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  1. Sorry this won't be much of an update but it's where I'm at. I started to assemble the engine and realized that I should paint it as I build it. I believe that if I glue too many parts together I won't be able to get paint in all the nooks and crannies so bare plastic may show. Or I'll get runs etc trying to do it. I learned to use an airbrush in the '70s and have always used lacquer. I understand what I can and can't do with lacquer and I understand most of it's pluses and minuses. I paint outside mostly because of my cat. I don't think he needs a lacquer buzz. I'm in the process of trying to make a paint booth setup but that is just a bit in the future yet. I need to start using water based paint. I've put it off far too long but now is as good a time as any. Actually, more so. This is going to involve a real learning curve for me. I have some spare bodies to practice on. I have decided to go with one system. I'll be using Createx paints. I like the various options in their line. I've been watching their videos on how to thin, primer, mix etc. I hope to start spraying here shortly. I still need to buy a couple more things yet. I had painted a hard hat once using water base and I didn't like it. I did not do enough research on it and that is why I got an unpleasant result. I figure I can paint everything on this build except the cab and related parts (I have the lacquer based paints I plan to use there already) with water base. This should definitely help me in the long run. And not that I haven't done anything, I got the parts together to make a winch for the bed. I'm not sure what is on the tail of the bed now but I guess it's supposed to be some sort a winch representation?!? I still have a couple tweeks I need to do to it yet and one is painting it, go figure. This thing caused me much consternation. I had to remake it 3 times to get it this far. The rubber band is just holding it together for the pic of course.
  2. I do my model building in the basement. My workbench is also my computer desk . My Buddy doesn't get on it. When I'm away from it I be sure to put the chair in. He doesn't jump up on the counters either. I do let him sleep on my bed and the couch. Seems better to me than the floor but the floor is what he usually sleeps on. He is a good cat, turned 10 last August. Indoor only all his life. Maine coon so he is rather large. A pic of him doing what he does best:
  3. I have a few I'd consider trading as I'd like to see them finished and I doubt I'll get around to them. 1) MPC '57 Corvette. I had planned to make this with a 4 link rear end. It was over my head. I believe that someone offers a 4 link setup in PE. It may be the way to go. Included are the front suspension pieces to make it work (in the baggie on top of frame, 3rd pic). The chrome on the rear wheels is bad and I used aluminum tubing for the rear axle. 2) Revell 2006 Corvette. It is my understanding that this body style went to 2013. This was to be my homage as a 50th anniversary car. Most of the parts not intended for the body are still in sealed bags. 3) Tamiya 1/12 Virago. I got this kit from a member of a different forum with a bunch of other stuff. It was a replica of a bike he owned. I was going to try to finish it and send it back to him. That was about 15 years ago or so. It's now to the point it is too small for me to work on. My eyes aren't what they used to be and I have a hard time with smallish kits like this. I can give a more detailed description of any of these and supply more pics. PM me if you are interested please.
  4. You can't. If you want it deleted a Mod has to do it. On the right hand side of your first post you should see where it says report post, move your cursor over toward the funny shaped thing on the right and it should be there. Click on report post and in the box ask a Mod to delete the thread. If you just want to edit the title to say milling you should still be able to do that.
  5. Thank you Charles, your process should help me. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it. I doubt it is that difficult and I do understand the importance of keeping the frame square.
  6. This is extremely well done Tom. Excellent! And thank you bringing it back. It will be reference material on my BRBO.
  7. It's great to see you entered JT. I'll be keeping an eye on your build. And I'm glad to see you back and building.
  8. I'd love to see some pics JT. I will take all the advice I can get. I haven't put glue to plastic yet as I found that my workbench was much too cluttered. I barely had room for a 1/25th model and this will dwarf that once it starts moving along. I now have about a 30" X 20" work area to use. I had to move almost all my tools to a different area and I'm still sorting that out. I'm continuing to formulate my plan for this build too. I should be able to start on the engine soon.
  9. Nicely executed models. Well Done! Your photographs are very good too. Taking it outside makes it stand out. I sure wouldn't mind seeing more pics, especially of the LoneStar. A LoneStar is my entry in the BRBO and I will use your pics as food for thought. If you have any build suggestions I'd like to hear those also. You can post on my build thread or send me a PM. EDIT: I didn't realize the post was from a couple years ago until after I posted the above. Sure the pics have the date on them but unless I turn that feature off before I download pics it would show from 1/1/1912 with the camera I use. Still a nice build and I will be studying the pics.
  10. I recently tried to strip unprimed paint from a part and I let it soak in Super Clean for 5 days. It had no affect. I dripped some 91% alcohol on it and it will come off. When I need to strip that part I know I can put it in the alcohol.
  11. Well I've had enough. It's sad that the PiF has come to this. The only thing chasracer has not done is respond to the question of “is the Williams still up for trade“. It reads to me that this PiF went off the tracks when the spy car was offered before chasracer's response. That should not have happened. True, we would still be waiting for his response but I doubt that his name and reputation would be dragged through the mud as it sure reads to me to have been. And there would not be a three trade pile-up behind it that came afterward that seems to have angered more people. I find it highly unlikely that chasracer came here to scam a Ramchargers kit from someone. I am also a believer of giving the benefit of the doubt. It may be news to you but you do NOT need to be signed in to read posts on the forum. Maybe he has done that and read some of the most recent posts. Has it occurred to anyone besides me that he may now be too afraid to respond? I would suggest that you go back through the posts in this PiF. You will find that many offerings have “sat” for a couple of weeks, or longer, before being claimed or changed to a different kit offering. This current “pause” has been 12 days. I would like to suggest that people sit back, take a deep breath and give him at least a few more days to respond. I believe that we will hear from him soon. And chasracer, if you read this, please send me a PM, I’d like to talk to you.
  12. If I can turn it into something great, time will tell. I'm gonna try Scott. For years my two favorite trucks have been the 1.) Kenworth Aerodyne COE and 2.) the KW Aerodyne conventional. When this truck came out it jumped up on the list. The first time I saw one on the road it reminded me of something. It reminds me of it each time I see one on the road. What it reminds me of is going to be the basis/theme of this build. In the back of my mind I'd like a wee bit more time than til August but I need to stay off the computer and get on the workbench. I have the load this semi will be carrying that I need to build for it too. Plus I'm in the CBR. IIRC I have til November to finish the CBR so if I build steady I should be good. I need to paint outside and that is my biggest factor.
  13. Thanks Joe! If it goes according to plan it should turn into a wild ride.
  14. Thanks Jeff. I know I will have a better idea once I start to get into it. A bit before the time I'll be ready to tackle the frame stretch I'll be looking for the help. I have to start unboxing the kit yet. All I've done is open the box and poke around a bit.
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