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  1. In today's America it's good to be inclusive.
  2. I had a couple 250 Maico's. Fast and IMO a visual work of art.
  3. Just thinking this may go to the same place as the baby seal joke Bill.
  4. My favorite instrumental. I chose this live version as it is as true to the original studio recording as I have found. The way he holds a couple of notes in the song is killer.
  5. 6 more airbrushes and a small compressor came Friday. Ho Hum
  6. I'd agree with Les. An enamel would probably be your best bet. You can get them in paint pens depending on what he needs. Perhaps Hobby Lobby or a hobby shop. I know Testors has some. I had bought a whole bunch years ago. You should be able to purchase a pack of various colors. https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/testors/enamel-paint/markers
  7. I'm sorry to hear that your granddaughter get stung Tom. I hope she is doing OK. I know you were probably angry but the time to spray them is after the sun goes down. They are all home then. The remaining ones may make a nest in a worse location. Sad thing about your Buick. I do hope the neighbor makes good on the damage.
  8. Rica ederim. Yardım edebildiğime sevindim. Yaptığınız modellerden bazılarını görmek için sabırsızlanıyorum.
  9. Almanya'daki insanlarla konuştuğum için DeepL kullanıyorum. İyi bir çevirmen. Ne tür modeller inşa ettiğinize bağlı olarak, eğer tamamlanmışlarsa, genellikle bu bölümlerden birine giderler. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/forum/60-under-glass/ Bilgisayarınızdan fotoğraf yükleyebilmeniz gerekir.
  10. Foruma hoş geldin Yekun. Burada çok fazla bilgi var. Bizi bulduğuna sevindim. Translated with DeepL. https://www.deepl.com/translator
  11. IIRC the PIF went off the rails when one member claimed a kit then there was a fairly long delay. In the meantime another member took it upon himself to put up a kit which sent the thread off kilter. When the last claimant returned he was severely CHAStized by other members here. It turned out that he was going through some difficult circumstances at that time, I believe it had something to do with a relative and their health. He did post up a kit but after the abuse he received from members here I don't think he is still an active member. The PIF was a good thing but that is when I was glad to see the thread gone.
  12. That is probably my second favorite. I watched the original show when it first aired, adds another reason as to why I like the car a bit more. Holy Crud Batman, I'm old!
  13. Thank you for the kit ID Dusty. This one looks to have been done well. I'm sure the Moebius kit is real nice. If it requires assembly I know I'd never get to it. At least this one was done.
  14. Original Batmobile made by Doallser. I thought it was die-cast, turns out it's plastic. Even still I am quite pleased. It's a cool looking model and far better than I would have done. No box but it does have the figures. It is nicely detailed and nothing seems to be missing. The original Batmobile has been my favorite and I'm glad to be able to put one on the shelf. There is a slight smudge on the hood that I may try to rub out...or not.
  15. A son tells his father, “I have an imaginary girlfriend.” The father sighs and says, “You know, you could do better.” “Thanks, Dad,” the son replied. The father shakes his head and says, “I was talking to your girlfriend.”
  16. Thank you for this one Snake! I guess you can't joke about baby seals.
  17. I'll see you there Phil. Maybe my table will be beside you again! To anyone else going I'll be the seller with some good airbrushes plus Model Kits!!! Look for me.
  18. I've never seen one split in half but I doubt you would find anything besides an air passage. Being single action it's a simple device. You can replicate it with a blow gun and a straw in a cup of water. The air passing over the nozzle tip creates suction. That is why the hole in the jar lid is needed. With the metal cup it doesn't matter as the top of the cup is open. If you are getting air your issue is the needle and nozzle.
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