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  1. So what you are saying is Robdebie gave you advice on a different thread that you posted. In saying that it means that you have chosen not to follow any of the advice in this thread? Why is this thread here then? I collect airbrushes. I have a new Paasche H with all 3 needle,nozzle, air caps and a hose I know does not leak. When I first saw this post I had thought about trying to work something out with you for it. I will no longer do that as I believe if you don't get the perfect paint job the first time that you use it it will be the airbrushes fault (and that would have included me). You can choose whichever airbrush you think will work best for you. The sad truth is it's not the airbrush. It's the skill of the person using it.
  2. Me too. What a saga!!! The OP asked for advice and then doesn't want to take it. He's got a better way. This has lead to frustration for those trying to help. It seems we've gotten to this point. Should be about time to just let it go.
  3. My first real job was at a fast food burger joint back around 1975ish named Winky's. It was up the road from Mickey Dees. I think the cheeseburgers may have been 30 cents but that was too long ago. It was a local Pittsburgh franchise. There were about 12 to 15 stores IIRC. They had gotten to the point of not only wanting to compete with McD they also added items that other fast food chains offered. Chicken like Kentucky Fried, roast beef like Arby's, fish like Long John Silvers. I worked at multiple locations over the course of 8 to 10 years until they went belly-up.
  4. Found this on another forum I am on. Airbrush painting of Roger Waters. Artist is Kim McCann. I think he did a great job on this. I asked and he said he's looking for a good current pic of David Gilmore as he plans to do him next.
  5. I'd suggest not mixing the two also. You are a lot better off buying some Duplicolor primer and using that. You will then know they should be compatible.
  6. From my post above I had a doubly good experience recently. I bought and paid for a second item Thursday night. A few hours later it showed as shipped. Checking Friday it too was in the mail. I got them both yesterday. The second one didn't have as far to travel.
  7. If I get a table I plan to have my user name here on it somewhere.
  8. Thank you Joe. I PMed a 3RA member here and he said he was going to snail mail me a couple copies.
  9. This is the song that changed me. It was the lines: The paper holds their folded faces to the floor and every day the paperboy brings more. This was the first "visual" that I ever got out a song's lyrics. I knew what it was saying, at least to me. I started listening to lyrics and PF has some of the best. My second favorite band is Metallica for the same reason, the lyrics. And they both make great music. And I love their use of female background vocals in their songs.
  10. Pleasant surprise. I won and paid for an item yesterday. Showed as shipped last night. Checked near the end of the day and it's in the hands of the USPS! Now all I gotta do is hope they don't mess it up.
  11. To my eyes, which aren't the greatest, the orange Firebird looks to be based on a C2 Corvette. The front of the car, the grille and hide-away headlights, are what pop out to me.
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