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  1. I'll be rewatching Fight Club this weekend. The radio station a guy listens to at work plays a few songs from BooH. Good stuff. Sad day!
  2. Came today. Thayer & Chandler model AA Elite. These were produced shortly before T&C closed their doors. It does have Thayer & Chandler Chicago in the shell so this is an early model. The later ones had flats for a wrench on the head assembly (like Badger) and no T&C engraving. Will need some TLC. Has paint dried in it. The trigger wouldn't depress. Took it apart, lo and behold, no spring?!? I made one, will find a T&C spring at some point. The divider in the top of the box is missing. I can make one. Also missing most of the original parts. I believe it is the wrong hanger. The other parts shown are not for it except the 1/4" NPT adapter perhaps. A hose goes in the smaller section. I have a lot of spare hoses, I need to see if I have one that will be somewhat period correct. I also need to find some foam for the upper section. I wanted it because it is pretty much a T&C B cup. I like the trigger stop too which it comes with. This one also came today. Thayer & Chandler model A. Got it fairly cheap. I needed the spare head assembly for another T&C model A I have. I believe this case predates the clam-shell type of my other one. This has dried paint in it also. Will be cleaning it then testing both model As. I do have one more coming. Hope to see it before the end of the week. After that one I need to stop buying for a while. Or start selling some of my duplicates.
  3. Is this the one you were referring to? It's still in the Model Building Q&A section.
  4. That is quite an address Bill. LOL I am watching that one but it is way overpriced to me. If you look at the cup there should be a screw on bottom. There doesn't appear to be one. It's looks to pretty much be an airbrush and a funnel. I'll find an M. I'm not in a hurry. I believe the V pretty much took the place of the M as they are both side feeds. The V is an excellent little detail brush. And they are little compared to most. I do have three more airbrushes coming.
  5. This one came yesterday. Paasche V. I bought this to go with my AB turbo, model F, model H and the VL. They are all from somewhere between the 1930s and 1950s. Only model from this era I still need to find is the M.
  6. I believe these are now standard with the purchase of any new Citroën.
  7. My signature line says it all. I have around 60. I'd like to hear about your collection. Nice you have a turbo. Send me a PM if you'd like to talk brushes Michael.
  8. Yesterdays mail. Vintage Paasche VL. Number 3 needle/nozzle. Case interior is very nice. Came with it's instructions. Also from the 1940's I believe. Got it to go with the two model H airbrushes from the same era I got a couple weeks ago. The VL's green handle is similar in color to the one on my AB turbo.
  9. I did some research on my account last night. I'll preface by saying eBay now collects state sales tax for many of the of the US states. I pay 6% sales tax on every purchase I make on eBay. Before eBay started collecting state sales tax, as a seller, I was only required to charge sales tax to buyers in Pennsylvania. I have sold about 5 items since this new program went into effect. I found that eBay includes the cost of sales tax in with what my item sold for and to ship it. eBay gets the state tax money, I don't see a dime of it. How does that work? I'm paying a percentage for the sale on tax money I do not receive. I'll give one example: Fees based on $67.75 Item price $50.00 Shipping and handling $15.00 Sales tax $2.75 Fees based on $67.75 Total fees for item Final Value Fee -$8.50 Variable percentage • Crafts category Rate for $0.00 - $7,500.00 $67.75×12.55% =-$8.50 Final Value Fee -$0.30 Per order fixed amount Total fees -$8.80 Learn more about eBay selling fees policy This was a non Pennsylvanian buyer. Without the tax I should have been charged on $65. The sale price and shipping. That cost would have been $8.16. So they added 64 cents to their coffers. Not much until you consider how many sales per day there are. A small percentage would add up considerably. Anyone know a good class action lawyer?
  10. I just noticed you are in Europe. That may make a huge difference with their selling fees as I am in the US. I was going by this (scroll down to the chart): https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/selling-fees?id=4822 Even at 12.55% plus the extra 30 cents, for who knows what, it's more than I care to give them. It used to be a flat 10% which was still too much but at least easy to figure. I do get 100 insertions at no charge per month so that would make a difference if you are charged for them. I'm not on FB and have no plans to ever join it so selling there is not an option.
  11. I've pretty much quit selling on feeBay too. Last I checked they charge 12.55% on each item sold, including the shipping cost. They also charge 30 cents per sale on top of that?!? I have two items listed now. One I will remove tonight unless someone buys it first. I listed it yesterday hoping it would sell fast as I could use the cash. By tonight it won't make much difference as I get my paycheck Thursday. By the time I'd see the money on this sale from feeBay, usually 2 to 4 days later, I won't need it anymore. It's an item I plan to give to my niece now anyhow. The other item I have listed is a high priced thing that is at a price where, if it sells, I will break even on it after the selling fees. I have the same item listed elsewhere for $50 less as that is my actual break even point . If it sells on eBay fine. If not, oh well. I will NOT lower my price to sell it.
