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  1. Brianl added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Lincoln LSC Pro Street
    Stock out of the Revell box... for a change. Built it for the motor. That twin blower setup is way cool !!

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  2. Brianl added a post in a topic 40 Ford Coupe.   

    Sweet build Mate!!
    Your colour & wheel combinations work again!!
  3. Brianl added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    F100 Custom - The Green Machine
    Finished!! Inspired by old photos of the Oakland Roadster Show.
    Started with the MPC Double Flip Ford Pickup kit which seemed a sad bit of gear, but supplied a lot of good bits for other models. Cab has been cut every which way including increasing the tumblehome on the roof. I was too enthusiastic with the sectioning & couldn't get the wheels under the standard guards so I grafted in a pair of early Chev fenders. The rear bed & fenders also came from the Chev although they have been widened a little!
    Wheels are from a $10 toy from the local supermarket. Nose was the suggestion of Gatorincebu thanks. Using this forum is well & truly worth it.

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  4. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    I picked up the rims from a $10 toy at Woolworths! Car was junk but the wheels were good. I often check out the supermarket toy section, mainly for wheels & have found some really good stuff. Recently got a diecast Lambo for $10 with some very accurate wheels, seats & instrument panel.
    Thanks for the encouraging comments all.
  5. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Update time!
    Body & paint are just about done. I have worked out a template for the screen that will cover the A pillars. There are timber planks to go on the bed & something chrome to stick out of the hood

  6. Brianl added a post in a topic Corvette Starfighter   

    Thanks for the encouragement gents
    Hey Nitro, I had to smile at your comment on replacing the A pillar. I have a thread going in the pickup work bench where I had a couple of recommendations to ditch the A pillar on the F100 I'm building at the moment!. I did try the A pillar but that is where the exhaust stacks will exit & because the roof is lower, smaller & further back it looked a little cluttered. If I do anything it might be to close in all the window openings l!. It will make for a very pure shape.
    Still thinking about the final outcome.
    Thanks for the feedback mate.
  7. Brianl added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Corvette Starfighter
    Been playing with this for a while & still can't come up with a better paint scheme so I'll park it & wait for a revelation (maybe). Based on the Revell Mongoose rail with a donated Corvette shell that was damaged. A few things need finishing up but I'll wait for the "revelation" to turn up. Thought it might generate some ideas if I posted it. Body is narrowed & the roof is chopped, narrowed & moved back. It was a fun build.

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  8. Brianl added a post in a topic Liberty Walk - Nissan GTR   

    Top marks mate. Wheels & guards are spot on & I'm glad to see you weren't tempted to put 20 degrees of negative camber on them. I love this type of thing. I just got back from the World Time Attack Day in Sydney. They had a stack of Rocket Bunny type stuff at the Show & Shine including a GTR with wheels deep enough to take a bath in. Awesome stuff if you ever get the chance to get there it'll blow you away.
    Again, great job, any more?
  9. Brianl added a post in a topic Auburn Speedster (lindberg, Pyro)   

    Just scored one of these myself but it is missing the wheels & tyres.. so now I know thankyou
    Paint really suits the style of the car. Nicely done & well worth having on the shelf
  10. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Billy Joe & Jim - I had a similar idea early on but the screen scared me, guess I'll have to give it a go now.
    Steve, I like my dremel & saw, they sit under my right hand at all times, although I think my clubmates reckon I should wear a butcher's apron
    Bought a can of candy lime green & will add some white pin striping (for now)
    Thanks for the feedback, the suggestions have been winners
  11. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Started on the backend!
    Fenders came off the same Chev kit as the front ones, I think (thanks to the Silverfoxx again). Crazy thing was how the whole rear floor of a sedan made an easy tray for a pickup.
    That back panel has already come off as its too bland & I want to try to roll a timber floor over a the back some how.
     Thanks for the suggestions on the paint. Green & pearl are the favourites so far but I wont know or sure till I get it finished it in primer

  12. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Most of the body work is done, just the A pillars to go. Colour is going to be something from the sixties, probably start with a pearl white plus some flames or panels... still thinking. Any suggestions anyone? (please keep it simple, I am not much of a painter)

  13. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Looks like it might work!
    Had to narrow it a bit to get it looking right. A little bit of filling & filing to do. I'll cut down the chrome bar grill that came with it & use it & I'll put the headlights behind the grill. The photos make the nose look bigger than it is by the way. I was going to do either a gloss black or metallic green. But Gator's reference to the 50's 60's rods is getting me thinking about candy reds & pearls... still thinking!

  14. Brianl added a post in a topic F100 Custom Stakebed   

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen
    Justin, I'm looking at a fairly small square timber flat bed with some timber rails on the side only. I'm trying to get a styling counterpoint to the smooth clean body.
    Trying to nail down the front end at the moment. I have spent the last coupe of hours going through my stash trying all sorts of fronts but nothing worked. Started writing this reply & reread Gator's suggestion about the '58" Chev nose & I remembered I had one so I dug up the box, found the bit & .... mate you are right. It looks like working very well !!! Thanks. Photos to follow when I mock it up
    Have a good one
  15. Brianl added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    F100 Custom Stakebed
    This started from the MPC Double Flip Pickup which was pretty ugly but had some good bits that were used in other builds, so I had the body left over!
    Cabin is sectioned & the roof chopped & narrowed to give more tumblehome. Because I was over enthusiastic with the cutting, the front wheels didn't fit under the guards anymore so I grafted some 40's fenders on & with a bit more filling & filing it should look OK. Wheels are from  $10 toy from the supermarket. I'll do a stake bed on the back with a big keg! Looking at black or metallic green at the moment.

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