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  1. I have these decals for it but in silver tone. My rig, albeit a Pete should look close to this. Orange main body, white fenders and silver decals on it... May add a little bit to it as well. Company logos and such too! but color wise this is close to what it’ll be...
  2. Love the work on the sliding doors!! Wow! Great work!
  3. You can tell what truck it is without looking out the window! My old neighbor used to drive a Pete 359, Don’t remember the year but he had a Detroit 12 in it! Hauling tankers all the time.. That truck you could hear before you even saw it!! He had two trucks before that and always had 12v’s in them. Every truck always had “Buzzin’ Dozen” painted on the side of the bunk house! Now a days I wish I would of taken some pics of his rigs!! But yes! Always love the sound of them!!!! My friend has a 12v sitting in his truck yard right now. He’s thinking of putting it in his 78 K100!!
  4. Got that right! Can’t get enough of HTH!!! Tall and straight is the only way!! If this rig was real you’ll hear it barking for miles around!!! If ya don’t hear the turbo and supercharger screaming you’ll hear it rumbling!!!
  5. Nice truck Sam!! Be a fun build!
  6. That’s my heavy hauler!! you betcha! It’s all about more power!!
  7. Couple more pics... Just playing around with the cab and engine locale for air boxes and intakes compared to where the turbo will be. Going to have to rework the intake tubes from air boxes to turbo... Oh well. No biggie there!!
  8. This is the color the truck was the second time around.. Exhaust manifolds and I made up the crossover pipe to power the turbo.. May end up making a turbo for it. Engines I’m using for reference....
  9. Do you just need the Oldsmobile scripts? Or the whole sheet? If you just need the front and back scripts send me a pm with your addy. I have two kits downstairs and one is a kustom and I know I won’t use the scripts on it...
  10. Very nice looking build Brian!! Like the look of it!!
  11. Remember! DON’T SQUEEZE THE CHARMIN!!!!!!!
  12. Dude!!!! You’ve got some trucks Man!!! Great collection to boot!! Niiiiiiccceeeeeeee!!
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