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  1. Brianl added a post in a topic '29 Pickup   

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen
    Tom, nice try on the track nose. I think the only thing is the straight top line on the opening. They usually had a more oval shape. I love the tracknose look, I've done a few now.
    Revell did a superb pair of Kurtis Midget Racers a little while back, one with an Offy & one with a flat head V8. The only difference in the kits other than the engines were the nose cones, the V8 had a bigger nose & radiator. In their infinite wisdom Revell had both noses & grills in each kit & after some heavy hints from my modelling mates I now have a small stock of the left overs for future projects. It is surprising how close these fit onto a T or A bonnet!
    The Pickup has the V8 nose & the rod below has the Offy nose. Its been faired it into the body work but I'm sure you get the idea. 
    Bullet lights came from our local Parts Box (they are on the net). I just filed them down to sit close into the inner fender. I needed lights that blended in with the nose & I'm happy with these

  2. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '29 Pickup
    Raked the body & tray, shortened the tray, widened the rear guards & added the timber bed & track nose. I have no idea what the dash came out of though. Wheels are from the MPC Double Flip Ford Pickup.
    I was chasing that '60's custom look that so many of us grew up with in Hot Rod Magazine & others.





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  3. Brianl added a post in a topic 427 Cobra.   

    Awesome work mate
    I have seen this one in the flesh. It sits just right & it looks mean!
  4. Brianl added a post in a topic 29 Pickup   

    Thank you gentlemen
    John, your rod is exactly the style I'm looking for!!
    Only thing is I spent hours deciding between a bench seat of buckets & went for the bench as I thought it more correct. Looking at yours, I think I'll go dig out the buckets again.

    Thanks again
  5. Brianl added a topic in On The Workbench   

    29 Pickup
    This will be in the style of a 60's custom. Most of the parts are hand me downs from a mate

    The body is a little lower & raked. The bed is shortened & raked to match. Both bits are moved back a little to fit the old hemi behind my favourite track nose. Widend the rear guards, often wondered what to do with those unused fender sets!

    Initial mockup

    Widening the guards

    Guard extensions done & dusted

    Checking rake, stance & proportions

    Comments welcome
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  6. Brianl added a post in a topic 32 Ford's   

    My hack at a '32
    Extended track nose, lengthened bonnet, cockpit moved back & a flathead V12

    And one for the family man... 4 seats & a hemi

  7. Brianl added a post in a topic Show us your 6 powered cars   

    I have two sixes in the cabinet
    The Corvette with the original six but hooked up to a supercharger

    And this GM Holden powered sprint car. Offy parts were hard to come by in Australia so many runners opted for very hot developments of the GM local product

  8. Brianl added a post in a topic Let's Post Our Snap Kits!   

    AMT "Snapfast Plus" !! '96 Firebird
    A little lower & a little wider
    What I thought was not much of a kit turned out to be a fun build.
    I like these "Post Our" threads, you see some great ideas.


  9. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    Chrome Question
    I had a box full of chrome bits & pieces... enough to do a whole chassis & running gear. I was originally going to put a C Cab on it but couldn't make it work so I came up with this thing. Its the front bit of a T Tourer & the tank from a sprint car. Best I could think of at the time. I think I was inspired by those early hot rod show cars from the late 50's early 60's. It was a fun build whatever it turned out like!

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  10. Brianl added a post in a topic Muscled Up Munster   

    Thanks for the great feedback. Always good to get.
    Front wheels are old Nascar I think. No idea about the tyres sorry. They all came out of my junk box.
    I should do the trailer but I have a '32 waiting... & a gasser, & a time attack car & ... you know the story, never enough time but I will do it!
    Thanks again
  11. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    Muscled Up Munster
    Partner to the Drag-U-Long. Its a bit ruff but so was the original kit & I just wanted a build that was a bit of fun. Added a Windsor & twin blowers & my usual big chop/drop. Like 'em low & mean!.
    When I get the urge I will do the trailer to match.


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  12. Brianl added a post in a topic Drag-U-Long   

    Thanks for the comments, very much appreciated. I would have liked to have kept the original canopy but it was sooo thick it looked wrong. To get the extra length I just cut the stock chassis in half at the front of the coffin & glued it to the front slab.
    A modified coach is currently underway as a tow vehicle too.
    Thanks again
  13. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    Bit of fun. Started out as a stock build but it got a little lower, a little longer & with a little more grunt.

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  14. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    Turbo Topolino
    A Repost for the record (thanks again for fixing the site)

    I posted it in the Drag site originally but this is probably more of a hot rod to the purists so here it is

    Chassis & body are much modified AMT Dual Dragster kit, basic motor is from Trantula & the rest is bits apart from the turbos & BOVs.
    This build was a lot of fun


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  15. Brianl added a topic in NASCAR   

    Richie's Pair
    These were a pair of "Ol Boys" by my mate Richie that were amongst the lost posts! ...(Thanks to those who got the site fixed, much appreciated)
    I want to post them again because they are so good & I'd like to have them recorded here.
    Thanks again

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