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  1. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    Today would be seven days, so Troy jump on in and grab it!!!!! Lol 😆 Hope he gets it!!!
  2. Lookin awesome, love the stack mounts!!!!!! And that shine!!!!! Man I need my shades on over here!!!!!!!
  3. Pretty sure its a live/solid axle under there!!!
  4. BIll hit what I would of thought, loosing the balance weight on a driveshaft although most are tack welded into place!! Also check the bearing play in the end of the housing... Is there any noise when the vibration starts like a loud thumping noise?? You had new tires put on or another thought could of been a broken belt in the tire... Could also be the carrier bearing where the yoke and driveshaft bolt to the rear axle.. If it lost the bearing there it would cause it to jump around a little bit and may not be enough to cause noise...
  5. Jet Rod Community Build

    Watching what you guys are doing is getting ideas in my head!!!!!!! Hmmmmm????
  6. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    Kool thanks for the info!!! Couldn’t tell on my end and wanted to clarify!!!!! Nice rig though!!!!! Came out looking awesome!!!!!
  7. Pro street camaro, beretta, or tbird wanted

    Read up on this member everyone!!!!! Beware of any trades!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Peterbilt heavy haul 367

    That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Watch out for that tail gater though, looks like they weren't paying attention and had to swerve from hittin' ya!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! Super singles on the rear or duals??
  9. 67 Shelby hi po race car—Updated 1/16/18

    Yes I do!!!!! Lol 😆 more progress, fenders coming back together!!!!!
  10. Happy birthday Doc Kerry!!

    Thank ya Doug!!!!!!!!
  11. 67 Shelby hi po race car—Updated 1/16/18

    Front rotors are mounted, now I can start to reconstruct the front fenders!!! Been a bit slow at this point but it is moving along... Tape is in place to hold front clip together as there isn’t much support in it right now!!! Only two strips about an 1/8th of an inch holding it together!!!!
  12. AMC Hornet AMX

    Hhmmmmmm I’ll be watching!!!!! I have a Hornet like the one your building towards!!! Although not as nice as that one!!! Lol 😆
  13. Happy birthday Doc Kerry!!

    Thanks again all!!!!! Got some money yesterday and hoping to pick up the Kenworth W925 kit!!!!!!
  14. Kenworth W925

    Looking good so far Dan!!!!!!!!! I'd like to get a torsion bar set up for a rig project coming up, I had that same trailer years ago, nice kit!!!!!!