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  1. wagoneer added a post in a topic Renault 16...   

    Oh superb! My Dad had one in the late 70's. Metallic blue it was. He sold it to our milkman for £5. Never knew anyone made a kit of it, best I scour the ads and see if I can get me one too.

    Watching with interest.

  2. wagoneer added a post in a topic '41 Chevy car hauler   

    That's wicked, love it. My son keeps his toy trucks hidden away from me so I don't steal his wheels
  3. wagoneer added a post in a topic Painted saws and drawings   

    Cool saw! That is something you can't do on a Mac. I use Adobe Illustrator for a living but much prefer breaking out the real tools as that's how I learnt my craft.
  4. wagoneer added a post in a topic 29 ford   

    Looks good to me. The concept is fun too, I'd love to drive the real thing around.
  5. wagoneer added a post in a topic Minifest 2013.   

    Cool! Very clean build. I've watched the Mini's of that era racing around Brands Hatch (I live nearby) against period Falcon's and similar huge V8s. It looks surreal, the Mini's are so small in comparison.
  6. wagoneer added a post in a topic Fiat 600 ´71 - 1:24   

    I love small Fiats and that is a brilliant example, so well built and photographed. If they were easy to find I'd have a real one!
  7. wagoneer added a post in a topic Scratchbuilding a1/72 Land Rover...   

    That's a neat little kit. You're right it did come with a Bloodhound missile and trailer. It also came with a Hercules 130C kit that I remember my dad making in the mid 70's. He even painted the number plates by hand, but those were the days when he could see stuff that small!
  8. wagoneer added a post in a topic Question for decalers   

    Hi Kerry,
    I make my own using laser transfer paper that I'm allowed to put through our office printer. If you can do your own artwork, why not take the files along to your local copy shop/printers to see if they can print them out for you? Pity we're a few thousand miles apart, otherwise I could help out practically!
    The laser paper is superb, better than inkjet as you don't have to clear coat them. The only restriction is I can't print metallics or white like the Alps printers are able to do, but I'm working on it!

  9. wagoneer added a post in a topic 1910 London bus   

    Thanks for the answers to the build difficulty question. It sounds like cabinet making!
  10. wagoneer added a post in a topic 1910 London bus   

    Wow Harry, great build. That's a very comprehensive sounding kit and worth every cent you paid I think. Was it a difficult build? All those little details make a great model. I used to work at the last stop of that bus, it would have been brilliant to see one coming over the bridge, especially as the local brewery was still using a horse and dray to deliver beer to the pubs in that area!

    We've come a long way in 100 years with bus design, here's it's 2012 equivalent:

    I walked around one of these at a bus show a few months ago, truly amazing design.

  11. wagoneer added a post in a topic 1956 Chevy Nomad   

    Oh what a beautiful colour! The combination looks good, and what a lot of foil work too, nicely done. Those wheels work nicely too.

  12. wagoneer added a post in a topic Toyota Century: Shakotan Limo   

    Cool. It amazes me that people actually run cars with this sort of camber and poke/stretch combination. That 4 door looks really good too, looking forward to seeing more.
    Is the body painted? If so that's a nice deep black you've got there.
  13. wagoneer added a post in a topic 64 Impala - first kit for a few years   

    Thanks guys, it's nice to get some feedback.

    Shelby, I made those transfers myself by photoshopping an image of lace, colouring it and then printing onto some laser clear transfer paper. Fortunately for me I'm a graphic artist so that stuff comes easy to me, plus we have a good laser printer at work which makes doing transfers easy.

    Thanks Erik, I was worried that the pictures would be too large (a bit fuzzy I know) as I keep making the whole screen on the pc larger without knowing how! My Mac is in an outbuilding insulated with foil covered foamboard so the wireless network can't reach it meaning I'm having to use a pc laptop in the house for posting.
  14. wagoneer added a topic in On The Workbench   

    64 Impala - first kit for a few years
    I've been out of modelling for 5 years or so, making the house nice and being a daddy. Now the kids are older I can get back to it. So, first kit back in is an AMT 64 Impala. This is a beauty, metal axles that go through the block too!

    Anyway, I needed a quick build to get me going again and this is it. First up, a drop of paint on the body. Raiding the rattle can collection yielded some Volkswagen orange and some wheel silver, so on they went.

    Lots of lovely orange peel. Nice. I gave it a quick going over with some 3600 grade paper. This is going to be a quick build to get me going, not a contest winner.

    Then I wanted some detail on the roof. I deliberately used silver on the roof to give a good background for the next stage:

    I'm happy with that. Now, I need some clear over all that before I move on to the bare metal foil.

    Please, anyone, if the images are too big (1000px wide) can you tell me. I'm using a PC for the first time and it does strange things to what I see on screen. My familiar territory is Mac which doesn't do things I don't ask it to!
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  15. wagoneer added a post in a topic Florida snowman   

    We ain't got none yet, just typical English rain, but I bet we'll get some in the new year. I do like your 'snowman' though, jolly festive.