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  1. CWD added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Worked with Austin T. on a great trade, really looking forward to trading some more in the future!
  2. CWD added a post in a topic VW Type 1 Motors   

    In some ways, I wish I could cast my own parts. Seems like there's a serious need here, and I can't say I want to attempt to fill the gap!
  3. CWD added a post in a topic 1951 Chevy Wanderer - Minor Progress - 8/3/2013   

    Yes!!! This would be epic! Love the idea... give 'er some throttle
  4. CWD added a post in a topic Resin or other Off road wheels and tires - Baja   

    Lots of great ideas! Off to the store to see what I can find. I do have some older wheels and tires, which could be narrowed, it not sure how it would look.
    The 6 wheeled military vehicle actually sound pretty feasible, too.
    That's why this board is the coolest...
  5. CWD added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Resin or other Off road wheels and tires - Baja
    Looking to see if anyone knows where I can get some front/rear wheels and tires for a VW Baja project... the 4x4 stuff doesn't really work, especially with the narrower wheels and tires for a true baja. Any kits these may come out of?


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  6. CWD added a post in a topic Toyota Century: Shakotan Limo   

    Paint looks good! I forget how spoiled we are in SoCal... lots of sunny days.

    Besides that, great idea for a limo. Not my thing either, but its plastic; we get to do what we want with it and not drive it to work. I built an S10 pickup with a Ferrari engine in the bed. I never considered the difficulty of changing the spark plugs when I built that...
  7. CWD added a post in a topic Mid 80's Chevrolet Long-Box   

    Looks great, good job sticking with it!

    Nothing more maddening than having two different paint jobs not getting along, especially at the tail end of the process. I've had it happen to me while painting a $200 goalie-style catcher's mask... at the clear coat stage... after a day of detailed airbrush work.

    kc7wzl speaks wisdom, test 1st!
  8. CWD added a post in a topic Jimmy Flintstone SD Vette   

    Looks nice, great start!
    What about maybe some projection beam, HID-style with a clear lens?
  9. CWD added a post in a topic Hot Rod Radical Pontiac J2000   

    I did the Corvette as a kid also, same chassis, engine, etc. Being as narrow as it is, the selection seems limited.

    The aged pro street garage find survivor and the salt flat car ideas are both smoldering. Both will still yield some parts that aren't going to be used, like the tires, and most of the engine. Of course, that just means it'll end up in other projects.
  10. CWD added a post in a topic Hot Rod Radical Pontiac J2000   

    Now that's a great idea right there!
  11. CWD added a post in a topic Hot Rod Radical Pontiac J2000   

    I'm feelin' the build comin' on...
    One thing I never did like was the body. I get it, going for something different at the time. Now it needs something else different.

    Thanks for all the feedback!
  12. CWD added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Hot Rod Radical Pontiac J2000
    Just picked up this model from fee-bay, relatively cheap, with all plans to build. Then, I looked at it, and I'm not sure I want to build it; all the parts are there, including decals, and the bags are still sealed. I built it as a kid when it came out, still have the built kit. Now, I'm wondering if I want to do something else with it.

    Should I trade it away? Build it? Box-stock or mod? Dare I say, kit-bash it? Strip it and use it for parts?

    Inquiring minds want to know... looking for input...
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  13. CWD added a post in a topic 1/24th scale helicopter   

    I built that kit as a little kid... and by 'built' I mean eff'd up with a bunch of glue and bad decal work.

    It would be col to see something in resin, a different build for sure.
  14. CWD added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Polar Lights Mystery Machine
    Dug out another partially completed model tonight... the Polar Lights Mystery Machine. I picked it up many moons ago for something my wife could put on her desk.

    I realized in our many moves over the years, I have misplaced the windshield, one tail light, and the shifter. I also realized I missed a ton of flash, and getting into the paint detail for Scoob and Shag.

    Haven't decided if I will take the stickers off and opt for painting them on. Opinions?

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  15. CWD added a post in a topic Catch the Bug!   

    Looks good, great build!