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  1. You could always send them to Pennsylvania - they are one of the few birds that eats spotted lanternflys.
  2. For more obscurities, head over to the Drastic Plastic site - anybody remember the "T.H.E. Cat" Corvette or the Porter from "My Mother the Car"? https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/tv--movie/
  3. Details & in progress shots in the On the Workbench: Pickups etc. section. In brief, Revell '50 F1 powered by a Revell Experimental Turbine engine, mounted on a Revell 40 Ford chassis.
  4. In the homestretch (I hope). The front looked naked without a grill, so I used the grill from the '50 F1, and added an alternator and other details , including a Replicas and Miniatures oil cooler mounted behind the grill. When my dad was stationed in the Southwest Pacific during World War II, he took several pictures of plane nose art, including the B-24 "Hangover Haven II". I had planned to build a model of it, but lost interest, so I used the decal (minus the "II") on the truck.
  5. Got mine at the LHS in beautiful downtown Broomall.
  6. I have the interior completed and installed. The steering wheel is a Model Car Garage banjo steering wheel item with an AMT 1936 Ford rim. I didn't like the looks of the dashboard switches; they were replaced with MCG dashboard details. Since there's no transmission, there's no need for a shift lever. The bed contains a fuel cell from a MPC stock car kit, painted Tamiya NATO green. I'll install the filler later. O gauge diamond plate sheet painted Testor's magnesium replaces the original wood grain floor. Various wires, bits, and bobs have been added to the engine. I hope to wrap this up in the next week or so.
  7. Yup, it's a golden oldie - if you check out '63-65 era Model Car Science or Car Modeler, there were plenty of cars featured with this engine. The one thing about this mill, which was pointed out elsewhere in the Forum, is that it isn't based on an actual turbine engine, so you could call it a steam, atomic, matter/antimatter, or what have you, and you would still have a completely accurate engine 😁. (Somewhere a rivet-counter is gnashing his/her teeth...). I hope I can find anther one at a reasonable price, I have a steam powered vehicle in mind.
  8. I sent a Facebook message to AAA Hobbies & Crafts (the retail store for Megahobby) asking if they have the issue in stock or would they be getting it in stock, the reply I received was "Sorry but we do not carry that publication". Hopefully, that just means that AAA Hobbies doesn't/won't have this issue, but Megahobby will be selling it. I also checked my LHS, Nicholas Smith Trains & Toys, which used to carry Model Cars, they currently don't have it.
  9. I finally have the vehicle up on 4 tires, and it received a Tamiya Gloss Aluminum paint job.
  10. I got some work done on the interior of the truck. I wanted aircraft-type seats, so I started with the custom seats from the AMT '66 Thunderbird: I filed off the sides, added drilled side pieces from .02 Evergreen styrene and channel stock to the bottom of the seat. I also needed to make a shelf for these seats; I used Evergreen channel and styrene sheet: The seats were painted with Testor's Aluminum Plate metalizer, with the cushions painted with Testor's Acrylic Leather. The floor and interior of the cab was painted Testor's Flat Medium Green: The dashboard has Model Car Garage gauges and switches made from solder and photoetched washers: That's it for tonight!
  11. I'm using the turbine "torque reducer" - I had to shim the rear engine support to raise it to the level of the drive shaft. I don't see the need for the turbine "drive line" part.
  12. Shades of Model Car Science, circa 1963! And that is a good thing. One thing about the engine is that it's fairly wide (1.18"), so shoe horning it into a passenger car engine compartment will be a challenge. The combustion chamber makes for a very asymmetrical unit.
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