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  1. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    All B-N-L RESINS fans....visit b-n-lresins.com
    from Jan. 23--Feb. 8 to get 15% off your entire order. Enter coupon code 2222 in your cart. Easy as that!! If you haven't tried us yet, here is the perfect opportunity. Happy New Year
  2. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

  3. bnl added a post in a topic power stroke   

    Have the resin power stroke engine on my website bnl resins

  4. bnl added a post in a topic power stroke   

    Resin powerstroke engine on bnl resins

  5. bnl added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    power stroke
    Hey guys,
    working on a resin power stroke
    check out pics on my forum
    should have it listed on my website by the end of the week
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  6. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    Looks good have you had alot of sucess with selling them?
    hopefully when i get my 3D printer up and running i will be able to get accurate parts for a power stroke and possibly a Duramax
  7. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    I am probably going to start with a ford power stroke then go from there hopefully by this summer will have one
  8. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    more tires like the toyo m/t and the nitto grapplers along with other parts will hopefully be made as soon as i get my 3D printer
    also in the near future we will have a few diesel engines
  9. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    Thank you all for the compliments and I'm glad you are happy with your orders. I won't send a part that I wouldn't use myself. I've just launched my new web site, B-N-LRESINS.COM. Much easier to navigate, search feature for those who know what they are looking for, list or grid view for those that don't...haha.
    For those that don't know, I do this part time and work full time. I'm hoping in the near future to do this full time which will bring shorter shipping times and more products and I may be branching out a little bit. Stay tuned.......

    Thanks again.
  10. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    When I bought them from you, a long time ago (I don't believe it was 4 months ago, maybe Oct 2012), is when I first started doing this. I didn't think that it was wrong because I wasn't using the entire replica of your piece. I used the top. I've since learned the business and had honestly forgot they were on the web site-- because they don't sell. I do apologize for it and I do know better at this point in my career. I will make a scan of my 450 items on my site. Also, as a business man I try to keep my business honest and don't step on toes on purpose. Just like this business or any other business you live and learn. No need to bash someone on forums.
  11. bnl added a post in a topic Turbo-Hydramatic 400 (whose is best ?)   

  12. bnl added a post in a topic Does anybody know where to get this from   

    bnl resins has them also
  13. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    What I am finding in this business is that a lot of people do not do the research or they make posts without accurate information. And for the guy they are slamming or talking about has not done anything wrong. Blue Oval reported I copied his visor, I proved to him I DID NOT and he removed the post. Dimaxon accused me of making shabby items and he thought I was someone else and apologized after I said I don't make the parts he's referring too. So please before you make comments, get it right because all your doing is making it harder for the good guys to make quality products and stay in business. A lot of sales are by word of mouth and blowing off steam on these forums when you don't have your facts right just hurts the little guy.

  14. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    the 390 engine came out of the mercury comet
  15. bnl added a post in a topic B-N-L Resin   

    ok blue oval for starters I DO NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLES STUFF!!!! I took the visor out of a kit that i have siting on my shelf i can take a pic of the plastic visor if you like.
    bnl resins