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  1. I don't shoot a wet coat with anything hot until I've built up a sort of "barrier layer" of several light mist coats and let them dry
  2. Did you enjoy yourself last night dear, how was the show? You know that I don't mind it when you go I understand sometimes we all need time alone but why do you always leave your ring at home?
  3. I have several empty bottles and would be willing to share
  4. Old 2/3oz Pactra RC car paint bottles fit Badger siphon type airbrushes perfectly
  5. Thanks for the heads-up, I'm not much into bananas and rarely drink milk but I'll check it out These cramps really seem like a nerve thing- my toes get locked in a painful curled position and a hard spot wells up in the bottom of my foot. If I massage the heck out of the bottom of my foot, my toes eventually release.
  6. You need to get the metal particles pressed down into the carrier before it gets too hard to do so, as you've found out I never wait longer than ~45 minutes The aluminum plate will buff out to the highest shine, but is more finicky and delicate than the stainless steel
  7. I've been getting really painful cramps in my feet
  8. If you paint the body with lacquer and use enamel for the trim and screw it up, you can clean it off with mineral spirits without harming the body paint
  9. All you need is a space between the multiple exclusions, for example I collect cups made of cow horn but don't want to wade through all the carved yak horn cups from China, or the pointy "viking" or "game of thrones" ones, so I search for "horn cup" -chinese -viking -thrones
  10. I have boxes and boxes of stuff that isn't actually junk, but that I'll probably never use. Some of it is somewhat valuable- like an original radio for a '72 BMW or NOS parts for old turntables and tape recorders
  11. I'm only using Tamiya and (rarely) 3M fine-line tapes these days If I have to mask a large area I use paper and just tape the edges
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