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  1. Beautiful work on all that trim. That had to be pretty time consuming, but absolutely worth it. Excellent colors too. She's a beauty! Over the course of this year I've pulled mine out from the stash and looked at it a couple times, only to put it back. Seeing your gorgeous build gives me a little extra inspiration to start mine.
  2. That's beautiful foil work, and man that interior is gorgeous. Very well done!
  3. Sharp builds. Love Martin's car.
  4. Box stock or not, they all look great. You had a really good year. I really like that Audi Quattro and Blazer. Those fox bodies make me think I should get one built here in the coming year.
  5. Don't know how I managed to crank out 10 this year, usually it's more like 5-7 kits. Will be nice if I can get a count like that done again in the coming year, need to keep putting a dent in that stash LOL. Hope everyone is healthy and happy in the new year, and happy modeling!
  6. Only 2 but man are they fantastic! That GT40 is outstanding!
  7. Those are some great builds! I really dig that Jeep!
  8. Yellow looks great on this. Wonderful build!
  9. Fantastic year! Quantity & quality. That Wildcat really grabbed my attention.
  10. Great looking group, a good year indeed.
  11. bogger44

    30 model A

    That yellow really does make this stand out, great choice. Very clean build and well done. Count me in on liking that firewall too.
  12. I appreciate the comments guys, thanks. Though I'm not a big Corvette guy I'm glad to add it to my stable of models. Hahaha a convertible in the snow, yeah we're pretty hardy here in Wisconsin LOL.
  13. Awesome group for '21 Roger. Always like seeing your beautiful builds and looking forward to what you come up with in the new year!
  14. Nice crisp work on all the black trim. That's one good lookin' Porsche!
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