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  1. 1965 Chevy Biscayne, Florida Highway Patrol replica. Built from an Model Car World Resin Biscayne 2 dr, modified into a 4 dr sedan, mated to the Revell Monogram 65 Impala kit. Roof beacon is a Federal Signal beacon ray by Dave Parsley. Decals by Pursuit Plastics. Interior radio/siren are 3D printings by Duncan Nordese. A couple of photo etch emblems were added as well from Model Car Garage. Paint is Tamiya gloss black and Testor's MM Phoenician yellow (1964 Ford color) Model built from FHP reference images.
  2. I'll definitely be in on this offering...thank you for the work you're doing Tom.
  3. Excellent Matt, right up my alley! Good to see you're still at it too.
  4. Very nice, great job. Just got my order from you, fantastic quality! I will be ordering again soon.
  5. 1985 Chevy Blazer, Arizona Highway Patrol replica. This project started with a full resin kit from an eBay seller, that only need a few donor parts from the AMT GMC pickup kit of the same vintage. The kit looked pretty good online, but was very disappointing when I got it. I started it anyway, and found it to be pretty much unbuildable as is. The chassis was not workable and the body was not a good fit with any of the AMT donor parts. So on to plan B... I kept the resin rear quarters cut from the body, the interior and the rear roof section, and went to work on the AMT kit. I chopped the back off the plastic cab and mated it to the resin rear quarters. I assembled the AMT chassis and shortened it by the needed wheelbase difference. But even then, this one fought me every step of the way. The roof was very 'awkward' and was real tough to get a good fit. The kit taillights did not fit the body correctly, and they still don't because there was not much I could do at this point to fix it. On the plus side, I discovered an aftermarket seller who produces the correct Chevy truck grilles for the 1980s, he has an 81/82, an 83/84 and an 85-87. The company is Z Force Modelworx. They are nicely done. He has informed me that he is working on the correct bumpers (without the turn signals in them) so I'll change that over when they're available. The wheels and caps are from Scenes Unlimited, tires are AMT from their old Tahoe kit. Decals are Chimneyville. The light bar is an old recycled Yodel kit part with rear flashers and a 3-D printed Federal Signal speaker. I added a bodyside molding using chrome mylar tape with black crepe tape layered over the chrome.
  6. See the man... 68 Belvedere built about 15 years ago. R&R Resin body, AMT 68 RR and Mono 69 Charger (chassis and engine) used as donors...
  7. That's a Caprice grille, the Impala/Bel Air grille was considerably different.
  8. Just finished this one a few months ago... 1965 Chevy Biscayne wagon, Boston PD. Built from the resin Modelhaus Impala wagon, "de-trimmed" to a Biscayne. Monogram Impala convertible used as the donor. Engine swap to a 327 from one of the other Rev/Mono kits. Custom decals, vacuum formed beacon, Modelhaus steel wheels and caps, Tamiya paints, blue and light gray as per the Boston scheme at the time.
  9. That looks really good Chuck. You did a nice job trying to get that dome to look like the Unity.
  10. This, along with all of your builds, needs to be in a special category...Museum Ready Replicas. But you know that's how I feel about your work. Stunning, Charlie. As always.
  11. Looking good on both cruisers... Chuck, just a suggestion for you and anyone else who likes the cruisers: I see you're using the JoHan Fury beacon light on your 57. The light that comes with that kit is the "high skirt" version of the Federal Signal beacon that NYPD used for many years. These were made special for NYPD so the light would clear the siren that they had on the roof in front of it. The standard Federal Signal beacon base should be a scale 5 inches, not the real high one. So to be truly accurate when not doing NYPD, the base needs to be trimmed down a bit.
  12. 66 Chevy Biscayne, Chicago PD...this is a collaboration of sorts. The body was done by a friend of mine, Dave Neuman of the Chicago area. He actually converted the Revell 65 Impala convertible body into a 66 Biscayne 4 door...no resin here. He did this a few years ago, before Revell introduced the 66 Impala kit. I was lucky enough to obtain this from him a few months back with the body all done, but nothing else completed. I sourced a 66 Biscayne interior from Model Car World and converted it to a 4 door, then built the chassis. I used Replica & Miniatures of MD resin 6 cylinder engine, as per the real CPD squads. Paint is Ace Hardware safety blue enamel, interior was done with Dupli-color interior paint. Since I'm getting close to filling my photo limit, I'll post a few here, along with the link to my build up and more under glass images, including some paired with my 67 Biscayne wagon that I built years ago. http://public.fotki.com/tsheehy/scale_models/66-chevy-biscayne-c/
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