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  1. Tall "T"

    Mark, they are pods that would hold the instruments. With the cowl so low the dash would be around your ankles so I figured roof mounting was the way to go. David, one thing a 1:1 would be is LOUD! Thanks for the interest gentlemen Brian
  2. Tall "T"

    Bit of fun. Body is sectioned (at the bottom) and the longer ducktail from the bucket swapped. Engine is a supercharged rotary!! Brian
  3. ASA T Bird .

    Sweet build mate. Stance & detail really make it look real ..... but its not a Porsche? Brian
  4. Porsche 356 race car .

    Totally awesome mate. This the only build of this kit that I have seen that looks real. Once again its colour & stance. Love the guards & wheel combo. I knew you had it in you. Keep up the good work (or bashing). The "How To" on the spoon guards is a good idea. Brian
  5. Auburn Speedster Monoposto

    Hay Joel Didn't think it was criticism at all. Good open comments make me look harder what I have done. I was just trying to explain how my weird mind works with these things!! Catch you next time Brian
  6. Porsche 935 .

    I missed this one. Unique build mate. Once again it's stance & colour that makes your builds look so real. Imagine it at Bathurst!, coming into the Chase! Brian
  7. Auburn Speedster Monoposto

    Thanks for the kind comments gentlemen. I don't think Chip has to much to worry about. I really appreciate the comments on balance though, it's so important for a custom or hot rod design. Interesting feedback on the wheels. I don't start a custom till I have the wheels sorted, they are what the whole thing is built around. I guess I look at it as a modern interpretation of some classic styling and not an Auburn. I honestly don't know what other wheels (that I have) would work for this one. Thanks again Brian
  8. Auburn Speedster Monoposto

    Ebay buy that turned up with no wheels & tyres so it was ripe for a resto rod treatment. Raised the guards in the body, dropped the running boards & made it a single seater. Moved the front guards out & widened the rears. There is a few faults in the body but I'm happy with the concept. My son said it would pop monocles at Pebble Beach! Hope you like it Brian
  9. Lamborghini Countach biturbo

    Sydney Time Attack - Very nasty Lambo with two big ones Great model - I like turbocharged motors in a model. Something different Brian
  10. Alpine plus

    Thanks for the encouraging remarks. I really enjoy these types of builds. They make you think as they have to look integrated & possible, if not plausible.... huh! Have a good one Brian
  11. Alpine plus

    This was inspired by some artwork I came across on the net but if you think about it, it is pretty much in line with the early hot rods. If you take a '32 Ford Coupe, make it more aerodynamic by chopping the roof & dropping the guards, add a big racing motor in the back and you get something not to dissimilar to this... I think. Anyway it was a fun build. Brian
  12. Mercedes AMG GT3

    Good one mate. Colour & attitude work but its the little details that are really cool like the coloured lenses & the tyre decals. Brian
  13. 55 Chev Bel Air .

    This a truly superb model - it looks real in the photos which is the true test. The unique colours are special but its the chrome detail that makes it. Great stuff Bruce
  14. Hudson Hornet Salt Racer.

    Sweet! Awesome paint & the concept really catches the era. Would make a great subject for a poster! Good one Bruce
  15. Model T Reverse Engineered

    Thanks for the kind comments gentlemen. Much appreciated. I like the idea of it being dignified Chris. As I researched it, it became a much more important part of my collection than I first thought. The impact this little car had on society back then must be almost as significant as the internet is today when you think about it. Cheers Brian