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  1. If you have an eBay account you can add " Polynesian Beige DupliColor Dupli Color Dupli-Color" (spelled all 3 ways-just in case) and if someone would list it you will get an email from eBay ( you need to specify to receive emails). Use the "Saved Searches" feature. This has worked for me as my paint of choice is DupliColor. I was looking for some discontinued colors and I did (eventually) find them. It did take a while for one but I bought it when it showed up.
  2. Dusty Dios

    As an alternative, depending on the size of your diorama, you may be able to find an empty aquarium that you can put over it.
  3. '73 Camaro (Replica)

    Excellent build replicating your 1 to 1 Mark. The '70-'73 Camaro is my favorite body style and you did a fine job. Well done!!
  4. Yep....those are "3-D" flames. Don't ask me how they did it... I have an idea on how these may have been done. You would lay out the flame pattern masking the outer portion. Paint the flames white. Mask around the top edge with 1/8th" striping tape and another about 1/8th" in from that (the width between them does vary though). You would need to cut the tape to a point when you mask the curved inner parts. You would then paint the yellow. Next fog in the orange, red and blue. Remove the striping tape. It looks like the white is a bit toned down so you could mix the colors (the yellow, orange, red and blue) with clear and lightly go over the white lines. I can see this in my mind, don't know if I explained it well enough. It is a nice effect. Gonna post a pic of my favorite paint job. The shadows are amazing. It's called the Snow Monster and the build can be found at the link. http://www.bosscatlegacy.com/miscproto/snowmonster/snowmonster.htm
  5. Wondercutter

    As mentioned, $400 seems a bit much. Watching the video didn't really show anything that would make me want to go out and spend that much for one.
  6. Stuka....

    Superb build Phillip. The Stuka is my all time favorite airplane and your rendition is excellent!!! What scale btw?
  7. Yes, thank you for posting the link Steve. I don't know why it didn't come up in either of my searches??? I think I'll hold off too, unless I can find one really cheap. I have an idea for some customization of it but it seems that the work required is not worth the price as it is. Still, I think the actual car is awesome.
  8. A car I really like is the Cadillac XLR. I was taken with the first one I had seen. Turns out that Jimmy Flintstone offers one that seems to use a Revell 1997-2004 Corvette as the donor. I searched the forum (two different ways) and I found no posts concerning the XLR. Does anyone here have one of these and if so, I'd like your opinion on the piece before I'd buy one. I'm interested in the amount of flash, especially if it's in bad/hard to remove areas, does it look accurate, would it mate to the donor drive train easily, etc. Any input is appreciated.
  9. Arctic Cat El Tigre

    Nice build on this Lee. I've got a couple needing restored somewhere around here.
  10. I agree with Monty's pic of the 917/10. You can add the 917/30 as another for me.
  11. Wanted: NY or Penn. plates

    Travis, if you are not aware, Pennsylvania plates only go on the rear of the vehicle. At least they have been that way as long as I can remember (which goes back to the 1960s). We also had Pa. inspection stickers that went on the drivers side bottom corner of the windshield. The pic of the inspection sticker is off the 'net. I can't say for certain that it's correct although more than likely it is. You may also find one closer to the year you are trying to represent. I only googled "vintage Pa inspection sticker" to find this one, if you would want to go the route to include one. If you don't, don't be surprised if you get pulled over and are given a ticket for no sticker.
  12. 57 chevy build

    I don't think your build looks as bad as you say it does. Not a bad execution for all the firsts. I've never been a fan of BMF, I usually went with the silver Sharpie. Put another way, I never had success with BMF so I avoid it. The Molotow seems like the answer but I have as yet to use one. Your build looks good to me.
  13. Consider starting a new pay it forward?

    I've gone full circle using the PM system instead of the PIF. It is a type of PIF. A while back I had a want ad posted looking for a specific die-cast. A member here offered to send me what I wanted. He paid the shipping too. A short time ago I had a trade ad up looking for something and I had pics of the kits I had to trade. Another member here didn't have what I was looking for but was interested in one of the kits I was offering. I shipped it to him not asking for anything in return. It's one of the "what goes around comes around" type of things. Someone helped me so I returned the favor. This worked better for me than the PIF. The value of each item was not a concern. I was really grateful to get the item I wanted and I am certain the member I shipped to appreciated the kit. Win-win.
  14. Unusual kit for trade - The General

    Not to be a kill-joy but there are quite a few differences between the General and the engine in BTTF3. I read where Mr. Irvine does mention that the General is a 4-4-0 and the BTTF3 is a (Rodgers) 4-6-0. I'm a train guy and there are quite a few more things that aren't correct. The General's boiler, headlight, smoke-stack and domes for starters. The cab would be wrong if a correct boiler was made. You couldn't add another set of drivers to make a 4-6-0 as they are too large in diameter. The bell, tender and the cow-catcher would probably be OK. Just my opinion, you may as well build the BTTF3 car from a Ferrari Testarossa while you are at it. It's "kinda close" too. You could always build the General as, well..., the General.
  15. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    I started a 1/6 scale Tamiya Harley SuperGlide in 2010 (which I restated til I put it away again in 2012) to replicate the one I owned "back in the day". I am trying to complete my first die-cast, a Dodge Warlock in 1/18th. Once I finish that project I plan to at least return to it and get some work done on the 'Glide. I started it on a different forum. The restart link to it is here: http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/motorcycles/46146-superglide-project-return.html?highlight=1%2F6+tamiya+superglide My first post is here: http://www.scalemotorcars.com/forum/all-events/6331-model-sunday-01-24-2010-a.html?highlight=#post43657