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  1. This is my spin on the Tom Daniel's Ice "T" show car. It's painted with Tamiya TS-10 French Blue & Duplicolor Perfect Match Universal White. I added plug wires to the engine. The bed is a mix of brown, beige & tan & I used BMF for the bed rails. 






  2. This is my version of the Revell '49 Mercury. I Love this kit because of all the options & the excellent fitment. I always strive to get nice shiny paint jobs on my builds so I thought I'd try something new & go with flat black. I still couldn't resist the urge to BMF the windows. The paint is Walmart grey primer & flat black with Testor's Dullcoat on top to seal & dull out the decals. I had some various Slixx decals in my stash so I made this into a hotrod shop car. I wanted the flat exterior with a nice looking interior & engine. Thanks for looking.

    13873053_1066924686695133_7303060575418000815_n (800x600).jpg

    13876275_1066924640028471_4210011400477529671_n (800x600).jpg

    13892113_1066924496695152_6700497588374664025_n (800x600).jpg

    13892361_1066924606695141_2682445012089584672_n (800x600).jpg

    13900333_1066924720028463_5786814575797636322_n (800x600).jpg

    13903374_1066924523361816_4200000742317530172_n (800x600).jpg

    13907042_1066924840028451_7804557320035833733_n (800x600).jpg

    13920642_1066924740028461_9197885061645005115_n (800x600).jpg

    13920970_1064302100290725_5224623792520498263_n (800x600) (800x600).jpg

    13935062_1066924803361788_3968020458094002559_n (800x600) (2).jpg

  3. Beautiful build!!! I would display it with his hat sitting on top of the CB antenna like he had it in the movie when him and Frog were doin who knows what! LOL

    Lol! Thanks...........& that is exactly the way I have it displayed.

  4. This is the second one of these kits I've built. The first was for a friend but this one's mine. Tried to use a set of Keith Marks decals but it was way beyond my skills to get them to work so I used the kit decals with a couple of "6.6L" decals & "Trans Am" decal from the Keith Marks set. I wired the engine & scratch built a CB antenna from guitar string. 








  5. Hey Mike, (mad viking) First off, that looks awesome!! You said, and I hear a lot of people use Duplicolor, that you used that...just wondering, did you decant that, spray right out of can, or use the touch up stuff thinned out and airbrushed?

    Thank you. It is Duplicolor Perfect Match touch up spray paint straight from the can that I buy at Advanced Auto. They also make clear for the top coat. It's lacquer so it dries fast. I do a lot of wet sanding & polishing to get shiny results.  Detail Master's polishing kit(sandpapers) & finish with Novus #2 fine polishing compound.

  6. Painted with Duplicolor paint & clear. Wheels/tires are Pegasus. Detailed interior, smoked headlights, lowered stance, BMF "5.0" emblems, flowing horse decals from Boss 429 kit, & painted tail lights. Fun kit to do until they issue the actual model kit(hopefully).

    IMG_9123 (800x600) (800x600).jpg

    IMG_9119 (800x601) (800x601).jpg


    IMG_9118 (800x600) (800x600).jpg

    IMG_9114 (800x600) (800x600).jpg

  7. Excellent work!  Other than the new wheels, tires and decals, did you do anything else to this vintage kit to "dress-it-up" alittle more?  Like add any engine details, interior details or chassis work?

    Thanks. Here's an older shot of the engine. The interior & chasis are detailed too. Scratch made window net & nylon screen used for the windshield.


  8. Those wheels are a big improvement. IMO

    They're some "Cragar" type wheels I had kicking around so I mixed some paint & painted the spokes grey. I didn't really care for the big full moon hubcaps that came with the kit either. 

  9. A simple kit but a lot of fun. Painted with Model Master metallic black & flame red. Roof was sprayed with Dullcoat & tires & wheels are from parts box. Interior is detailed & engine is wired.

    IMG_9128 (800x591).jpg

    IMG_9131 (800x599).jpg

    IMG_9134 (800x600).jpg

    IMG_9132 (800x601).jpg

    IMG_9136 (800x600).jpg

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