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  1. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    Fujimi Veneno
    Another one from my Club mate Richard (check out his 300SL). Box stock & one that hasn't turned up much on the forum.
    Awesome paint & construction although I gather the kit didn't go together anywhere near as well as the Tamiya Merc.
    This has to be the only car that makes the Batmobile look ordinary!!
    If you want an example of attention to detail check out the brake rotors, Richard drilled every hole!

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  2. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    Mercedes 300SL
    We only have a small club, a dozen or so members but they produce some awesome models
    Richard's Mercedes 300SL by Tamiya is one of the best. Moulding & detail on the kit is superb.
    Richard said the kit was probably Tamiya's best. Colour is Tamiya Titanium Silver which brings up the lines beautifully.
    Check out the badgework & the hubcaps (hand painted). I took a lot of photos because it looked so good & I couldn't decide on the best so you got the lot!
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I have .

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  3. Brianl added a post in a topic Show us your Engines - Post Dedicated to the Engine   

    Hi Pat
    Turbine is from the STP Lotus kit. It's original issue & had been in my parts box for forty years or so! Used a photo-etched grill from a Tamiya rally kit to replace the original clear plastic pieces. Worked well with the salt flat racer concept.
  4. Brianl added a post in a topic Show us your Engines - Post Dedicated to the Engine   

    Love weird engines !!
    I didn't set my photos to focus on the engines so much but you can get the idea.

  5. Brianl added a post in a topic EUROPA CLUB RACER   

    You are right! The exhausts are too long. I originally planned to mount the wing off the back of the gear box as per the Indy car setup with the exhaust exiting between two vertical fins but the wing took away the look of the rear body work so I went for something smaller. Unfortunately it would have meant major surgery to shorten the exhaust pipe at that stage so what you see is what you get!!
    Thanks for the good words
  6. Brianl added a post in a topic T'RANTULA resurection.   

    Sweet rebuild mate!
    Awesome paint. Makes me want to drag mine out & have a go
  7. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass   

    Always nice to move out of the Workshop & into the glassy bit
    I wanted to do another club racer & I wanted to do a camo paint job & something as typically British as the Europa seemed the go.
    Body & chassis are by Tamiya & the power plant, transmission & wheels are Indy car. I did the guards in evergreen sheet & scrap bits. Only sad bit was the decals. It has been a long time since I have built aircraft & the decals left over were pretty old. Close enough though.


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  8. Brianl added a post in a topic EUROPA CLUB RACER   

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen
    Ville - the tubing is some ducting from the old Nascar kits. Being generally warmish here (currently 39C / 102F) air ducts like this are common on cars that don't run cool suits.
  9. Brianl added a post in a topic EUROPA CLUB RACER   

    Finally done something worth talking about. Interior is just about finished. Didn't worry too much about the roll cage joints as they are hidden by the roof. Interior colour is Humbrol cockpit green for reasons that will become obvious later. Inlet side of the turbo installation is next.



  10. Brianl added a post in a topic EUROPA CLUB RACER   

    Hi David
    I'm think of just using the wing off the Indy cay car. Is not so big so it wont dominate the bodies lines. Went to the Time Attack day in Sydney last month & saw some very cool ideas for mounting wings etc so I'll have a go at them. Just about to give the cockpit a final coat so I'll post some more pics soon.

  11. Brianl added a post in a topic 49 ford   

    My type of build - love the styling and the attitude. Ya gotta finish it!
    Agree with Andy above - Mid engine with maybe a BIG turbo & dump pipe etc
    This thing is a lot of fun mate
  12. Brianl added a post in a topic EUROPA CLUB RACER   

    Tony I agree!!
    Ari Vatanen (my all time hero driver) was asked if he would like 1000hp in a rally car. BMW had 1100hp out of their 1500cc F1 engines at the time. The Escort BDA's he was running at the time topped the scale at around 270/280.
    His reply was "1000 was maybe too much.. 6 - 700hp would be nice though!!
    And this was before Group B
    Thanks for the thoughts
  13. Brianl added a topic in On The Workbench   

    They do some pretty wild looking race cars at Club level. I can remember seeing something like this in Car & Car Conversions magazine many years ago although I don't think it ran a turbo V8 Indy motor!.
    Body & chassis is Tamiya Europa while wheels, rear end & engine are Mongram March Indy car
    Rear guard extensions are Evergreen sheet which is great to work with on this type of thing. Front guards came off the interior tub of an old diecast of all things. I needed something like that to handle the inner roll over as the tyres are taller than the guards. Still have the inlet side of the motor to do & I'm working on the interior at the moment. The screen is so big & so laid back that you will be able to see a fair bit of detail which makes its a bit more interesting.
    Comments & ideas welcome!

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  14. Brianl added a post in a topic '29 Pickup   

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen
    Tom, nice try on the track nose. I think the only thing is the straight top line on the opening. They usually had a more oval shape. I love the tracknose look, I've done a few now.
    Revell did a superb pair of Kurtis Midget Racers a little while back, one with an Offy & one with a flat head V8. The only difference in the kits other than the engines were the nose cones, the V8 had a bigger nose & radiator. In their infinite wisdom Revell had both noses & grills in each kit & after some heavy hints from my modelling mates I now have a small stock of the left overs for future projects. It is surprising how close these fit onto a T or A bonnet!
    The Pickup has the V8 nose & the rod below has the Offy nose. Its been faired it into the body work but I'm sure you get the idea. 
    Bullet lights came from our local Parts Box (they are on the net). I just filed them down to sit close into the inner fender. I needed lights that blended in with the nose & I'm happy with these

  15. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '29 Pickup
    Raked the body & tray, shortened the tray, widened the rear guards & added the timber bed & track nose. I have no idea what the dash came out of though. Wheels are from the MPC Double Flip Ford Pickup.
    I was chasing that '60's custom look that so many of us grew up with in Hot Rod Magazine & others.





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