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  1. Got that right, stinks too!!! Not much for life running those hours with 3 hours of driving to and from work on top of it.. Hour and a half one way...
  2. Very kool! I built one a few years ago using Sprint car chassis’s the worked. Be interesting to watch yours come together!! Not to hi jack your thread but give ya a big of inspiration if ya can use it!
  3. Thank ya!! Very little. Been working ten hour days for the last three weeks. Not a lot of building time... Hoping to get the body in primer so I can get closer to adding color to it.. Not sure when that’ll happen!!
  4. DrKerry

    Empty semi boxes

    I’d be interested in any. I can always re label the box end as to the parts in it. I’m just looking to store parts to those trucks so the parts are together and not tossed into a tote.. Trying to make life easier! Lol
  5. Tell your wife good luck and wishing her the best!!
  6. DrKerry

    Empty semi boxes

    Does anyone have an empty box of the following rigs? Super Boss Papa Truck KW W925 If you do and are going to toss them to recycle let me know, I could use them to store parts in...
  7. Thanks to Rick aka (pettyKW43) sent me a plethora of turbos and I was able to get the turbo and piping done on the Detroit... tube facing backwards on drivers side will be the inlet from the air cleaners...
  8. Anyone know of a good source to find any of the above? Looking to start another project, like I need another, and need some decals and/or stickers for the rig and trailer that will be part of the build. Two matching bumper stickers would work for the trailer. I'm building this build to be circa 1988 or so. Anything newer won't look right on it.. If you have any leads on anything or if you have anything yourself it would be great if I can get some direction. I've tried looking online and cannot turn anything up!! Thanks in advance everyone! Appreciate the help!!!
  9. Thank you Carl!! Been picking away at it... Need to work on my Pete wrecker too!!!
  10. Got a few more things done on the SaltLick.. Front tires are on for good now. Had to drop the fuel tank down as the hood was hitting it and sitting to high. Hopefully get some primer on it soon!! radiator is mounted too..
  11. Ok! OK! Now ya need to take some pics of your model and post them!!! We like seeing real trucks on here and all but..... Wait? What? That's a model??? LOL, awesome awesome build James!!!!
  12. Nice backdrop!! I've been wanting to make a couple for myself. I usually use a piece of white backer board or my workbench clutter.. Been wanting to bite the bullet and make a nice one like you have here. A street scene of the front of an old hot rod shop of some sort...
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