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  1. Updated pic of my girlfriend who I had brought home Christmas day 2020. I updated a second pic a while later as when I got her I was told she was a male. The first time she went into heat I knew other-wise. I said then I would have her fixed but I've been contemplating breeding her once. I need to find a large hairy Maine Coon to breed her with. Then again she has gone into heat three times in the past two months. Her first heat lasted 4 days, the second lasted 5 and the last one was 7. It gets to be a trying experience. I said I had to rename her. Although I call her many different names I have pretty much settled on Punkin as her vet name. Most names I call her have Punk in them somewhere.
  2. It was a surprise fer sure. And back to reality, I had purchased some sewing machine parts on Sunday night. The label was created and they did ship on Monday the 6th. It shows as having left Sacramento on the 7th. I figure the next update should have them in Pittsburgh. It's usually 4 or 5 days so I'm not concerned at this time. Looking forward to seeing them. When you can Bill.
  3. And now for something completely different... I ordered a part for my riding mower after work on Monday the 6th. It showed a shipping label was created that day. The seller is in California and I am just south of Pittsburgh Pa. It was put in the mail on Tuesday the 7th. It was in my mailbox today, the 8th. Wowzer! I did not pay for next day or 2 day shipping.
  4. Well, found another. This one is a Franklin. They were made by the Domestic Sewing Machine Co and sold through Sears & Roebuck. The serial number records are pretty much non existent so I do not know when this one was made. It is a copy of the Singer 27 (the machine I got previous to this one). I think from the decals this might be an Egyptian model as there are scarab beetles on it. I'm not sure. The Egyptian model was to compete with the Singer 27 Sphinx. I wanted it as it is a treadle model in a small cabinet. The machine and treadle move freely. It needs a new belt and the front slide plate is missing. I tried the slide plate from the Singer 27 and it fits fine. I will switch between the two as needed, for now. It even has the key for the door. I didn't really want another machine as I have more than enough projects I'm working on. I saw it so I tried to get it before it was gone. I did and it was fairly cheap and real close to my house (gas prices ya know). Pics are in "as found" condition.
  5. Which is pretty much a thing of the past with most people today sad to say.
  6. This is the one trying to go up the garage: And this is one that was after the nest in the light: Might be the same one judging by the length you can see. Beautiful snake(s) though.
  7. I had a robins nest in a light on my side porch last year. A black snake had crawled up the wall, across the top of the doorway and it's head was on the mount for the light. It was about 8 inches from the young birds when I caught it. I doubt the mama bird would'a been able to stop it. I caught 5 snakes last year. 4 were after the birds in this nest the other was after a nest in the roof of my garage which is right near the side porch. The one going up the garage had to be 6 feet long. Of the other 4 one was about 2-1/2 feet long, and it was the most feisty, and the others were 3 feet and longer. Then again, I like non venomous snakes too.
  8. Nice find TJ. There was a robins nest inside my pole building garage (no door). They made it on the top of a pallet that is leaning against one wall. There were 4 young'uns in it. Last weekend I found one on the ground, same as the one you found, and three still in the nest. They were all gone this morning so they must have taken flight. The nest is empty now. I believe robins abandon the nest after the little ones have left. I'm surprised they weren't snake food. There are some black snakes around here.
  9. And counting LoL! I paid $20 for the Singer 27. Pretty much the cost of a fast food meal. I have no doubt it will work as it was designed 122 years ago. I hate to see these go to landfills. I'll take all the free ones I can find and if I find one I'd really like I'll buy it, if it's cheap of course. I do have a friend who may need one. I haven't spoken to her recently but I plan to see if she could use one. I'll give her the Singer 99 in the cabinet.
  10. I'm pretty sure there is one member here who might not think these sewing machines should be on this auto based forum. Perhaps more members would agree. Well...I picked this up over the past weekend. The seat base looks mighty bad and there is no pad for the back rest. I'm pretty sure all the sewing machines I have could sew up leather covers for it. It's a B-207 BTW. This is as found condition. Still needs some work before I try to start it. And old Allis Chalmers tractors are another thing I like. I've now got two. The B-207 and a B-110. Both should be from the late 1960s. Maybe I should start a thread asking if anyone is into old riding tractors.
  11. Yep, I'm still at this. Got this one a week ago. It's a Singer model 27. It was made at the Elizabethport NJ plant in 1910. This one is called a Sphinx model as it has two Sphinx decals. One on the bed center and one on the front upper right. I wanted it as it is different than the other ones I have. This one has what they call a vibrating shuttle which, I believe, has to do with the way the bobbin operates. It looks like a side motion hammer stroke. The cabinet needs a lot of work also. The back has deteriorated badly,the bottom is no longer attached and a piece of the top where the machine lowers has a huge crack. I'm cleaning the machine up now as it was extremely dirty. I want to be able to handle it without harming more of the finish on it. It does have a motor which needs rewired.
  12. I may do that at some point. Right now I am more interested in the sewing machines so this is a back burner.
  13. I helped a friend clean out his sisters house after she passed away. I got a couple old sewing machines and this. I looked it up when I got it home and IIRC it is from 1933.
  14. I have Comcast/Xfinity. When I moved here a couple years ago I told them I only wanted internet. My bill is $70 a month. My laptop is hard wired to it. My phone and my son's laptop and phone work off the WIFI.
  15. It looks like a great start and sounds like you have a good plan. I'll be following along.
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