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  1. Fixing a warped frame?

    I'll take some pics tonight for you!! I have a KW frame built so I can use it to show some of how I use it.. Hmmm? I'd like to know too.... LOL
  2. Hope you find them Brian, I know I don't have any..
  3. Fixing a warped frame?

    Just realized you're in Sweden, may not be an idea to ship with the cost and all.. Not sure how much it would be but it's still an option..
  4. Fixing a warped frame?

    With the way I do it would work too... Start in the middle of the frame and glue it two of the cross members and keep the two sides parallel with each other so it doesn't throw off the rest of the frame. Working your way out from the middle and holding rails in place as they dry will save that no problem.. Just to toss it out there, if you're unsure about doing it and you feel safe doing it, you could box the frame parts and send them here and I can put the frame together for you. Just a thought!! I can take pics of my jig if you'd like as well to give you an idea of what I have and how to use it if it would help. I use a smaller one for car and light duty trucks too...
  5. Thank you Tom!! No stopping it now!! LOL Have to get working on the KW soon too!!! Have to fit the resin hood to it and mount air cleaners and build in a bit at the cowl.. I may paint it similar to the Pete but not sure yet!??! May paint it blue to match my bosses W9, who knows?!?! LOL
  6. Yup I found it Sam!!! It was in the bottom of the box.. LOL There ya go! Always happy to lend out my jumper cables to jump start anything!!! Have at it Ronnie... Thank you Vince, Jeff, Bobby and Brian!!! Working on tail light area today and then start to prep Auslowe wheels for it the dolly!!!
  7. Well, I don’t know if anyone is still watching this or not but making a lot of progress lately! Beam is together but needs more finishing, dolly is nearing done, steer car has a few more things to do yet...
  8. A Recipy for Financial Ruin

    Beautiful rigs, went to a local truck show myself over the weekend!!! Gives ya a bug ta build doesn't it??!!
  9. UGH!!!!! Well, guess that'll keep my love of the old trucks going then!!! Love the big hoods myself!!!

    Very nice!!!!
  11. Champagne Pete's

    Looking good so far Clayton!!!
  12. Modified Pete 579 Large Vehicle Hauler

    Wait a minute!!!!!!!!! JT? It's not orange?? I think someone invaded your mind and took over!!! You need to get them out of there quick!!! LMBO, looks good my friend!!!!
  13. How do you display your rigs??

    Not too many wives understand our...... sickness!! Mine would rather me box all of my stuff up and sell it but I'll never be able to do it.. I have too much into it all to just let it go!! She's not the type of it's just a car, she can appreciate and old hot rod or factory stock car for what they are and all, she just thinks I have to much... Meh!!! Me doan theenk so!!!!!
  14. looking for decals

    Oh gotcha!! I don't know info on him though.. I'm not on Facebook... Wish I could help ya more!!!
  15. looking for decals

    Do you have any pics of what you're looking for Jeff? I may have something close but not exactly sure of what to look for...