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  1. That's the kit I was thinking would be a close starting point. The cab on this is closer to the real dealio!!
  2. I have some older slot cars if they'd be of interest? I'd be interested in that Datsun pickup...
  3. Uuum 2 cents was worth it!! SOLD!!! I could see it in that color for sure!!!! Love that build, is it yours???
  4. LMBO, true there...…. I thought about black with gold livery of some sort but I don't have any gold decals.... Bright blue maybe??? Have enough green cars and trucks Yellow of some sort....??? Neon Orange??? Meh!
  5. LMBO, I hear ya!!! I'll pull it up this weekend and do some more on it and take pics. Still trying to decide on what color to go with on it....
  6. Started getting it in primer. Been working on a resin Monte Carlo to build Earnhardt’s rookie year car lately..
  7. Sorry to hear Carl, hope you do drop in from time to time. Always like chatting with ya!!!
  8. Went through that four years ago, if they talk about steroid injections skip them and go straight to surgery to fix. The steroid injections caused worse symptoms for me now four years after.
  9. Nice S10 ya have!!! Wish I had some of what you were looking for. Be a nice truck for sure... I think I have a 55 like you're looking for..
  10. Nice. Used the LAPD Camaro Chassis under a 67 Camaro I’m building right now! That’ll be kool when it’s done
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