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  1. Volvo 240

    Nicely done! Your friend should like it. My top car to own and drive. A 242 would be nice but I'm keeping an eye out for a 245. Easier to find them here.
  2. The Missing Corvette

    I agree with you Greg. To me, the front end is the only good looking part to this car. Incorporating the '67 scoop would have added nicely to the look. I have my own idea how I would have done it.
  3. The Missing Corvette

    Couple different views for those that may not have seen it.
  4. The Missing Corvette

    I had to work the next morning so I turned the TV off just before the show started. I'm pretty certain I'm glad I missed it. This car doesn't represent what I would have hoped the '83 would/should have looked like. There is too much that looks "off" to my eye. I'd list some but quite a few have been mentioned here already. Ugh. Suffice to say I'm not a big fan of this generation Corvette. It might well have been a step forward in a more current (at the time) design but the only thing this generation means to me is you can own a Corvette dirt cheap. I understand some people like this generation. That's all well and good. To each their own. And this is very true:
  5. I was visiting with an ex girl friend yesterday and she said her sister had found an old helmet she thought was mine. My current avatar is the motorcycle that inspired me to learn how to airbrush. This has to be one of the first pieces I had done. It dates to around 1976. I still have a fondness for the old school '70s paint look. I really didn't put much color on this helmet. Probably afraid I'd mess it up so "quit while you're ahead". I signed it, too bad I didn't have the foresight to date it. I don't recall which airbrush I used to do this with. My first AB was a Badger 250. It is more of a paint sprayer than it is an AB. The next AB I bought was a Binks Wren B. I had used it for over 40 years. The "nose" was pretty much beat up. It is not replaceable like the Paasche H is. I gave it to a niece a couple years ago who had expressed an interest in learning how to AB. Last week I had swapped my brother a newer/nicer Binks Wren B kit for my old one so that has returned too. My niece was not using it but my brother has gotten a few airplane model kits so I figured he could use it. He isn't a modeller per se. He likes airplanes. Additionally, in the box with the helmet was the back rest pad for the sissybar of my avatar bike. The bike was a '73 Super Glide and it met it's demise in the back end of a Lincoln Continental (not my fault BTW). Such nice surprises!
  6. Most beautiful planes of all time...

    Although on the wrong side I have to go with this: I will add a nod for the B-17 Flying Fortress too. There is a Bipe I like, need to find a pic. I'm not a big plane guy and I don't know the name of the Bipe. Kinda makes it a lot harder to search for a pic. I do know it when I see it though.
  7. What do you drive?

  8. Being you have one jar I would suggest that you find one of the metal color cups for it. Just my opinion but I would think the jar would only really be needed when spraying a large quantity of paint, as in painting a 1/24 car body. If you get the smaller cup you can use it to spray things like the engine, rear axle, etc. Once you paint what you need you can pour the unused material that is still in the cup back into it's container, if you are using paint from a bottle. Cleaning the color cup is fairly easy and will make for faster color changes. I do not store my paint in a closed siphon tube jar with a stopper. I don't spray often enough to have it sit that long. I know others here do and you will probably hear from them too. If you are using paint not from a bottle I'd suggest getting a few empty jars with regular lids to store the left-over paint in.
  9. What the others have said. At 20 psi there isn't much oomph behind it to blow the clog out.
  10. Airbrush stand

    Really nice boxes! I've been keeping an eye out for some 10/4 or 12/4 maple since I acquired the walnut. The walnut was all rough cut when I got it. I need to hone my woodworking skills, along with my airbrush skills. I gave one box to the people I borrowed a planer from. This is most of the walnut and a couple of the boxes. The pieces are my next one.
  11. Airbrush stand

    I've used a Binks Wren B for the last 40 some years. I came across a nice vintage Paasche H that I may switch to once I get some experience with it. I've started to make some wood boxes for a few of the airbrushes I have that either don't have a case or the box isn't in good shape. I've got more walnut than you can shake a stick at, pun intended.
  12. Most beautiful cars of all time

    I may be off base but the post says most beautiful car. My pick is not a street car. Not only beautiful, it levitates.2nd place and also not a street car: And my Corvette pick, 1961, white with a silver cove, including the hard-top.
  13. Airbrush stand

    No, it doesn't. I thought I'd refrain from comment on the airbrush as it has been mentioned. It is what it is. The post is about the holder after all, which does look nice with the apple wood. Nice workmanship!
  14. Airbrush stand

    The second view does make it look a bit more secure.
  15. Airbrush stand

    The holder looks like a pretty piece of cedar that had a knot in just the right place. It looks a bit precarious to me though.