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  1. Brianl added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Corvette Starfighter
    Been playing with this for a while & still can't come up with a better paint scheme so I'll park it & wait for a revelation (maybe). Based on the Revell Mongoose rail with a donated Corvette shell that was damaged. A few things need finishing up but I'll wait for the "revelation" to turn up. Thought it might generate some ideas if I posted it. Body is narrowed & the roof is chopped, narrowed & moved back. It was a fun build.

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  2. Brianl added a post in a topic Liberty Walk - Nissan GTR   

    Top marks mate. Wheels & guards are spot on & I'm glad to see you weren't tempted to put 20 degrees of negative camber on them. I love this type of thing. I just got back from the World Time Attack Day in Sydney. They had a stack of Rocket Bunny type stuff at the Show & Shine including a GTR with wheels deep enough to take a bath in. Awesome stuff if you ever get the chance to get there it'll blow you away.
    Again, great job, any more?
  3. Brianl added a post in a topic Auburn Speedster (lindberg, Pyro)   

    Just scored one of these myself but it is missing the wheels & tyres.. so now I know thankyou
    Paint really suits the style of the car. Nicely done & well worth having on the shelf
  4. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Billy Joe & Jim - I had a similar idea early on but the screen scared me, guess I'll have to give it a go now.
    Steve, I like my dremel & saw, they sit under my right hand at all times, although I think my clubmates reckon I should wear a butcher's apron
    Bought a can of candy lime green & will add some white pin striping (for now)
    Thanks for the feedback, the suggestions have been winners
  5. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Started on the backend!
    Fenders came off the same Chev kit as the front ones, I think (thanks to the Silverfoxx again). Crazy thing was how the whole rear floor of a sedan made an easy tray for a pickup.
    That back panel has already come off as its too bland & I want to try to roll a timber floor over a the back some how.
     Thanks for the suggestions on the paint. Green & pearl are the favourites so far but I wont know or sure till I get it finished it in primer

  6. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Most of the body work is done, just the A pillars to go. Colour is going to be something from the sixties, probably start with a pearl white plus some flames or panels... still thinking. Any suggestions anyone? (please keep it simple, I am not much of a painter)

  7. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Looks like it might work!
    Had to narrow it a bit to get it looking right. A little bit of filling & filing to do. I'll cut down the chrome bar grill that came with it & use it & I'll put the headlights behind the grill. The photos make the nose look bigger than it is by the way. I was going to do either a gloss black or metallic green. But Gator's reference to the 50's 60's rods is getting me thinking about candy reds & pearls... still thinking!

  8. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen
    Justin, I'm looking at a fairly small square timber flat bed with some timber rails on the side only. I'm trying to get a styling counterpoint to the smooth clean body.
    Trying to nail down the front end at the moment. I have spent the last coupe of hours going through my stash trying all sorts of fronts but nothing worked. Started writing this reply & reread Gator's suggestion about the '58" Chev nose & I remembered I had one so I dug up the box, found the bit & .... mate you are right. It looks like working very well !!! Thanks. Photos to follow when I mock it up
    Have a good one
  9. Brianl added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    F100 Custom Stakebed
    This started from the MPC Double Flip Pickup which was pretty ugly but had some good bits that were used in other builds, so I had the body left over!
    Cabin is sectioned & the roof chopped & narrowed to give more tumblehome. Because I was over enthusiastic with the cutting, the front wheels didn't fit under the guards anymore so I grafted some 40's fenders on & with a bit more filling & filing it should look OK. Wheels are from  $10 toy from the supermarket. I'll do a stake bed on the back with a big keg! Looking at black or metallic green at the moment.

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  10. Brianl added a post in a topic To rake or not to rake   

    Bottom one... just a little rake & keep the whole thing low. Should look good when done, The wheels look very good
  11. Brianl added a post in a topic Shelby Series 1 "Coupe" GTS car....8-7-16 update -front lighting   

    Great minds...
     Very nice work on both the roof graft & the paint.  
    It really is a car that looks way better as a coupe, shame they never did the real one
    I did the Toyota 2000 conversion purely because that is what I had. It didn't take long to realise that the Viper roof was a much better way to go as I had to completely redo the glass openings & it took a lot of tries to make a rear screen that was acceptable (almost). I spent weeks filling & sanding.
    Keep up the good work & Dave... finish yours mate!

  12. Brianl added a post in a topic '32 Ford - the Silver Brick   

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. If a rat rod is rusty/dirty etc what would a clean one be called? A "bunny-rod". Have we started a new trend??
    Travis, lines on the roll bar are dings (or weld lines, probably seem welded tube) never mold lines !!!!!! Truth is I had to shorten it, then broke it, then missed the final clean up. 
    Tom, the engine came from a very old "Matchbox" kit of a de Havilland Tiger Moth out of the UK. Matchbox put out a series of very good 1/32 aircraft & cars in the mid eighties that included the moth & an awesome Auto Union GP car with a fully detailed twin supercharged engine, Wish I still had that one. I turned the Gypsy motor upside down (or right way up) & added the supercharger. Running the drive belt off the front of the motor that was now the back made it more interesting. It may seem weird but I try to make all of my cars sort of do-able.
    Hope it inspires some ideas.
  13. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    '32 Ford - the Silver Brick
    Although I'm not to keen on the more extreme rat rods I do like the attitude & engineering in them.
    Started off with the Revell '32 Ford Sedan kit. Power is a de Havilland gypsy aircraft engine with a scroll type supercharger driven from the back of the motor. Being air cooled it doesn't need a radiator which gives it a different look. Nose is the nacelle off the Tiger Moth kit that the engine came from. Frame is from the kit. I cut it at the firewall & turned the middle section upside down to put the floor on the bottom of the chassis. The rear end is scratch built. I was going to do a graffiti type paint job but the clean silver looked so good I decided to leave it at that.
    Thanks for looking

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  14. Brianl added a post in a topic '32 Sedan   

    Hi Dirk
    Sorry but I didn't take many photos of the chassis build. The ones below show an early rear frame that didn't let me put the seats far enough back but you should get the idea.
    I was going to zed both front & back but when I set the rear axle up I realised that to zed the rear chassis would not work so I scratch built up a setup that would be more interesting to look at through the open roof. The standard kit chassis has the floor on the top of the frame so I was going to cut it out but by cutting the chassis at the firewall & turning the floor upside down I got the lower floor & a cleaner looking front frame. There is not much more to it really.
    Airfix do a 1/24 Focke-Wulf 190 with a twin row radial in it too.
    Steve, you must have been talking to my son, he said exactly the same thing about the silver paint. I was going to add some rust & stickers but the clean look it has now is it
    Thanks for the comments

  15. Brianl added a post in a topic '32 Sedan   

    Latest pics.
    About 80% done. Just the little bits like pedals, dash etc to go.