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  1. My son and daughter have interest in mine. Most will go there but I'm sure some or most will be sold off..
  2. I use one as well, helps ya sleep better for sure!!
  3. WOW Dan that thing is sticky!!!! Sticky like SA-WEET!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Nice builds everyone!!! You're all winners with what you all built! Wish I had more time to have finished mine...
  5. I did the same thing on mine and it looks good, I went as far as putting a chopped 40 Ford roofline on it as well...
  6. I know I have the side skirts and not using them.. Sleeper is being used on my build however...
  7. If I hadn't already boxed my dragsters up I could of offered up something... UGH... I do have a parts kit of the Willy's, your suspension parts are coming out of that kit. Be a start to a partial trade... lol, looking for any rig parts??
  8. Interested in the rig mags... What do you need for them?
  9. Looking for wheels and tries from a Monogram Beer Wagon or RC Cola show rod kit. If anyone has a set it would be awesome!! Send a list of stuff you're looking for. Maybe have something ya need in trade for them!! thanks in advance! Doc
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