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  1. I would recharge the AC in my Toyota pickup, but the tree huggers have outlawed the refrigerant I need in order to do it. Guess I'll just deal with it again this summer because I don't want to pay for the conversion kit that doesn't even work very well.
  2. There are some serious sickos in this world. The scary thing is it seems like we are hearing about these things almost once a month, and they are becoming WAY too common. It seems like the more it happens, the more other wackos decide they want to "go out with a bang". Disgusting.
  3. Wow, you did a heck of a job on that! I stick to the dirt but that thing looks like a blast to ride, congats!
  4. I don't even know what to say, unbelievable. . .
  5. Tried to upload a gopro video from riding yesterday onto youtube, and got the "error 500" message. I waited it out and then uploaded my video, only to find that it uploaded in 360p! I took it down and I guess I will try again tomorrow.
  6. Wait, we went from bad drivers to tacos? On a food related rant, a few weeks ago I raced a hare scramble at my favorite riding spot. I know the place like the back of my hand, so I did pretty well. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of eating Subway before the race, and got to spend the rest of the day looking into the toilet bowl after I finished. Nothing like the satisfaction of finishing an hour and thirty minute race, only to be hacking up your lunch an hour later. Eat fresh my a--.
  7. Because there are a million laws and regulations to save us from ourselves. If we could get rid of all the warning labels and safety signs that clutter everything and are practically stuck to your forehead, then the problem would likely sort itself out.
  8. Me and pretty much all of my friends have 5 speeds, just the way we all felt a car/truck should really be I guess. I honestly get borred out of my mind driving an automatic, and I think I probably fall victim to distracted driving much more whenever I am forced to drive one. With the stick, I'm much more in tune with my truck and it keeps me focused, not to mention you have a lot more control over the throttle. I think they should make everyone do their drivers test in a stick, that way we could weed out a large majority of the people who lack the corrdination to properly handle a vehicle. It won't ever happen, but I think it could solve a lot of problems.
  9. I'll be happy to field test that for them.
  10. Awesome job, you really hit the look dead on. I love the pro touring style builds, nothing like an old school car that can take it to any of the modern cars out there!
  11. This is all I have to say about that:
  12. I would guess some fans thought it would be funny to see Richard lose his mind when he saw what his 20,000 dollar mustang was going for. Hopefully there will be some reprocussions for fraudulent bidding like that, why someone would do that is beyond me.
  13. No typo Harry, this morning when I made the post the car was up at over 200,000 dollars. The bid history must have been deleted with the fraudulent bids.
  14. Still, 51k is still way to high for that car! I honestly like the show a lot, and I think the cars they really dive deep into turn out well. It's the ones like this mustang that they start up a few times, throw some paint on, and then sell that I would stay away from. Richard isn't stupid, he knows that those cars are what will make him the quick money and that people will keep buying them. There's a reason he has been so successful, he knows what will sell and builds his cars accordingly. Aron's race car seemed like it was pretty cool, as was the bandit Trans Am, I wouldn't mind owning either of those! Haha
  15. That people will pay that much for this car. Don't get me wrong, it looks nice and I love the show, but some people are beyond clueless. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291109842425
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