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  1. 55 Chev Bel Air .

    This a truly superb model - it looks real in the photos which is the true test. The unique colours are special but its the chrome detail that makes it. Great stuff Bruce
  2. Hudson Hornet Salt Racer.

    Sweet! Awesome paint & the concept really catches the era. Would make a great subject for a poster! Good one Bruce
  3. Model T Reverse Engineered

    Thanks for the kind comments gentlemen. Much appreciated. I like the idea of it being dignified Chris. As I researched it, it became a much more important part of my collection than I first thought. The impact this little car had on society back then must be almost as significant as the internet is today when you think about it. Cheers Brian
  4. Model T Reverse Engineered

    I have a fair collection of hot rods of all types & I thought it would be cool to have an original stock car to show where they all came from. I started with the AMT Fruit Wagon of all things but wanted a typical touring body that made up the majority of T's sold here in Australia. I could not find an early bodied kit anywhere so I cut & spliced a pair of two door bodies together. The job is not perfect but it gives you the idea of what they were like. I kept it black because everyone paints their T's various colours to be different. Final shots are grandpa with some of the kids!! The joke in my club is that I cut up a hot rod to make a stocker rather than the other way around which is my norm. Have a good one Brian
  5. 32 Ford's

    One more for the bucket. I didn't need much of the original kit! Brian
  6. Zent Cerumo ( Lexus ) .

    This thing is all attitude. Would be awesome to see on the track. Beautiful finish & detail again mate Well done Brian
  7. GT40/GT3

    That's the car!!! Awesome isn't it. Didn't want to copy the colour scheme exactly, its more of a tribute thing. I used an old block & added some cam covers, some wiring, a set of down-draft webbers & the home made air cleaners. I originally wanted to put in the trumpets on the webbers but couldn't get the right ones. Thanks for the comments Brian
  8. GT40/GT3

    This is the old Fujimi kit. I have added a set of GT3 wheels & detailed a top of the motor to make it a bit more interesting. Colour is based on the Bib Stillwell GT40. Bib was a prominent racer down here who had a very desirable stable of race cars. Brian
  9. Dodge Viper.

    Well posted my friend. Superb model with those little touches like the stripes under the doors that set it apart. Brian
  10. Rehab Bandit

    Thanks for the comments gentlemen. David, it was the old Ed Roth Beatnik Bandit but I lost the canopy assembly. He did some very cool things back in the early days of fibre glass. Brian
  11. Rehab Bandit

    This was one of the first kits I started when I got back into modelling & I stuffed it up. Came across what was left of it a while back & decided it deserved a better fate. Some mild custom work (on a wild custom). Big wheels worked well I thought. Good Christmas to all. Brian
  12. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    Michael Yep, the chassis & some other bits come from that parts pack. The pain with that chassis is the tubular beam front axle so I replaced it with something more appropriate The body is part Model T & part sprint car tank & the rest scratch. Congrats on the Street Fighter paint job. Its a model that needs it to make it. Brian
  13. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    For what they are worth.... I can't seem to leave a kit standard. As someone very wise said on this site "Instructions are only someone else's opinion" Brian
  14. Post pics of your 68-70 dodge chargers

    Old build but one of my favourites.
  15. Stock out of the Revell box... for a change. Built it for the motor. That twin blower setup is way cool !! Brian