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  1. Ahhh HA!!!! me not the only one seeing things me doan theenk me seein!!!! LOL
  2. Urm, brown??? Possibly?? Maybe?? LOL, my old eyes it looked like green.....
  3. I got's my bowl of popcorn Jeff, and my comfy chair!!! Go ahead! Keep building... Don't let my looking over your shoulder bother ya.........
  4. Love the color choice! Love the green on it!!
  5. Dang!!! Sad to see for sure! Hopefully they can all be brought back to life. If you need to I’m sure we could get a posse together and..... We’ll there’s enough of that these days! Hope they catch them and take care of them that way.. I know that doesn’t help you in your situation though! 😟
  6. Hmmm?? I’ll be watching this!!!
  7. Lol! Yup! Not all totally flat flatwork... columns and such too! This is some of the stuff we run. panel on crane, one of my friends trucks in pic. Freightliner Argosy. his W9 with a new driver in it.. double t’s 14 feet wide 52 feet long and 70,000 lbs...
  8. LOL, I bet!!! Getting close to a real truck yet?? LOL
  9. LOL, you got that one right!!! There are ways to shut people up when they start talking smack, b ut ya gotta have something to back it up too.. My friend has a W9 with a 550 hp C-15 Cat in it.. Does pretty good for itself!!! We do mostly flat bed work, precast, trucks and equipment type stuff..
  10. Looking very good!!! Like all of the aluminum work going into it!!!
  11. Had a guy about two weeks ago, I was driving my buddies Freightliner day cab and another trucker of all things passed on the left pulling a gravel trailer, All of a sudden he cut a hard right, cut across my path to hit the right turn lane!!! If we had three feet between us we were lucky! I pulled the horns and was yelling every colorful word I could think of!!! My buddy in the passenger seat was almost out of the window yelling at him too!! Talk about eediots!!!!!
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