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  1. blkdc2 added a post in a topic Anyone customized seats to fold forward?   

    Thanks for the replies. I might try the two pins to bottom seat technique but curve the pins like a "J" so the seat back can rotate forward.
  2. blkdc2 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Anyone customized seats to fold forward?
    Was thinking of making seats fold forward like the Franklin Mint 1/24 scale replica cars. Anyone tried this before? Any good tips? not much space to work with in making a hinge.
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  3. blkdc2 added a post in a topic Need some help on acura integra type r   

    I'm also working on same integra kit but 1st timer on customizing. Still working on body with a lot of customizing. I used Tamiya white putty for filling in joined parts - will this shrink after I primer and paint as you stated? Thanks in advance. New member, just picked up modeling again from a very long break. Will try to post pics of current build.