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  1. Looking good, the pictures of the real truck look like the bottom of the edge is even with the rear hub.
  2. I just recently got back into building and had a question regarding sources for "rattle can" paints. My supply sources are scarce, especially with the Hobby Shop and Craft Store being closed due to the virus. I was able to spray a primer coat with some Model Masters Flat Gull Gray but wanted to know if either Krylon or Rustoleum would work with the paint? I figured if they were good options I would hit Walmart or Lowes and pick up what I need. If not, then I will have to wait it out and build what I can and have a massive paint day later this year. Thanks
  3. The same still holds true for printing white?
  4. This may be a stupid question, but what is difference between a led and a laser printer?
  5. That is the kit but I am looking for wheels and tires as in the picture vs. the off-road tires and chrome wheels in the kit.
  6. I'm just getting back to the workbench after a long hiatus and was wondering if anyone would know where I can find the wheels and tires as on this truck in 1/24th scale. Thanks, Mike
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