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  1. Had a great trade with Phil (fordf-100). I got some parts I really need. We've known each other for many many years. I used to belong to the model club he is still a member of. Great guy to deal with! Thanks again Phil.
  2. Something a wee bit more radical than Mike's offering. And you could build it sans rear wing.
  3. You're welcome Phil. I hope you find the stripes you are looking for. The Ossa is a great handling bike. I'll PM you the story on it.
  4. As Mike said. Should be here listed under Parallel Stripes: https://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?
  5. DPNM

    41 Willys

    It's cool your daughter asked you to build her a model. You did an excellent job even with the hiccup. I would think she will really like it. I like "hot" pink myself. I think it's a great color choice for some vehicles. This Willys proves it.
  6. Thank you very much for adding the pics so I have a better understanding on what you've done so far Jim. Your ruler intrigued me also. Looks so much like it would be good for working in scale I bought a small one.
  7. I do the same thing on sites such as Summit. Put what I want in the cart then have it calculate the shipping. If the shipping is reasonable I'll complete the order. If not, I just delete what is in the cart and back out of it.
  8. You have an excellent start. I will be watching as I have this kit and I plan to build it in the nearish future. I'd appreciate more specifics, if possible, on the changes you made to the roll bar and rear end mounts. I'm not familiar with the kit so I was unaware it was "off".
  9. My kind of build Doc! I like it lots. OBS frame
  10. I just made a trade with Dave. I sent him a 1/24 model kit in it's box to give you a size and weight reference (1 pound 1.8 ounces). I looked at the USPS International shipping site and only got confused. I took my package to the PO. The Postal worker figured out the cost, printed the label and completed the customs form from the information I supplied. The info consisted of what was in the package (plastic scale model), value (I said $30) and if it was a gift or merchandise. I said gift. The total to ship was $24.50. Seems reasonable considering how far it is traveling. It's about $12 and $15 difference from me shipping a package to the west coast. Just seems to me that if Dave (or anyone in the UK) has something you want and you have something they want it's only going to cost a bit more to ship it. Depending on size and weight perhaps. This is only my example.
  11. I really like this. It's the best looking Aztek I've seen. Most creative too. I'd like an Aztek. It would need to be budget priced but I'd drive it.
  12. I'd be interested in the nose pieces needed to turn the 79 into a 77/78 if there is a source for that.
  13. Thank you for posting this Pete J. It should be all anyone needs to make the best airbrush purchase for someone who is looking to buy one. Be it their first AB or to add to what they may now need and want to accomplish. Great info. This should be a separate pinned thread. Mods?
  14. I'll add my yea to the painting process. Nothing like seeing the color come alive. Least favorite is the sanding and prep work to get it to the point you can paint it.
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