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  1. This place has the best prices on new (and some used) airbrushes that I've found in my searches on the interweb. They don't carry every brand and model but their selection is quite extensive. They carry replacement parts for some airbrushes along with a wide variety of airbrush products. Their prices are good on these too. They have a loyalty program (based on your purchase price) where you earn points to put toward other purchases or merchandise. If you are in the market for a new brush (or need some parts or supplies for yours) check them out: https://spraygunner.com/ If you are going to place an order, please use my referral posted below and you will receive 5% off of your first order: https://a.marsello.com/l/60039671f2f6ab0ed8b543a9
  2. I have a few Badger airbrushes and this is THE place to buy replacement parts. Their prices are the best I've found. Shipping is usually fast and the shipping charge is fairly reasonable. If you have a Badger brush, and you need parts, check them out. You can find better prices on airbrushes and AB sets online but for parts they are the best. If you know of a place with better prices please let me know. If you go to the Badger website and click "Got Parts" it takes you to this company. I do not know if USA AB is a division of Badger or if they are just a company doing business with them. https://usaairbrushsupply.com/p/parts-and-accessories
  3. I think it's a great idea. I may pick up at least one.
  4. That does appear to be the source Mark. Thank you! It does look like the center hole was filled in with a piece of plastic and, from what I've seen since you posted, the raised parts on the top of the hood that held "vents" has been sanded smooth. Whoever did it did a good job to my eye.
  5. It doesn't appear modified to me. The MPC kits I've looked at have the Y shape integrated into the scoop as the 1 to 1 does. This one is square. I appreciate the reply Snake. I figured you would know. I'm not ready to trade it. Not sure what all I'll do to restore it. I want to strip the chassis and interior.
  6. Picked this up recently. From my research it looks to be an MPC model. A couple things about it have me puzzled. It looks to be molded in grey. All the pics I've seen of the MPC kit are molded in white. I can't find a pic of this hood either. I'm stripping the black off the underside of the hood to see if it is the same grey color. If anyone here is familiar with this kit I could use your knowledge. Snake?
  7. Very well done Kerry. I like the use of the Vette nose. It gives it a whole much different look.
  8. Had a great trade with Phil (fordf-100). I got some parts I really need. We've known each other for many many years. I used to belong to the model club he is still a member of. Great guy to deal with! Thanks again Phil.
  9. Something a wee bit more radical than Mike's offering. And you could build it sans rear wing.
  10. You're welcome Phil. I hope you find the stripes you are looking for. The Ossa is a great handling bike. I'll PM you the story on it.
  11. As Mike said. Should be here listed under Parallel Stripes: https://www.microscale.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?
  12. DPNM

    41 Willys

    It's cool your daughter asked you to build her a model. You did an excellent job even with the hiccup. I would think she will really like it. I like "hot" pink myself. I think it's a great color choice for some vehicles. This Willys proves it.
  13. Thank you very much for adding the pics so I have a better understanding on what you've done so far Jim. Your ruler intrigued me also. Looks so much like it would be good for working in scale I bought a small one.
  14. I do the same thing on sites such as Summit. Put what I want in the cart then have it calculate the shipping. If the shipping is reasonable I'll complete the order. If not, I just delete what is in the cart and back out of it.
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