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  1. I'm looking for an old "the Art of Custom Painting" Badger airbrush book. I have models and model related stuff to trade. PM me to discuss please. It is this specific book.
  2. I will try to answer your questions Miles to the best of my limited knowledge. 1.) If you look at the first line in the description part of the Master airbrush link you posted you will see where it states the diameter of the three needles/nozzles that the airbrush will spray a 2" wide pattern. That is the info that you need to look for when viewing MFGs sites. That should be good for what you are doing. As an aside, to get that 2" pattern also depends on the distance between the airbrush and the surface you are spraying. Of the two you posted links to I would go with the Master. Should be a better one for what you want to do and with the additional needles/nozzles it is more versatile. The first link looks to be an airbrush used for cake decorating. 2.) If you decide to use propellant bottles plan to purchase a few at a time. There's nothing quite as "joyful" as running out of air in the middle of a paint job. If you get a compressor try to have it turned on so you know how loud it is. You not only need quiet, you also need one that produces the CFM that the airbrush requires. Along with an air regulator. That is the one reason I personally would not use propellant cans, no way to adjust the air pressure. If your neighbor is fussy with noise, how is she with smell? Depending on what type material you plan to spray, like lacquer, you will need a good source of fume removal. Acrylic, not so much. I try to avoid noisy compressors so I have none to recommend. 3.) If you are on a limited budget try the local craigslist. I know that here in the 'Burgh some sellers think they are gold but I've gotten deals on quite a few. You may be able to find a complete system at a reasonable price. Go to various MFG websites to look for the ones that fit your need so you know what to search 'craigs for.
  3. Cleaning Airbrush

    When did lacquer thinner become "illegal"? Steve I am fairly certain that he is talking about the disposal of used material. Some places do have laws against it, (California?) but I'm not certain about PA. He may also wish to be environmentally conscience. I'd like to suggest a way of disposal which I believe to be legal. Keep a can, (metal or glass, preferably metal ) and a lid handy with saw-dust in it. Pour the left-over material into it. I use old (clean) socks to flush my airbrush into. It keeps it contained to something that can be thrown away at some point and used to clean the airbrush. I would suggest leaving the lid off the can and the sock(s) in the open until they have flashed off/dried. This must be done in a SAFE place to avoid contact with heat/open flame. Once dry, put the lid on to seal it. It can then be disposed of.
  4. Cleaning Airbrush

    It may be useful to people replying to your topic if they knew what type of finish you are spraying. Lacquer, enamel, acrylic etc. If it's lacquer, and you don't want to use lacquer thinner, I'm stumped. I do like your choice of race cars BTW. Jim Hall was ahead of his time IMO. I'm a 2D & 2F guy myself.
  5. Advice For Those Needing Parts

    A descriptive title would be the best option. In lieu of that I've found that on my computer if I put my mouse cursor on the title, a page pops up that shows the original post. I can see what they are looking for without the need to open the post.
  6. What in the Sam Hill

    Go big or go home?
  7. Flyer for those near the Pittsburgh area who would like to buy, sell or enter the contest:
  8. Monthly meetings for the South Hills Modelers Association in Pittsburgh Pa. Come attend a meeting on the SECOND Monday of the month at the Waterfront-Homestead Eat 'N Park (245 E. Waterfront Dr., Homestead, PA 15120). We start the meetings at 8pm, but you can stop by earlier, and meet the crew. Hope to see you there!
  9. What's your state famous for?

    Pennsylvania=High Taxes and Potholes. Woot!!!
  10. Great Traders List

    Had another great trade with Sam I Am. Top notch guy to deal with and the item was better than he mentioned!!! Had a great trade with Hi-Po! Would recommend trades with him and I'd trade with him again anytime.
  11. Harley Davidson Wanted

    PM sent
  12. Beemax Volvo 240T Gr. A

    I'd buy one. A 245 (wagon) would be awesome but it's cool that at least a 242 might be forthcoming.
  13. Excellent craftsmanship sir. It had to be a labor of love. Your labor paid off. The car is outstanding.
  14. 1961 Corvette restoration

    It's not as bad as it looks John. The glue did mar parts of the underside but the outside of the body is relatively unscathed. It's paint in the irregular places on the inside. I have a '60 Revell kit Steve. The bezels in that kit are a lot larger than the '61 mounting point. I believe that is one of the gripes about the '61 (and the '62). The headlights are too small to scale.
  15. I recently won an old built up '61 Vette off eBay. It was a model I've been looking for for a long time. It's my favorite year Vette and they are hard to find. It is mostly complete. I picked up a "Sock It To Me" Vette in a trade with a member here as the '62 kit is very similar. I plan to use some parts from it for this restoration. The '61 had 3 different colors on it. I stripped it in Purple Power. Fortunately the original painter didn't do prep work. The body was not sanded. I have begun the resto by sanding the mold lines that were not touched and I'm prepping the body for paint. There are a couple trouble spots. It had massive amounts of glue in different areas, applied after it was painted, and I'm trying to get those areas ready. The windshield frame is broken, but it should be repairable. Pics of where it is so far: As Purchased Stripped I do have an ad up looking for a headlight bezel and two clear lenses as those are the only things that are missing that I can't get from the SITM kit. As an aside, I am also working on a 1 to 1 scale project so this build may take some time for updates. Besides the 1 to 1 I also started a 1/18 Warlock project but that is in die-cast. I'm used to working with plastic so that project is a learning curve. This Vette has given me the desire to build which I haven't had for quite a while.