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  1. Thank you for your input too Eric. If you own some and don't think they are that bad I will keep that in mind. They seem to sell for about $10 less than the name brands which is too close price wise for me to consider them .I will keep my eye out for them at shows etc. and buy them if they are priced around the point they were when new.
  2. Some cool stuff here. Looks like a few bidders got a decent bargain. I only scrolled through the first 100 though. Seemed the vehicles were done by then. The two that caught my eye were the Internationals.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to post all these Alan. Much obliged! Being they aren't $10 kits on feeBay anymore I think I will disregard getting one of these and hopefully I can find a name brand kit for around the same price as these are going for. From what I read of the descriptions in the above reviews these kits are too toy like, and not that accurate. Thank you again Alan.
  4. I've found a couple of these 1/32 kits that have piqued my interest. They seem to sell a bit lower than the other name brand kits. Has anyone bought and/or built one of these? I'd like to know how they compare to the more common Revell, Airfix, etc. kits. Are they accurate to the originals design, good fitting parts, (fairly) easy to assemble? Any input would be helpful and appreciated.
  5. Outstanding. Very well done!
  6. This would be a cool model. I had one of these "Thing"s back in the day. It was awesome. I hope this would be available in the U.S. as I typically don't purchase model stuff if it has to cross an ocean.
  7. Ray, Ray, Ray (I am shaking my head no at this point). I'll preface by saying that if you go the route you chose, and you get an unsatisfactory paint job from it, there are reasons. I agree with Bill. Get a Paasche H, or a Binks Wren (B, medium needle/nozzle). At least a name brand airbrush. As for the canned air. This will probably cause you more problems than a cheap airbrush. You really can't regulate it that well and what happens if you run out of air before you are finished? Do you have a friend/relative that has a compressor you can borrow? If you want to go cheap on an airbrush (and I don't believe I'm telling you) I found this: https://www.harborfreight.com/34-and-3-oz-airbrush-kit-62294.html They usually offer a 20% discount on one item so you'd be looking at $8.00 plus tax. I do not own one, I have never used one and I plan on never doing so. You can read the reviews and decide for yourself. I think they have a 10% off your entire purchase and I think I got a 30% off coupon in this weeks mail. That coupon is at the bottom of my fairly filled garbage can so I will not be researching that info. I hope your project turns out well.
  8. I know this thread is titled What did you see on the road today?. I spend a good bit of time on the road and have posted some cars I have come across. Most of them were not "on the road" at the time I came across them but I'd like to share at least a pic of what I do see, when I see them. As an example, I talked to this owner today. He does drive them both.
  9. At least for now it has to be the Death Proof Nova Model (and where my user name came from). A whole lot of scratch-built stuff. Used pics of the interior shot car. The website is no longer online that I can find. I have had the Charger and the Challenger almost finished, except for paint and assembly for almost as long as this car has been done (2009). The Mustang is still in it's box, unstarted. They are all waiting for "someday".
  10. Nice score Sam! This one looks exceptionally cool:
  11. These are all done very well. Excellent! You must have been busy juggling in the not too distant past. They all look great. I'm partial to the Vette's myself. Nice rescue on the Tom Daniels and it's good to see an '81-'83 built.
  12. This is some great reference material. Thank you for posting!
  13. Saw this yesterday. And in case you want to see how to do a bag system...
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