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  1. Cool 'Stang. Nice work. I own a 2006 1:1 Mustang GT with several aftermarket parts including the "Eleanor" grille. I want to build a model of it but can't find the extra parts. Where do you find the AF/X Resins Mustang parts?
  2. Love your build of this car. I'm currently building this kit & using your pics as a reference. Hope the decals aren't as much of a nightmare as I keep hearing.
  3. Looks AWESOME!!! I'm in the process of building the Revell "Bandit" Trans Am for a friend of mine. I thought it was coming out really well ......until now! Your car looks great.
  4. Cool car & a beautiful build.
  5. Looks great! Nice paint & detail. Pictures look awesome.
  6. Love it! Looks great! Nice paint & detail.
  7. Very nice build. Love this kit. Would look great with some BMF.
  8. Simply beautiful. Looks very clean.
  9. LOVE IT!!! Great job & excellent attention to detail. Looks like it came right out of the '60's.
  10. Nice build. Like the low stance.
  11. Looks great! Here's a pic of the same "Taz" scheme I did for a coworker from an Earnhardt Goodwrench Revell kit that had shot decals. I painted the car red & ordered the "Taz" decal sheet from Ebay & he loved it.
  12. Great job. You made that case look brand new. Great idea.
  13. Very sweet looking car. Love the paint. Nice work.
  14. Very cool. Nice looking build.
  15. I gave this kit to the wife for Christmas as her first kit. I prepped, primered, & painted the body & she built it. The kit stripes are stickers so I couldn't get them to lay totally flat. Thinking about either removing them altogether or replacing them with waterslide decals. Any suggestions? Sorry for the blurriness of these pics. Still trying to get the lighting figured out.
  16. Beautiful build. Paint & decals look great.
  17. Love the colors. Great foil work.
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