  12. If you try flour, and it looks good to you, perhaps a coat of flat, matte or satin clear would not leave it exposed to attract bugs.
  13. They are side feed Bill. The parts on the one on the left are for attaching to the Chameleon. It was a tank system that held 9 colors. Good idea, wasn't that great of a set up. It was a flop. There is one on eBay, extremely over-priced, missing a few things. https://www.ebay.com/itm/165190315624?hash=item26761c2e68:g:iEUAAOSwwFdhkGXd These are from the 1970s I believe. They have a needle limiter built into the back of the handle. This was long before other companies started putting them on. It has now become "vogue" but the Raven had it decades ago. The H brushes were cool to find. Once I noticed how close the serial numbers were I had to buy them both. Paasche began in the beginning of the 1900s. These 2 Hs look to be from the '40s. I now have a number of Paasche brushes from this era. Have a VL coming soon. It's from the same 1940s time period.
  14. All within the past couple days. Got my second Raven. Never been used. The foam had deteriorated into chunks and dust so I will need to replace it. Came with spare parts, in the plastic bag. That's great as these brushes, and parts for them, are hard to come by. Second pic is the pair. These were a two reason purchase. I found this Paasche model H fairly cheap. Since I have a bunch of H parts I bought it because it has the stipple knob built into the trigger which matches a Paasche F that I have. The stipple knobs are usually located in front of the trigger. The only parts that came with this one was the brush shell, the handle and an extra air cap. The rest are from my spares. I found the second one in really great shape so I bought it. The case interior is pristine. It also came with the instructions. And this is the other reason I bought them both It may be silly me but I'm figuring that these were numbered in sequential order. I bought them because the serial numbers are so close together. Yes, I will be looking for number 25422. I'm fairly certain these are from the 1940s. I know the cup in the fist pic is a newer one. It was from my spares.
  15. Sellers can generate an invoice to one set amount on multiple purchases. You need to contact them. I send them a list, including the item numbers, before I purchase and ask them to give me a combined shipping cost. If that cost is reasonable I will make the purchase. At least I know the exact cost that way. I don't understand this either. I use PP to pay for my eBay purchases. I keep no money in my PP account. It is deducted from my debit card. There is a delay, usually about 5 minutes, before the item shows as paid on my eBay Purchase page.
  16. This was my best friend. We had gotten him about ten years ago and he was the same small size as the one above when we got him. We was gone in June.this past year The vet said he had severe cancer and surgery probably wouldn't help. It was a sad time. He was at least part Maine Coon. Pretty much what he did best LOL.
  17. I'm not a water based sprayer for models so I can't help you there. One thing I do do, especially with smaller parts, is use Comet to give the paint a tooth to cling to. It will get into most of the nooks and crannies. I use either a tooth brush or a small scrub brush depending on the size piece. You do have to make sure that you remove all the Comet before you spray. Once I use the Comet I usually rinse the part, then rinse and scrub the part using the now clean tooth brush. You may want to do it a couple times.
  18. Santa dropped him off yesterday. About 11 weeks old. No name yet as I'm going to see if his personality leads to it. Second pic is from Thanksgiving when I said I'd take him. Got him from my brother.
  19. Welcome to the forum Larry! This looks like a cool project. I'm looking forward to hopefully learn some new paint techniques. You have my curiosity and attention. And I'm 66 so you have me by a couple years. Sorry to hear of your ill health.
  20. I got this from a thrift shop sort of Bill. A lot of sellers aren't familiar with airbrushes and usually don't know what they have. With all I got with this it is one of the best brushes in my collection. Have a couple more coming in the next week. I'll send you pics once they get here. That's a lot of wire. You are going to many happy friends. Nice of you to do that.
  21. Today's mail. Iwata HP-B Plus. Looks to have never been used. Cardboard case cover and the instructions. Woot.
  22. When I've shipped models (haven't shipped just parts) I put "Plastic Scale Model Kit" as the contents. Don't know if this helps. "Plastic scale model kit parts" should be fairly descriptive. Then again...
  23. This is coming along nicely Bill. I'm glad to see you jumping over the hurdles and not shelving this project.
  24. I have another brush coming. Should have been here today but it was sent on a round about route. Planning to buy a third one tonight that I had made an offer on. I'll have to stop for a while after it though. I'll post pics when they get here.
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