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  1. Hey Guys - I have a old Otaki Mustang Mach 1 model that my father built for me when I was a kid, I want to strip it down and rebuild it to today's standards - But I'm having issues finding aftermarket parts to detail it! The detail in the engine area is Not very good - I think I researched once that its because this model was a electric car once over in Japan - Any help? Suggestions? Thanks-
  2. Hi Guys (and lady's) - I'm looking to build a replica of my buddy's 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - I have the Revell 'Smokey and the Bandit' edition Looking to see if anyone knows of a aftermarket company that makes a '76 nose for it? I think Reliable Resin did a conversion kit years ago but I can't find that one anywhere online! Help? Thank you - Tim
  3. Looking forward to following this build! I like the rim/tire set-up on the left hand side. Keep up the good work!
  4. Love those 2nd generation Camaros... Cool build!
  5. That is one sweet Nomad! The paint job is fantastic! The color looks so deep. Awesome clean build... Tweak around on that motor and she'd be perfect...
  6. Wow very nice build! I agree, how about a few more pictures for us to enjoy? Look forward to seeing more builds from you!
  7. X3 on the wheel and tire combo. Looks like those Pegasus brand that I'm no fan of. Other than that, excellent build! Keep up the great work and hopefully your next mopar will be riding on some magnum's ...
  8. I bought the resin Stinger '70 Nova off of a guy who just recently closed up his online site. He's probably still poking his head around here if you can find him. His name was Molar Mike. You can Google him and find his website, he still has stuff for sale till he gets rid of his stock. Go check him out. He's a great guy, he'll take care of you if he can I'm sure...
  9. What ever happened to the project build? Was looking forward to seeing the '69 Nova in particular. I'm currently starting to gather research on a '70 Baldwin Motion Nova.
  10. Superb build Buddy! Leave the hood on? Are you hitting that crack pipe again? LoL One could only dream of their own builds looking the way yours do! Keep up the great works...
  11. Very exceptional build! I never would have noticed the Bow-tie on the dog dish wheel covers unless someone else hadn't pointed them out...LoL The motor work is Phenomenal! The machined valve covers I like especially, they look just like the 1:1 ones. Keep up the great work, I look forward to seeing your other builds...
  12. Eh what happened to this build? Would have liked to have seen how it turned out!?
  13. Very nice looking! Love the paint job. I'm having the same mentality, I keep starting builds but something goes wrong and I box it back up and start working on another project... I'm almost complete with my first model in years and yes it does build your confidence back up!
  14. How about some pictures of what I assume is an incredible engine under that hood as I have seen some of your other builds and marvled at your work...Inspires me to do better!
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