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  1. tomsheehy added a post in a topic 67 Mercury Comet   

    Roof "system": Testors makes a 2 part spray that yields a good looking vinyl roof. First a dull base coat goes on, then the second coat is a "texture" coat that you spray from at least 12" away, sort of forms a spatter effect. It comes in black and white. I have used it a few times and it does work pretty good.

    And yes, I forgot the seams on the sides. Just to show how fed up I was with this build, the roof got damaged after I painted it the solid color, polished and bare metaled everything. I had run out of the champagne metallic, so I needed to come up with another choice. So I masked the whole roof off, bare metal and all. Sprayed the roof and then removed the masking very carefully. No damage whatsoever, thank goodness I used the Tamiya tape. All the bare metal stayed put. Then I realized I forgot the seams...too late, screw it.

    Here's another one with the same roof treatment...

  2. tomsheehy added a topic in Under Glass   

    77 Chevy Monte Carlo
    Revell low rider kit, built as a stock Monte with a wheel/tire swap. Revell really should have offered this kit as a full build, or at least with stock options in their snapper.

    I chose to paint it Chevy Victory red, as I had a friend back in the day whose father had one this color combo. I resisted the urge to use rally wheels, and opted for a set of aluminum wheels from the AMT 70 Impala kit that were very close to the aluminum wheel used on the 77s. Tires are American Staco whitewalls. This is still a great looking car today.

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  3. tomsheehy added a topic in Under Glass   

    69 Ford Shelby GT500
    Box stock build of the reissued Revell kit. One of my all time favorite muscle cars that I'll never own!

    Paint is Tamiya racing blue metallic, just a tad darker than the Acapulco blue Ford offered this year. Interior is black painted with automotive vinyl spray giving a realistic look to the surfaces. Tires have lettering added with dry transfers from Shabo. Details added where appropriate. I left the top and the boot interchangeable.

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  4. tomsheehy added a topic in Under Glass   

    67 Mercury Comet
    Box stock build from the AMT kit. This one fought me all the way to the end. I recall when the AMT 66 Fairlane kits and this one were introduced, and recall some comments on the build issues, but nothing remarkable. However, I was not very impressed with the kit. For one, it was a sealed kit that was missing parts. Plus, AMT chose not to include any outside OR inside rear view mirrors for this kit. So one day I might add them if I come across any suitable donors in my parts stash. It was also missing the upper radiator hose that is mentioned on the instructions, but no where to be found in this kit.

    Anyway, its built...painted Tamiya Champagne metallic, sort of close to the Ford color "fawn" from that year. I added a simulated vinyl roof using the Testors spray system. Wheels were swapped out to a set of 1966 Ford dog dishes from Modelhaus. I elected not to add the body stripes to add to the semi-sleeper look.

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  5. tomsheehy added a post in a topic Calling All Units   

    Thanks for that post, Tom G. And just to add, YES, NJSP tested several Volvos back then.
  6. tomsheehy added a post in a topic Calling All Units   

    Those who know me, know I could take up pages here. But I'll post a few oldies...

    LAPD 68 Belvedere, aka Adam-12. Built from the hideous R&R casting that now has more plastic panels than resin. Chassis is a Revell 69 Charger which fit very well. Lots of other details from the parts photos are in the works for this one.

    NYPD 1961 Plymouth Savoy, built from the Promolite resin kit. Chassis and running gear from a Lindberg 64 Dodge 330 kit. Again, lots of little details throughout.

    65 Pontiac Catalina, converted from the 2+2 kit, roof grafted on from a resin 65 Chevy. This was a consignment built for a friend. Clarkstown NY Police replica.

    Chicago PD, 67 Biscayne wagon. Modelhaus resin, AMT 67 Impala chassis, Perry's resin 6 cylinder engine kit.

    Indiana SP, 61 Chevy Biscayne, MCW resin body, Lindberg kit.

    South Carolina Highway Patrol, 60 Ford Fairlane, Promolite sedan body, AMT chassis

  7. tomsheehy added a post in a topic Here is another one I dusted off.   

    Looks great from this end, I really like those 63s. Planning a full detail with the promo square roof and the 60 kit. Let me know how that goes if you beat me to it, LOL.
  8. tomsheehy added a post in a topic 1957 Dodge D501   

    Extremely nice, beautiful build.

    I've got this kit on my short list of to-do projects. I've been contemplating the Chrysler chassis swap and opening the hood like you did. How would you rate the effort to do the chassis conversion? Any fit issues or other issues to look out for? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. tomsheehy added a post in a topic Dodge Charger Custom's And Border Protection Unit   

    Very clean, nice job.
  10. tomsheehy added a post in a topic 1958 Chevy Suburban with factory Napco 4 wheel drive option   

    Absolutely fantastic, so subtle, but so detailed. Great execution.
  11. tomsheehy added a post in a topic 1965 Ford Custom - New York State Police   

    Thank you all for the nice comments. To answer a couple of the questions...the hub caps came from the AMT 66 Fairlane 427 kit, as did the wheels. And the wheels are correct so the photo kind of shows it off track a bit.
  12. tomsheehy added a topic in Under Glass   

    1965 Ford Custom - New York State Police
    Here's a replica NYSP Thruway unit, built from a Modelhaus resin 4 door sedan kit, mated to the venerable AMT 65 Galaxie kit for the chassis. I swapped the engine to a detailed 390 from the AMT Fairlane kit, a correct engine for the NYSP. Interior was detailed with seat pattern decals from Scale Motorsports. Paint is correct Ford Wimbledon white and NYSP Fleet blue from a supply of real touch up paint. For those familiar with NYSP cars from the 60s, most were white and black Plymouths, however the cars that patrolled the NYS Thruway were white and dark blue and were mostly Fords. Decals are a mix of Pursuit Plastics and custom. Police parts are mostly resin from the parts box, roof light is an old vacuum formed light from the aftermarket.

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  13. tomsheehy added a post in a topic 1957 Ford Custom   

    El oh vee ee it . Very nice.
  14. tomsheehy added a post in a topic 1965 Pontiac Bonneville.   

    Strikingly beautiful. The color is perfect.
  15. tomsheehy added a post in a topic 1968 Charger R/T   

    Very nice. Great job on a great kit.