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  1. The seat is from dirt modeler, welds are Archer fine scale decals, and this is 1/25 scale. Just finished the seat, check it out.
  2. Here is some work I did past couple days. It takes so long to do stuff and seems like you barely get anything accomplished. Made a net(pro mods are using them on this side this year and will make one for door side), padding, double chute handle, started seat, and some paint and decals. The tub is still be filled and sanded. Here are some mock-ups also.
  3. Great trade with 68shortfleet!!! This man knows how to deal with people and some sweet kits!! Thanks again.
  4. Widened the tub, made body a little longer, and finished the cage.
  5. Thanks again everyone. The 3D parts are from 3D Specialties.
  6. Thanks guys. I plan on trying to detail this whole thing and hope that it comes out somewhat decent.
  7. I was hoping to find something that is more plug and play, lol. Eyes aren't what they used to be.
  8. Checked it out and the 1/24 and 1/25 don't come with the fittings.
  9. He does have alot of stuff but, could only find "T" fittings.
  10. That is what I am looking for!! What scale are those? I could not find those on TDR at Shapeways.
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