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  1. Beautiful work. Great detail & paint.
  2. Nice build. Great idea. Love the wheel swap.
  3. Nice job. Beautiful looking build.
  4. Beautiful looking build. You did a great job.
  5. Looks flawless. Nice clean build.
  6. Cool build . I would have never thought of using high temp paint. How did it go on? Did you clear over it? Did you buff it?
  7. Beautiful build. Love the color choice. I did the Revell version a couple of months ago in Redfire Metallic.
  8. Mad Viking

    Been awhile...

    Nice build. Love the old Cutlasses. Just got back into building myself about 2 years ago. Welcome back.
  9. Sweet looking woody. Great looking paint. Can't believe it's not clear coated or polished. Nice job.
  10. Nice builds. Brings me back to my childhood.
  11. Beautiful builds. You should be very proud. Flawless paint jobs.
  12. Mad Viking

    69 Camaro

    Nice job. Looks great!!!
  13. Awesome, original builds. They're beautiful concept cars. The paint looks flawless.
  14. Beautiful Ford collection. All the paint looks flawless. Great job!
  15. Very cool car. Excellent job. Those decals look like "fun".
  16. Very cool car. Nice job.
  17. Gorgeous 'Stang. Awesome paint.
  18. Very sharp. Love the paint & foil work.
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