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  1. AMT 1939/1940 Ford Sedan

    Well, that saved me $33.00 + dollars! The "new" hood appears to be far worse than previous versions.
  2. Cushenberry "Silhouette" trailer part

    The parts gremlin made off with the top portion of my Silhouette trailer. I have everything BUT the top; if someone has a spare or won't be using it, I can use it. In advance, thanks!
  3. 31 Ford Steam Punk Rod

    I don't want to brag, but...
  4. 31 Ford Steam Punk Rod

    Outstanding! Really nice work so far.
  5. 31 Ford Steam Punk Rod

    Cool project! Keep up the good work - steam rules!
  6. 1919 Garrett FINISHED!

    Outstanding! Wish this would be re-issued.
  7. Revell 60's Drag Master Parts Pak Retro Drag

    Looks great!
  8. Steam Wars: Attack of the Duplicated Machines

    Thanks for the accolades! This isn't my first foray into steampunk And I don't think it'll be my last! One of my inspirations was a steampunk AT-AT that I had found online; the Corporate Droid that I based this on was just handier and cheaper. The kit is a great slump-buster. There was no flash, few mold lines, and it was well engineered - in many ways it's better than some of the AMT car models from circa 2005. The most difficult aspect of assembly was applying the rivet decals and ho scale screws, the rest was just finding parts that would make it look like a century old war machine, rather than a droid from a galaxy far, far away.
  9. Steam Wars: Attack of the Duplicated Machines

    Hmm, my text didn't show up- This is based on the AMT Star Wars Corporate Droid kit. I added rivet decals, replaced some plastic parts with brass parts, and painted it with Rustoleum bronze paint. The headlights are from a 1/16th scale Mercer kit; the front drive wheel is a Hands mag wheel from the AMT parts pack. Vallejo black wash was used to weather it. All in all, a fun break from automotive modeling!
  10. Super Stocker Mustang Trans-Kit

    Great start!
  11. Miss Deal/Revell Parts Pack mashup done!

    "Who's the photo in your avatar? " Joseph Leidy, one of the unsung heroes of 19th century science. Essentially the father of American anatomy, paleontology, forensic science, parasitology, and taxonomy. When you thoroughly cook pork to prevent trichinosis, watch an episode of "CSI", or marvel at a dinosaur display, you can thank Dr. Leidy for getting the ball rolling. Plus, he was from Philly!
  12. Details and WIP photos can be found here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103535-miss-dealrevell-parts-packs-mashup/?page=1 Basically I backdated the Miss Deal to an early '60s altered with parts from the Revell Custom parts line, along with other sources. Thanks for looking!
  13. Miss Deal/Revell Parts Packs Mashup

    Got 'er done. I used the headers from the Fumin' Fiat kit, headlights are from the AMT '53 Stude, Evergreen clear for the windshield. I'll post more photos in the Drag models section.
  14. Miss Deal/Revell Parts Packs Mashup

    During my lunch hours, I managed to BMF and decal the Stude. I plan on finishing it during the weekend (which was my plan last weekend...)