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  1. You can if you want to but I wouldn't. Who knows what parts they may pull out with it, steering wheel, turn signal post, shifter, parking brake, headrests etc.
  2. I don't know what type or why you would wrap the model in a cloth first. What I would do is wrap the model snugly in small bubble wrap and use Scotch tape on some of the seams, enough to keep it in the wrap. If you leave pull tabs that would be a plus. I'd place in a zip lock bag. I would wrap this with medium size bubble wrap. You need a box that this just fits in. If you would need more packing material around the inside of the box I suggest WalMart type plastic shopping bags. They are light and won't add much to the weight of the package. If you are selling these on feeBay put a disclaimer in (not that it might help) stating that you pack as carefully as you can but once it leaves your hands you have no control over it. I've worked in the package delivery business, no matter how well you pack it, damage can occur.
  3. Thank you for the link Mike. I was looking for the instructions for a different kit and sure enough, it was there. Sorry to post in your thread Luc, I just appreciated the link provided here. I hope you get the instructions if the Camaro ones won't work for you.
  4. What image hosting do we use?

    I had used Ph...bucket 'til they did what they did. I now store my pics on my computer and upload from there. If I don't have the pic stored already I just snap a pic or few with my camera and upload those. It's free and there is no fear of it becoming a charged service down the road and having my pics held hostage.
  5. Autoquiz 409

    Yes, me too. A lot are right hand drive so I give myself a pass on those. Still look to see if I can identify one but alas, nope. I wasn't even good at a background car on the last post. And to agree with MrObsessive, if this car were a cat I'd think you are about to be clawed. It is kinda cute though.
  6. I found the post on this eldiablo78. I can't think of enough good words to say how well this was built. Golly!!! It's breathtaking. From his post it sounded like his models were stored in his shed which is what burned. What a loss. Tragic. I tried to post a direct link here but it didn't work. I believe I found the Mahenoguy post on page 2. I have a diorama scene that I've been gathering pieces for, it's still a project I haven't decided to start yet.
  7. The blueprint is really awesome eldiablo78. Thank you for sharing it.
  8. Weigh Station

    Outstanding craftsmanship. Incredible detail. You do excellent work and it shows. Well done!!!
  9. Sure. Thank you for the offer and for your time!
  10. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    And it more than likely is a Simca. As you can tell, I'm not good at this game.
  11. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    I don't know what it is either but there looks like a decent Volvo behind it.
  12. It certainly looks like an awesome build on the Fury Road truck in the video.
  13. Great Traders List

    I had a recent trade with OldTrucker (Johnny) and I'd trade with him again.
  14. 1956 Citroen DS

    I've always liked these cars and you built an excellent rendition of it. Well done!!!
  15. '89 Nissan Sunny Truck / Hasegawa / 1:24

    You did an excellent job weathering this "Twinkie Toter". Well done!!!!