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  1. it took him pretty quick. I saw him two months before and he looked great.
  2. He passed away due to cancer. I forget which it was but it was announced in our local club newsletter. Nick was an awesome guy, knew him for about 15 years or so, member of various clubs with him as well...
  3. LOL, that's more my luck!! Or it'll go flying across the room, never to be seen again!!! LOL
  4. I know I have some Autocar parts but they are buried in storage atm...
  5. In need of bumpers, grille and tail light sections for a Monte stocker... Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Pic borrowed from the net....
  6. May be able to cut them from sheet plastic too..
  7. I've seen this truck run before with Shockey as the driver... Sorry to hear of the unfortunate accident with Darnell!! Shockwave, the legendary jet truck, crashes and claims life of driver Chris Darnell - Hagerty Media
  8. Wish I did, I'd send them up to ya Doug, hope you can find a set of them!!!
  9. Wish I had some for ya Tom, but I know I don't have any parts for those...
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