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  1. Alan, I'm not in the league of Bill Borgen and Gary Nash - but thanks! Besides, if I was Bill Borgen, there would be a lengthy back story "The Schupsky brothers salvage yard was the scene of many an altercation in Cleveland, Ohio....."
  2. The instructions with the rust kit show it being applied with brushes or airbrushes. Neither worked for me, but the make-up sponges worked well. Thanks for the kudos!
  3. The rusty Mack AC is done. Details are in the Diorama / Under Construction section. Briefly, the running gear was what remained of a kit I had sold off, it was too good to toss, so I turned it into a derelict.
  4. I finished the Mack - the remaining pics are in the "Under Glass" section. One final comment is that previously I didn't have much luck with the Vallejo rust kit - things worked out much better when I 1) ignored the instructions and 2) used cheap make up sponges for application. Viva Dollar Store!
  5. I got some more work done on the Mack - rust never sleeps.
  6. This may be in the wrong topic but... Several years ago I purged my model stash. I should have been more careful, as I had the running gear for the 1926 Mack AC, but only a very odd selection of body parts. So I added a gas tank built from Evergreen styrene, a floorboard cut from 1/32" basswood, and a front bumper also made from basswood. All plastic parts were weathered with various shades of rusty brown paint and washes. The wood was stained with an alcohol/brown or black ink mixture. It's kind of boring, so I'll be adding some scratchbuilt or modified kit pieces. The gearbox was made from basswood, lettered with Woodland Scenics dry transfer letters, and stained with alcohol/ink. I'll be adding rusty watch gears and other parts later. The sign was constructed of the same materials as the box. A HO scale Walther's storage tank was modified with an Ozark Miniatures stopcock and aluminum tubing inlet and rusted with paints and washes. A pallet was constructed of basswood and stained. The large gear is an HO scale item, the other gears are watch parts. Finally, an industrial piping fixture was made from an Ozark Miniatures shutoff valve and aluminum tubing, painted with Rustoleum black primer (which yielded a nice gritty surface), and rusted in the same manner as the other pieces. More details will follow.
  7. One of my recent modeling activities has been to actually finish a project (what a unique concept!). About 15 years ago I was on a Monogram 1926 Mack AC kick. My maternal grandfather worked at Mack trucks during the Mack AC era (1912-1938), so I have a special connection to these trucks. I dug this one out and finished it today. This one represents a well used coal truck. The color is Testor's Gull Gray, decanted and shot through an airbrush. The engine has been wired and the vehicle was weathered with black washes and pastel chalk. The load is model railroad coal (which smells like real coal). The period correct license plates were created on the Acme License Plate site. Otherwise, it's pretty much out of the box.
  8. I'm posting this one again - I'm still in need of the decals, and I have plenty of '65 parts to trade.
  9. I only seem to find rusy tools and scratchy Guy Lombardo records at estate sales, but today was the exception. Props to my wife for finding the sale; the entire haul set me back 20 bucks. I think I now have a lifetime supply of flat black paint!
  10. This is great news! I was hoping that it would include the roadster chassis equipment, which is crammed with goodies. Still, it's like being told that you've been given $1000, but it'll consist of ten 100 dollar bills, rather than the hoped for fifty 20 dollar bills.
  11. So.... What's inside the box? Does it include ALL the trees & tires that were in the original Revell Mooneyes/Sanitary T kit, minus the T frame and body? One of the previous links alluded to the addition of the Chrysler engine that was used in the Sanitary T. True or False? I'm looking forward to not having to scrounge parts from the Miss Deal kit or Revell Parts Pack gluebombs in order to built a period correct dragster!
  12. Here's a couple of '61 Mercs: First up, a large 61 with the Kit Kustom parts and 61 (I think) Thunderbird custom wheels. Paint is Tamiya Clear Red, interior is Tamiya Pearl White with Scale Motorsport upholstery decals. Next, is a 61 Comet with assorted period cusom parts. Paint is Tamiya Light Red Metallic.
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