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  1. Great work!!! Love the details...
  2. Pics soon but tins are painted, decals are going on next...
  3. Y'all got it alllll wrong!!!! It isn't "Kitbashing" it's "Box Stock"!!! Part out of this box, part out of that box, one outta this box........... Don't think so??? LOL
  4. Ok, I just saw that they hadn't come to any reason as to why she passed.
  5. It's an addiction for sure, but it's one that's great to have!!!!!
  6. Article on her death, nothing ruled as to why yet.. Caroline Grifnée Death - Obituary | Caroline Grifnée Dead - Passed Away - Inside Eko
  7. Not good! Video link below.... R.I.P. Caroline Grifnée : Incredible Onboard Ford Escort 1600 RS Castellet 2019 [HD] ! - YouTube
  8. DrKerry

    Top fuel Exhaust

    I looked and all I have are the funny car "weed burner" type headers... Sorry I can't help ya out Ash!!!
  9. I'm in the same boat! I love to build rigs but don't have anywhere to keep them. Most of mine sit in boxes on a shelf as I only have room to display two of them if I'm lucky!! I have a few in plastic totes as well to protect them.. Can't wait to see what the others are you're doing!!!
  10. Very nice build! Impressive for being your first, you’re a natural! Lol 😆 Hope to see more from ya
  11. Right there with ya!! -8 here today, South of ya on the other end of Wisconsin...
  12. DrKerry

    Top fuel Exhaust

    I’ll take a look and see what I have. Not sure on the older top fuel though..
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