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  1. Thanks for the info Claude!! That’s what I think I’m going to for as for color!! hey Paul, the front tires are the old solid Firestone tires and yup chucked into my tire scuffer and heavily ground to get the rounded look to them..
  2. Nice information. I decided to use the Revell kit for when I do my BJ rig.. Just because it already had some of the necessary parts in it. I too am wanting a few of the dashboards that are being made up!!
  3. Ahhhh man! Just saw this!! Loved his work!! He will be missed greatly by all!!! Gods speed Chopper!!
  4. Revell chassis fits under the old AMT bodies as well. A little trimming is necessary but the do fit!!!
  5. Cheap Trick back in 1977 when Budakon first came out
  6. My dads favorite Mustang was the 69 Mach and Boss.. He has had a ton of Mustangs and had a 69 Boss as well.. His was pretty close to this...
  7. I've got a vacuum formed hood from someplace. Had it for years... Scoops are opened up too. Nice hood.
  8. I'll double check my Woodie tonight and see. I chopped the Woodie body roof down but may have left the grille shell alone..
  9. Think I may have it if I haven't cut it down.. That is a standard 32 Ford shell and Grille and the ones from the Revell 32's may work on it as well... I think I have a few of those left over for sure...
  10. Have to agree with ya on Roth and Haggar.. I always like Haggar on his solo stuff and I do like the Roth era of music, just always thought he was a bit snobbish and demanded the spotlight. That was until Eddie took it over and that's when I think Roth and Eddie started distancing themselves as musicians and bandmates..
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