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  1. What's intriguing is that in the original Mooneyes Dragster kit, it calls for the front suspension wishbone from the Model T frame parts tree (see below). Is it too much to hope that, even though only 1 part is required, the entire frame parts tree will included? Considering that the individual Revell Custom Car Parts go for big buck$ on Ebay, this kit could be the bargain of the year! https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/revell-6/revell-sanitary-t-b/file5.html
  2. What imperfections? Great job! How did you do the interior wood graining?
  3. Looks good - nice job!
  4. I really like the subject matter and it looks like it's been in some battles. Good job!
  5. Alan - your answer is better than the one I was going to give - thanks! And thanks to all for the kudos!
  6. I started this AMT Mustang modified over 15 years ago - dug it out and finished it this year. Engine is the AMT 1967 Chevelle, with the fuel injection system from one of the old Monogram sprint cars and modified kit headers. Rear tires are Plastic Performance Products dirt tires, fronts are from the parts box. Rear wheels are from the kit with hubs from a Revell ASA kit. The front right wheel is a Plastic Performance Products Wide 5, front left is an old Fred's Resin Workshop item. Rear nerf is from an MPC pavement modified kit. Paint is Testor's Model Master Chevy Nassau Blue. It's a little too clean for an active race car, but they all start out straight and clean...
  7. Stopped by the Media, PA Ollie's today - for the first time in months they have a new batch of model kits. In addition to some LARGE ships and a submarine, they had a case of the Lindberg 1938 Ford Sedan delivery street rods. Unfortunately, nothing else of interest.
  8. MPC Dodge Daytona done as a mini stock. Please see WIP section for in progress shots. In short - Roll bar from MPC '78 Firebird, seat from Revell '90 Mustang, wheels from MPC Stock Car, paint is Testor's "Go Mango", various parts box decals. I started it several years ago; going through some kits I decided that since it was well on it's way, I'd finish it. A bit rough, but I've never seen a smooth mini stock.
  9. This one is almost done - interior installed and up on all 4 wheels. Just needs the front fascia, decals, and minor touchup - next stop the completed area.
  10. Made some more progress. Seatbelts and seats installed, Model Car Garage gauges for the instrument panel, and a front roll bar hoop constructed from 1/16th inch styrene covered wire. Unfortunately the cage broke apart when I dry assembled it, so I'll re-glue it after the body is attached to the chassis.
  11. Another stalled project brought back to life. Most of the mini stocks I've seen run 4 lugged wheels; I couldn't find any suitable wheels. During the last couple of weeks the least of my worries is having the correct wheels on a model, plus I have found pictures of minis running 5 lug wheels. I was taken with the looks of this mini stock : My version is painted Testor's Go Mango. Wheels are from an MPC stock car, mounted on the kit's tires. The engine was converted to a carb induction and wired. The roll bar is from an MPC Firebird or Camaro, the seat is from the Revell 1990 Mustang dragster. The steering wheel and fire extinguisher are parts box items. Thanks for looking!
  12. I had started this several years ago, but it ended up in the stalled projects pile. Now that I have time on my hands, I've decided to finish it. Originally it was painted Testor's Huggar Orange (which is pretty close to a factory IH color). The tailgate and wheel flairs were removed. I repainted it Tamiya Brilliant Orange, substituted the roll bar from the Revell Baja Bronco, and wired the engine. The next major hurtle is coming up with a 6 point roll bar ( I HATE fabrication work!), other then that I'm on way.
  13. You could always send them to Pennsylvania - they are one of the few birds that eats spotted lanternflys.
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