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  1. s29 sprintcar fan added a post in a topic some help please   

    thanks for the prompt response guys, i have allready done what you have described but it is saying i have no messages, there is a post on my introduction post from a moderator saying he has sent me a PM but when i do what you describe it says i have no messages, it has me confused
  2. s29 sprintcar fan added a topic in General   

    some help please
    can someone tell me how to open my PM page, i have a PM from a moderator and am at a loss to open it
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  3. s29 sprintcar fan added a post in a topic Big Red Deuce   

    mate this is gorgeous i love it,I just picked up one of these kits from ebay
  4. s29 sprintcar fan added a topic in On The Workbench   

    some sprintcars on my bench

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  5. s29 sprintcar fan added a topic in General   

    new member saying g'day from australia
    High all would just like to introduce myself here, my name is Gordon my tag is s29 sprintcar fan,as the post title says i am from Australia, i build mainly race cars and bikes in a variety of scales, i would describe myself as a looker more than a do'er, at present i have more WIP's on the bench than finished in the display cabinet, i love to look at what others are building for ideas and inspiration, at present my passion is for sprintcar racing (hence my title name) with 4 long term projects on the go i never seem to get anything finished, finding and trying new things and discovering a variety of new aftermarket parts along my travels, i seem to make two steps forward and one step back chopping and changing all the time, love learning new skills and look forward to joining in on the forum regards s29
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