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  1. Awesome livery and perfect stance. Looks real. Well done Brian
  2. I have seen these builds on the table and the detail is so clean you would think they were 1:12. The 908 is my favorite, the original blunt instrument!! Beautiful work Bruce despite the eyes and fingers hah. Brian
  3. Hi Tom Nothing much I'm sorry. I didn't even take a photo of it. Used a modified ford chassis as I didn't get one with the Chev. It's zedded big time behind the cab with axles from my parts bin. Front is a beam axle with a big drop. The build was really a styling exercise and that took more than enough time!! Some times I focus on the custom side, others I get technical with the chassis, suspension or drivetrain. Whatever the picture in my head takes me... Thanks for the interest Brian
  4. Nothing much I'm sorry. Used a modified ford chassis as I didn't get one with the Chev. It's zedded with axles from my parts bin. The build was really a styling exercise and that took more than enough time!! Brian
  5. Thanks for all the positive comments on both the design and execution. I was really happy with how the T'Bird tail worked. It was something different but the fins still suggested the standard style bed. I made sure I kept the hood and roof profile but the signature of this body was the shape of the side windows. Thanks for the Foose comment. It's the second time that's been suggested for one of my builds. While I admire Chip's design enormously I am a bit of a Kindig fan. Anyway why stop at Sema. With a million bucks or so we could aim for the Riddler... Hah! Hope you enjoy it and I hope it inspires people to try wilder customs. Brian
  6. Some awesome builds here. Just shows how important the '32 was to the hot rod world. Had some reprints of old hot rod mags and everything on this build was advertised in them. Fun build Brian
  7. Started as a basic tow car build from a donated body and sort of grew from there..... Rear fenders are '40 Ford and widened 4mm. Rear bodywork is 59 T'Bird with timber deck to try something different. Body is 41 Chev with 4mm cut from under belt line and 4mm from roof. The roof cut left it short and that took a lot of fiddling to lengthen smoothly. You can see what I had to do in the WIP post. Power is Corvette. I wanted to use the original straight six but it turned out too tall to fit under the cut body. Paint is Tamiya black with gunmetal trim. I tried chrome trim but it was too bright. The gunmetal fits with the art deco style timberwork patterns. Interior is Tamiya Wooden Deck Tan, would you believe. Works well actually. Wheels are Aoshima I think. Had them for ages! Hope you enjoy it. Brian
  8. Finished! Off to the glassed area now. Thanks for following this build and for all the positive comments. Much appreciated thanks. Brian
  9. The bed top just sort of developed to fill the big flat area. There is an art deco influence. It's a favorite style of mine. Door trims follow the fender lines. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Hope to have it finished by this weekend. Brian
  10. Woodwork is finished! Just final assembly, a polish and the details to go... finally Brian
  11. Yep Garry I posted the finished article in the Under Glass section. Pretty happy with how it turned out. Brian
  12. Thanks for the 'cohesive' comment. Something I try for with every custom and rod. Not sure about the Morris Minor comparison though.... Once I committed to black it meant a lot more sanding, filling and getting frustrated seeing new flaws every time I laid down what I hoped was a final coat. Anyhow it's close enough now. Hard to photograph though. Timberwork next! Brian
  13. Thanks for the comments gentlemen Front end is pretty well done now. Just some cleanup work to be done. Was going to keep the Chev 6 but after cutting out so much body height it wouldn't fit under the bonnet so back to a Corvette unit. Moving to paint soon I hope. Brian
  14. Heaps of cutting, filling and sanding. Bodywork is largely finished just working on the new nose and a general clean up. I'm thinking I'll glue the hood to the nose to get the right profile then cut it off again. We'll see. Brian
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