out of the 1/32 Beaufighter kit ......  if only I could get my hands on a 1/25 R4360.
    Chassis is almost done so I'll try to post some more photos soon
  4. Brianl added a post in a topic '32 Sedan   

    Thanks for the comments
    Thanks for the tip David. The problem was I have a new light & was mucking around with different cloth filters.
    Bill, you are right in line with my thinking about the proportions. My son calls them art cars.
    Wheels are off than old Long John parts kit. Well spotted
  5. Brianl added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '32 Sedan
    Never was a big fan of some of the more radical rat rods but they make for interesting models. Started with the Revel '32 sedan & started cutting. One of the things I do like is the odd ball engines used. So this is a de Havilland Gypsy aircraft engine with a scroll supercharger! There is a triple carb setup to come as well. Opening up the roof will let me do some detailing of the rear end & cockpit area which doesn't happen often. No real ideas on colour yet but it won't be black!
    Thanks for looking & sorry for the lousy lighting, I was experimenting.... badly

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  6. Brianl added a post in a topic Post up your fastest model!   

    Got to go to Utah for mine
    One old school & one for the jet age.

  7. Brianl added a post in a topic Mustangs!   

    So many awesome builds!!
    Considering I have loved Mustangs since I was a kid I have more in the box than on the shelf but this is my favourite.

  8. Brianl added a post in a topic L700-RR   

    Thank you for the kind comments gentlemen. It was a bit of a worry posting a bit of a weird idea on a truck site but it was a lot of fun to get done.
    Steve - there are bits of this kit that are a pain in the proverbial but one of the secrets of custom building is that it lets me duck around the hard bits !!!
    JT - I did play around with the idea of transporter but there other weird things in my head that have to get out so it'll have to wait till another day. I have a Merc SLS AMG GT3 sitting here. if I get a street version I could cut & shut it into a modern version of the Merc transporter they used in the 50's.... Anyone care to have a go at that one?
    Thanks again
  9. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Finally done & pretty pleased with how it looks. This was my first truck build & a lot of fun. Started with the Lindberg L700 kit & added a Viper V10 with turbos! Since its a race truck it was lowered a little & a few aero mods added.
    Hope you like it.

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  10. Brianl added a post in a topic Cobra Wagon   

    That is the first time I have seen a roof on a Cobra that looks like it should be there. Well designed, well built !!
  11. Brianl added a post in a topic L-700 RR   

    Probably not enough progress to justify a lot of photos but at least it is progress. Engine installation is complete bar the radiator hoses & blow off valves that need to go on after the rear body is in place. Silver is stripe colour & will be masked for the overall orange. 90% of the cockpit detail is done just waiting for paint before fitting

  12. Brianl added a post in a topic L-700 RR   

    First hit with the primer to find the bits that still need cleaning up - Lots to do!
    Body shape & proportions are pretty well fixed now. Happy with the front end. At the moment I think I'll just put a couple of big Gurney flaps on the rear fenders & leave it simple. Cockpit next. With that big screen I'll be able to put some detail into it - belts, cables, ducting etc

  13. Brianl added a post in a topic L-700 RR   

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I was a little worried posting something so different on a truck site..... Have to admit that I am enjoying my first truck build though.
    Jonathan.  I have moved the rear axle in & out a couple of times & at the moment the gearbox is about a millimetre from the diff but I'll cut the extension housing off & put a shorter one on to give it a shaft although it will be short !!.
    Proportions & stance are about right now so I'll start on the rear nerf bar. I'll try hanging a bit of a diffuser off it some how.
    Colour will be hemi orange with silver stripes & features.
    Hope it keeps you amused !!
  14. Brianl added a post in a topic L-700 RR   

    One pic got away from me

  15. Brianl added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    L-700 RR
    RR is for Road Race. This is my idea of a race truck. Twin turbo Viper V10 of course & a "slightly" lower body with aero mods. Still a lot to do but you can see where its going.

    8" chop

    20" chop!
    URL= RR/DSCF3984_zps7sbbzjsn.jpg.html] RR/DSCF3984_zps7sbbzjsn.jpg

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