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  1. Kevin let us know when to get on the list for this one. I want one.
  2. I say give him time I wish he would sell his 2nd gen convertible conversion stuff separately.
  3. I bought his engine bay filler pieces for the camaro and firebird. Great stuff. I just ordered more of his camaro pieces for the second gen non z/28 camaros. Cant wait.
  4. The wife has always been into classics and muscle cars. Her last was a 05 mustang convertible. She wore that out and since she needed a new car. We decided that since she needed a new car I got her a new camaro convertible. Luckily she likes bumblebees
  5. I learned something about wheels today. Thank you dave.
  6. I would definitely buy a few of these when they come out. The 500 is one of my favorite chargers.
  7. Vrm when will the 72 conversion be available.
  8. Here is a picture of the parts I recieved. The tail panel is usable. The grill is good. The front valance is thick and will need thinning. All in all a usable conversion kit. After all I only paid 14.00 sorry for the quality I only had my cell phone at work.
  9. There is a conversion kit now. I ordered one off ebay. It comes with front and rear panels and grills. Taillights. Ill know more when I get it in the mail.
  10. I used these tire decals from fireball modelworks. Nice and easy to use
  11. Chief joseph is fireball modelworks here on forum you might try contacting him here. Hes a nice guy his sight just might be down.
  12. Ill get the files and sandpaper out. Thanks revell for the Torino. Now I can quit bidding on those overpriced johan kits on eBay.
  13. I buy new kits and some old kits off ebay but I get more satisfaction from rebuilding old glue bombs. I like to make the most of junk kits and parts . This is a picture of a firebird I restored from a junk kit.
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