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  1. I'm posting this one again - I'm still in need of the decals, and I have plenty of '65 parts to trade.
  2. I only seem to find rusy tools and scratchy Guy Lombardo records at estate sales, but today was the exception. Props to my wife for finding the sale; the entire haul set me back 20 bucks. I think I now have a lifetime supply of flat black paint!
  3. This is great news! I was hoping that it would include the roadster chassis equipment, which is crammed with goodies. Still, it's like being told that you've been given $1000, but it'll consist of ten 100 dollar bills, rather than the hoped for fifty 20 dollar bills.
  4. So.... What's inside the box? Does it include ALL the trees & tires that were in the original Revell Mooneyes/Sanitary T kit, minus the T frame and body? One of the previous links alluded to the addition of the Chrysler engine that was used in the Sanitary T. True or False? I'm looking forward to not having to scrounge parts from the Miss Deal kit or Revell Parts Pack gluebombs in order to built a period correct dragster!
  5. Here's a couple of '61 Mercs: First up, a large 61 with the Kit Kustom parts and 61 (I think) Thunderbird custom wheels. Paint is Tamiya Clear Red, interior is Tamiya Pearl White with Scale Motorsport upholstery decals. Next, is a 61 Comet with assorted period cusom parts. Paint is Tamiya Light Red Metallic.
  6. I finished my 1965 Lincoln today. Build details and engine compartment pictures can be found here: Orchid Silk - 1965 Lincoln Custom - WIP: Model Cars - Model Cars Magazine Forum No major issues assembling this kit - I did have to slightly enlarge the body opening for the interior so that the interior would fit, and the back of the front grill had to have some material removed from the back so it would sit flush. Otherwise, an enjoyable build.
  7. Applying Bare Metal Foil - I have to remind myself "It's only a hobby, it's only a hobby..."
  8. Andy, You're correct! I think the original designer of the kit manifold took some artistic license with the distributor location. The stock manifold has the distributor in the correct location. The driver's side portion of the custom air cleaner would interfere with distributor. On the kit engine, the expansion tank is located on a spike that projects from the water pump.
  9. I made some headway on the Lincoln. Engine was wired and installed - I still have to add the expansion tank. Interior is done - steering wheel and steering column are from the parts box, chrome courtesy of Molotow, orchid silk and Tamiya pearl white paint.
  10. Thanks to modelers ADHD, my Plymouth Satellite is on hiatus. Several years ago, my wife bought me a can of Testor's Burgundy Purple Metallic. I was mostly using Tamiya sprays at the time, so it just sat on the shelf. With both an increase in price and lack of availability of Tamiya spray paints, I've been returning to Testor's. During the 60's, AMT had a metallic lacquer called "Orchid Silk". I had an unbuilt AMT '65 Lincoln that I wanted to build as a custom, so I thought I'd try to re-create the Orchid Silk color. I decanted the Burgundy Purple into a bottle and added Testor's Metallic
  11. I'm looking for the wood grain decals from the latest issue of the AMT 1965 Lincoln. I just need the ones pictured above. Thanks!
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