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  1. Kool show! Watching the one on Lil Red Wagon right now! I like Steve as a host. Very knowledgeable on his cars and history!!
  2. Looking very nice!!!! I've been wanting to do a dirt Camaro myself. Giving me all kinds of ideas to draft over to the dirt side!!
  3. True!! Already been messaging him, he's gotta go through and see what he's keeping. He has another set of tracks I'm looking at getting, well, will be....
  4. I’m looking to find and get…. Rommels Rod (Tracs needed) 1/32nd scale semi kits or just tires and wheels.. Need full sets.. If anyone has any let me know. Thanks in advance!
  5. If I had an extra I’d trade something with ya but the extra one I have I need… ugh 😑
  6. Vincent said it best. Like he said too measure and eyeball it til it looks good... I want to build a modern day 53 foot spread axle bull hauler but trying to figure out how to do the side panels yet..
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