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  1. Sweet build mate. Wheels and stance are perfect as is the detail work. Brian
  2. A 1;1 would be fun given the power to weight ratio. I actually had a similar car many years ago. The Australian built Nota Fang had a Cooper S motor in the back. Handling was interesting!! Only tech problem with a Subaru motor in the back would be the gearbox but with the number of people around doing billet casings it would only be down to money... Lots of it! Thanks for looking Brian
  3. Started with some leftovers from a Tamiya kit I never finished. Bit of fun with the WRX EJ20 in the back (it didn't fit in the front!). Paint is Tamiya Metallic Silver TS83. Highly recommend it for a tuff ally finish. Thanks for looking Brian
  4. Just finished the superb Tamiya Super 7. Beautiful kit. I had an original issue that I never completed so decided to finish it as a companion to the new one but as an update. So it started with a wedged body and a quad cam v8 but that didn't fit so I hauled out an already completed Subaru WRX STi EJ20 and stuck it in the back (because it was too wide to fit in the front). While it's looking OK it still can't match the classic styling balance of the original. The Lambo wheels work. Definitely a fun build but I can't see any Super 7 devotees sending me Christmas cards this year!! Thanks for looking Brian
  5. Very nice finish on a very crude kit. Well done. D Types do look so good. Brian
  6. Yep the windshield started life as the front cover of the 2014 financial report for the local council!! I used the XKSS screen as a template and cut it down from there. Thanks for the interest Brian
  7. Thanks for the generous comments on my build. Much appreciated. A D Type kit is long overdue. There are a few cars that I just can't work out why they have not been modelled. Obviously the D Type, how about a Cobra Daytona, one of the most iconic sports cars to ever come out of the States. The current Indy cars would look awesome on the shelf as would the current Funny cars. Personally I would love a Stratos Zero although I'm not talking about personal preferences but kits I think are commercially marketable. Just look at the response to Mark ! Escorts and Current Mustang releases got. I have a Cheater body in resin but again it deserves a decent kit too. When you look at some of the weird stuff that Fujimi etc put out for their domestic market you have to think these cars might not be so hard to sell?? Enough complaining... Have a good one Brian
  8. Always wanted a D Type. Closest I could get was the Revell XKSS which is an very cool kit itself but I really wanted that D Type so I added the fin and changed the screen to sort of copy the Ecure Ecossie Number 4 car. It was a long nose but I'm happy with something close. Still have the tail lights and mirror to sort. Brian
  9. Great build mate! Mad decal work. Your eyeballs must have been hanging out by the time you finished but it was well and truly worth it. Brian
  10. Hi Kyle Re the Green Machine it was based on the old Ford flip front rod with Chev fenders. Built it back in 2016. If your interested the WIP is around page 29/30 and called "F100 Custom Stake bed". Thanks for the interest it was a fun build Brian
  11. Thanks for the kind comments gents. We have moved on to Under Glass section now that its all together Hope you enjoy the finished product Brian
  12. This started as a gift from the Silver Foxx and has more than a number of his donations in it including the engine which is out of a BMW. The Bimmer's chassis was cut down and an Indy car type front end grafted on. To get the proportions right I shortened the body 250mm scale and the roof 100mm. You can see the cuts in the WIP post. Rest of the car is from the parts box. Paint is Tamiya Mica Red over gloss Black with a couple of coats of clear to keep it shinny. Thanks for looking Brian
  13. Paint is finished Tamiya Mica Red over gloss black. This combination highlights the bodyline nicely. Long way from the first photo! Final assembly next Brian
  14. Okay Bodywork pretty much finished. Just a few holes for door handles etc. Radiator scoop and outlet done. Decided to go for an wild exhaust treatment to match the inlet trumpets. Brian
  15. Okay Bimmer 6 is in and looking good!. Now that everything is in its place I'll start on cleaning up the body work... filling... sanding... filling... sanding... Brian
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