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  1. In case you have one in your stash and you don't know what it is, the engine are the two parts that the arrows are pointing to. I have a build planned and I really need this engine.
  2. iso info on life cereal cars

    I remember getting a Pink Panther Mobile in a box of Pink Panther Flakes. IIRC it may have been a zip start car. It was about, or tad longer, than the size of Hot Wheels.
  3. I'm still looking for this. I don't know if it's still a current kit, if you'd find one at Hobby Lobby use the 40% discount coupon. Ollie's (or similar) might have one on close-out. Please keep it in mind when you visit such places. I'll reimburse you with a trade or $.
  4. Great Traders List

    I just completed a trade with Khils. Super guy and a quick shipper. I'll trade with Kevin again anytime.
  5. Cool beanies Mike, I hope you have one. Have a safe trip. Thank you. Jim
  6. I almost always listen to Pink Floyd, Metallica and Billy Idol. They have a way of psyching me up. I built a model a good while ago and only listened to Pink Floyd's "The Wall". It was on cassette and the player just kept reversing itself. Ahhh, good times!
  7. I'm looking for a Revell 1/24 Huey helicopter. All I need is the two piece engine if you'd have that to trade. I ordered a kit to start casting again so if you don't want to trade the engine I'd appreciate if I could borrow one to cast. I will return it along with something for letting me borrow it. Or I'll trade for a complete, unstarted kit. Pm me with what you have and what you're looking for please. The dragster that was in this ad has been traded.
  8. Hello from Pottsville Pennsylvania

    Welcome from south west Pa!!!
  9. Great Traders List

    I had a great trade with vintagedragcrazy (Vince) and we had the opportunity to meet in person at a swap-meet. He is a great guy to trade with and we worked out another trade while we were there.
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    These came from the same show as my post above. This was a trade between vintagedragcrazy (Vince) and myself. We had agreed to the trade about a month ago but he suggested that we meet at this show. He is the first forum member that I've met and he is nicer in person than he is on your screen. Great guy.
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I went to a model show/swap meet and came away with these sealed kits. The Mack was purchased because of a post I have in the truck section.
  12. I went to a model show/swapmeet today and scored this. The dragster isn't important to this conversation but the Mack is. Both are sealed. Now I will not need to try to convert my Convoy rig. Thank you to all who helped me. It is greatly appreciated. This project is on the back burner for now but I have a better start thanks to you fine gentleman. I'll need to place an Auslowe order too.
  13. Thank you for the input Anton and Dave. I did realize that the dash had to be changed . The R685ST sounds like the best way to go. Not having that kit I do not know what it's dash looks like. A lot of times these conversions can be done by cutting the dished in "passenger" side and grafting it onto the opposite side. No that difficult I wouldn't think. I was afraid of a lot of body hack and whack. Looking at the Auslowe site I'd guess that I'd need the 16" Cyclopac air cleaner (AC2) but I'm not sure which of the Ram tubes to use. https://www.auslowe.com.au/shop/category/aircleaners-accessories-/383 I'm gonna have to watch the movie again to refresh my memory and pause it to look at different aspects of the truck. It is my favorite film.
  14. Is anyone familiar with the differences in the two rigs from these movies? I believe that the RW rig is a R600 and the Convoy rig is a RS700 (RS712LST). Can the Convoy rig be used (without a ton of work) to replicate the Road Warrior truck? Is there another Mack model that would be an easier conversion? I know that AITM has resin parts available to convert a Pete 359 to the Duel rig. Does anyone make the parts needed to convert the Convoy Mack to Road Warrior? If this subject has come up before, my apologies. I searched the site using the Search function here and by modelcarsmag.com road warrior mack as per instructions in the Q&A section. I used both StartPage (Google) and DuckDuckGo as my search engines. I got nothing.
  15. Great Traders List

    I had a great trade with Modlbldr. I'd trade again with Tom anytime!!!