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  1. I don't really know what to call this one, a rod, a custom, a what.... Chassis, suspension, wheels and tyres are from the Barris Surf Woody. I wanted a model that showed up the chassis detail. Engine is donated from a Willies Gasser (not sure which one) and body was a 40 Ford coupe, slightly gas axed. Paint is Tamiya Pure Red. Bit of fun and it looks cool on the shelf. And thanks to the Silver Fox who donated the power plant and body (or what's left of it). Brian
  2. I didn't know I could get this kit! Mine was metallic blue. I'll look up my photos and see if I can nail the mirrors for you. All early Civics were direct imports from Japan. Mine came through Bennet Honda in Brisbane. They were bullet proof and very quick. Many people thought they were a follow on to the Cooper S. One won the Queensland Rally Championship (Adrian Taylor?) and from memory was pretty stock. Great model mate and thanks for the memories. Brian
  3. Brianl

    1950's '32 ROD

    Hi CT The body was "donated" so I'm not sure but I think it did come from the Phaeton kit although its been sliced around a bit. It runs a hemi and artillery wheels. Thanks for the interest. Brian
  4. Brianl

    1950's '32 ROD

    Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated. I usually do scuff the tyres but I was battling to get the combination of plastic and resin parts I used to stay together and forgot. Thanks for the explanation on the slicks too. Photos in the mags did show slicks on the competition cars but I couldn't find a street rod with them at that time. I usually do my own styling on my rods and customs but it was nice to go traditional for a change. Brian
  5. Idea behind this was to build a '32 with only the bits shown in the "Rod & Custom 1950's" book. Only thing I cheated on was the slicks. I didn't have the correct looking tyres and the slicks looks good anyway. This is the first flat head I've built and it turned out heaps better than I thought it would. Colour is Tamiya Light Metallic Blue. Actually found an add for the same hubcaps and a photo of some Von Dutch artwork that was close to what I had. Fun build Brian
  6. Sweet build mate. Colour and wheel combination work well Brian
  7. I built this kit when it first came out and what really killed it was the wheel/tyre setup. it's great to see it reach it's full potential with the work you have done. Thanks Brian
  8. Hi Kurt Base kit was Tamiya with the complete drivetrain so the only mods from box stock were the wheels, guards, the intercoolers and the turbos. I like building up those complex looking turbo installations, they look very cool. Just came back from the World Time Attack in Sydney (check out the website). So many BIG shiny turbos in immaculate engine bays, talk about 7th heaven!! Thanks for the comments too. Brian
  9. Really like the rocket bunny style and the 360 lends itself to the flared guard treatment well. Guards from the Fujimi 'Over Fender' set. Paint is Tamiya Deep Metallic Blue. Wheels from a supermarket toy! Rear scoops feed the intercoolers & twin turbos. They may go..... Brian
  10. Very clean and very classy. Mods and paint work well together Brian
  11. Farewell gift from work. Tamiya 360 Modena that's getting the Rocket Bunny treatment. Guard extensions by Fujimi. Twin turbos and big wheels! Probably looking at yellow at the moment. Turbo placement is sorted, I just have to plumb in the intercoolers, exhausts and add the BOV pipes then the chassis is pretty well finished. Trick will be getting the ride height and guard positioning right because I want to paint the extensions separately to get the right look. Brian
  12. Sweet build mate! Stance and wheels make it look mean. Brian
  13. Different Porsche for you mate. Beautiful paint and the interior looks like the real thing. Another stunning model. Brian.
  14. Mate they have turned out so well. Always loved your club racers. Escorts, webers and minilites, how good does it get Brian
  15. Started with the Little Red Wagon kit. Added the extreme guard extensions from the Fujimi "Over Fender" pack. Chassis and power plant are from a1/20 Indy car kit. I used the bigger engine to pack out the engine bay a bit. I wanted to lower the profile but when I looked up some 1:1s with simple roof chops on the net I thought they looked out of balance so I kept the window section & lowered the whole roof turret into the body work. You can see the difference in the comparison with the orange race truck that has a standard turret but chopped from the bottom to get the lowered effect. I don't know if its a race truck, a custom or a time attack deviant but it was fun and I'm happy with the stance and balance. Paint is Tamiya Light Gun Metal by the way. Thanks for looking Brian
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