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  1. DPNM added a post in a topic 1/18 ERTL Warlock, AMT LIL Red, Mono 86 Monte SS Wanted   

    Jason, is the Monte complete and unstarted?
    What are you looking for?
  2. DPNM added a post in a topic 1/18 ERTL Warlock, AMT LIL Red, Mono 86 Monte SS Wanted   

    I am really grateful and I truly appreciate that you are willing to do that Jordon. 
    I owned a black 1978 2WD Warlock back in the early '80s that I purchased used from a friend of mine. I'm at the age (old) where I'd like to have some of the vehicles that I owned when I was younger. I rediscovered the Warlock and got a bad hankering for one. I can't afford the 1 to 1 scale so that is why I thought I'd try to find one in 1/18th, being that there is a die-cast of one. It's also why I'm looking for the Lil Red Truck, to convert it into a Warlock.
    Thank you!
    PM sent
  3. DPNM added a post in a topic 1/18 ERTL Warlock, AMT LIL Red, Mono 86 Monte SS Wanted   

    Yes sir, I'm interested in it. What are you looking for?
  4. DPNM added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/18 ERTL Warlock, AMT LIL Red, Mono 86 Monte SS Wanted
    I am looking for a ERTL 1/18th scale Dodge Warlock die-cast, an unstarted AMT Lil Red truck and an unstarted Monogram Monte Carlo SS kit #2731.
    Listed is what I've found to use as trade. All these kits are open and not started. I will describe each one to the best of my knowledge.
    Sportster is complete kit Testors # 7203
    El Camino is complete, box is rough Revell kit # 85-2979
    Chevy truck is complete as far as I know kit Revell # 85-7646
    McLaren is complete Accurate Miniatures kit # 5002
    Porsche 911 is missing decals Tamiya kit # 24175-2500 (Taisan Starcard)
    Jaguar XJR9LM is complete Tamiya kit # 24084-2200
    Grand Sport Corvette does not have photo-etched parts Accurate Miniatures kit # 240001
    I've gotten rid of a whole lot of models so I don't have much left. If you have something on my list you are willing to part with and you don't want what I have to offer I may be able to scrounge up something else.

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  5. DPNM added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Just had a great trade with afx. Excellent trader!!!
  6. DPNM added a post in a topic 58 Impala Low Rider   

    EXCELLENT!!! Amazing!!! Great build!!!This car is Awesome!!! I really like the work you put into this.
  7. DPNM added a post in a topic What are your model building resolutions for 2015?   

    No resolutions either but my plan is to sell the models I know I will never get to and start on another hobby.
  8. DPNM added a post in a topic Does anyone look at eModelCars? Guess not   

    Lee, If you click the link in my first post on this subject it seems to me you can reference putting items on eModelCars. Maybe I'm wrong. If I am correct it may have been the best way for people to draw potential buyers and the site would have more listings than it does or, then again, maybe it is aliens???
  9. DPNM added a post in a topic Does anyone look at eModelCars? Guess not   

    I am giving it a try. If it works correctly the auctions should end on Saturday, January 3rd. It is a short window of opportunity. I started my auctions at a lower cost than if I would have listed them on eBay. If you feel they are priced too high that is your opinion. I believe that the pricing is fair.

    I'll see how this goes and may put more items on later or just say the ***heck*** with it.
  10. DPNM added a post in a topic Does anyone look at eModelCars? Guess not   

    To all that have responded so far, I appreciate your input. I would only list items at the same price that I would if I were putting them on feeBay. I have a pretty good idea of what they are worth and that is the price I would go with. I'm not trying to rip someone off nor do I want to lose money. I feel that my prices would be fair and for the most part sell on feeBay. I usually offer free shipping with my items and that is what I would do on this site. As the buyer I would hope that people would understand that part of my shipping cost is included in the starting price. I would also offer a "bundle" discount if someone was interested in buying more than one item. That is possible because of having no seller fees.

    It would be nice if there was more interest in the site. Being that we aren't allowed to sell on the forum I, for one, was unsure if I could mention my listings on the MCM forum for items I would list on emodelcars. That, to me, would be/is the best way to draw interest to the site in general and my listings in particular . I may just give it a go. My user name on eModelCars is the same as it is here.
  11. DPNM added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Does anyone look at eModelCars? Guess not
    I need some quick cash and I want to sell off some of my models. The usual way I would do this is list them on feeBay but, as you can see by what I call it, I am tired of paying their HIGH seller fees. Does anyone on here look at emodelcars? It is a small site like the giant one but it seems that the stuff on it has been there a long time. It's sad as there is a tab for it at the top of the forum page. It could become huge if more people read/used it. And it's free!!!

    As said, I need my cash quick so I'm not sure that emodelcars would be the place to post them unfortunately. I prefer not to list them on feeBay either.

    I have read most of this thread (I couldn't take it all, too much bickering and whining) http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=70679&hl=emodelcars and it seems that if I do post my items for sale on emodelcars that I can mention in this thread that they are listed and anyone interested can go there to see them. I am not selling on the MCM forum, just referencing emodelcars. Is this correct, I can reference?
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  12. DPNM added a post in a topic Jus' call me Bonehead!   

    WOWZER !!! I may be presuming too much but my guess is you got your user name from your ex . Nice collection and it's cool to see you got the bun size dog.
  13. DPNM added a post in a topic Ferrari 350 CanAm (conversion from P4 Coupe)   

  14. DPNM added a post in a topic MCM Forum - expert work expected?   

    Being we are referencing dictionary terms I would suggest this one when you wish to comment on another members build.

    tact [takt]
    noun 1. a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations. If you want to offer helpful advice by all means do. An explanation of how to do it would/could be useful. If you just want to criticize without trying to help the builder improve it seems to me it would be best not to comment. I have seen plenty of builds here where the builder is praised even though, in my opinion, it doesn't deserve it (bad/orange-peel paint etc). I have also seen builders raked over the coals for small details of omission or addition. When I find a build I like I comment on it positively. I do not think that I've ever posted a negative comment on a build but that is by choice, because I choose not to. Usually any negative comments I would make have already been posted by someone else so I do not need to pile on. Criticism can be a good thing, depending on how it's given. Just my 2 cents.
  15. DPNM added a post in a topic 57 Ford, as a 2nd Family Car?   

    I was born in 1955 so I am only going by my memory and a 8mm home movie we had. My dad had a 1956 Corvette that I know he purchased new (I mention it in a different thread). He had a 1958-1960 Thunderbird (it was in a 8mm home movie). I remember riding in it once as I put my hand out the window at a gas station and my Dad closed it. My hand got stuck as the window had to go all the way up before it would go back down. He wasn't happy. I also remember that he had a Chevy pick up at the same time. There were two instances I remember about it. One, he had thrown a match that he lit a cigarette with out the wing window and it went around the front and burned my brothers cheek when it came back in the passengers window. Also, I remember my Dad hitting the brakes hard once and my brothers face bounced off the dash and his front teeth went through his bottom lip. Come to think of it that truck must not have been fond of my brother :-)

    It might not have been 1957 specifically but it had to be around that time period.