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  1. Need a pick axe, a shovel, back hoe...... oh!! And a stick of dyn-O-mite!!!! Lol
  2. Welcome, glad I could help. Sorry it took longer than expected!!
  3. I've yet to get digging in my stash to see what I can find to offer up...
  4. Great seeing this kit! Now I know where my kit came from.. Added a 63 split window roof to one and molded the front clip back onto the car..
  5. Looking good! Glad it’s back on track again..
  6. Looking awesome Jeff!! HOLY WOW!!!!!
  7. Very Kool... I'll be watching this one!!
  8. Well, didn't get any bench time last night.. Had to watch the Packers move on!!! Maybe tonight I'll get down there awhile, who knows....
  9. I have that trailer built if you still need meas.. pm me and let me know if you do..
  10. Get some pics tonight hopefully. Get a little bench time shortly!!
  11. Ditto!! sorry things happened the way they did for your family chasracer! I know all about drama in life myself and I know how much it affects your fun time!!
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