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  1. Yes sir in the UK it was sold as AMT/ERTL so were talking about the same kit :-) I have been on the update mailing list from AITM for the resin upgrade to RS712LST a long time now but they say it's out of stock. I already have the AMT - R685ST in stash and ready. Have a great day - 10-10 we gone. DM.
  2. Sweet- Had the AMT version years ago and it was so very wrong. Am looking forward to ur build. DM.
  3. Very cool me likes and some beut tractors in the background too : )
  4. I never imagined anything like this but it is so cool I'm hooked - Can't wait to see more.
  5. Wow very cool - I've never seen anything like this either - Watching and good luck.
  6. Nice firsst build . Welcome to the forum. Dave.
  7. I would like to join this too . I have read through the whole 41 pages and see some incredible builds. I havn't built a model in near 25 years but now I am a born again model trucker I don't know what I wold enter if allowed. Regards. Dave.
  8. Hot rod truck! Who wudda? lol That Pete has some attitude an' then some . Reminds me of Stewie's Genetically Perfect Super Pig . OINK! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EITrgSZujkc Dave.
  9. Impressive is a small word!! . The amount of detail you could build into a model this size is mind boggling. Respect . Dave.
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