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  1. Thanks everyone. I too would love to see a Hellcat tooled up, heck even throw in the Scat Pak and T/A.
  2. For my latest build I had the urge to build something quick and easy, so I pulled this Chally out of the stash and slapped it together. A pretty straighforward build, my only real gripe is the rear tires aren't centered up in the wheelwells. If it bothers me enough I might pop it apart some and try to correct the issue. Painted in one of my favorite Mopar colors, Green Go (Model Master Lacquer), with no clearcote just polished out. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks guys. I agree, they are definitely fairly fiddly. It was an old can of Plastikote Odds n Ends Antique (I think) Gold. There was barely enough paint left in the can to get those wheels painted, so it got tossed out afterward.
  4. Great looking Duster, Kevin! Like others have said you really did nail that day 2 look. How did it go together, any issues? I've been eyeing up the Duster hiding in my stash lately and getting a bit of an urge to slap it together sometime this year. I've been thinking maybe Hemi Orange or Go Mango for it, but man that gold you chose for your's looks sooo good, I may have to change my mind!
  5. Thanks again guys, it's not my best work but it still looks good on the shelf. Thanks James. All in all it goes together fairly well, with just a few hiccups along the way. I'm not sure if what I experienced is what other folks come across when building these, but heres what I dealt with. Nothing super frustrating or overly complicated but a smidge aggravating.... The biggest problem I'd say was the rear suspension. Even with the chassis square and true, when installing it the left ("drivers") side of the axle was tucked up farther to the chassis than the other side, causing the right front tire to catch air. Not sure why, everything was mounted and installed properly. With finding no real answer why, I just trimmed off the top side of the mounting hub on the brake caliper and glued it/tire assembly to the axle at a location where all four tires were on the ground. I had a bit of a time getting the roll cage to stay squared up, the right rear corner kept wanting to pop up. Eventually super glue, holding it in place, and patience won out. The drivers side lower tin work needed to be trimmed a bit on the top side to get it to fit better and not show past the bottom of the body. The rear window needed to be trimmed down a little for better fitment. I should have done a little more as mine still doesnt sit quite right (bottom left corner). That's pretty much it I believe other than the relatively vague instructions and the aforementioned decals. While not a pain free build, they are still quite a bit of fun to work on and are great subjects to boot. I think you'll enjoy building your's (hopefully Lol) and wish you good luck!
  6. Very nice group! Where did you get the decals for the '64?
  7. Great work, JC. The motor and traction bars look fabulous. I have the same kit that was my Dad's that he built way back when that I'd like to rebuild someday, seeing what you're doing here I may go the same route as I find it very inspiring.
  8. Earlier in the week I finally managed to put the wraps on this one. These Polar Lights kits aren't the easiest to build, but not the worst either. That being said it was still a fun build and look forward to the days when I build the other ones I have lurking in the stash. The decals gave me some headaches as, even with a coat of Microscale decal film applied, they cracked in several areas. I just patched them up the best I could and did some small paint touch-up work to them. The rubber supercharger drive belt broke on me, so I made one out of Tamiya masking tape. I drilled out the ends of the headers as well, and the rest of the build is box stock. Paint is Model Master GTS Blue Pearl lacquer. Thanks for checking it out and any comments/questions.
  9. Again, great work on your holy grail, Kevin! The hood mishap was a bummer but it looks like you were able to rectify it pretty well. I really like your take on this one, congrats on a job well done! P.S. I am still really humbled that you think so highly of the one I built. Glad it could be of some inspiration.
  10. That is a good question. I'm not really sure on another way of installing them as it is such a tight fit. I just looked at mine and it would be a fair bit of work and maybe not worth it or doable but maybe remove the lower control arms from the framerails first? That might possibly allow the headers to be installed to the motor before dropping it in. But then I'm not sure about what would have to be done with the motor mounts. I wish I could help more with a surefire way but that's about all I can come up with.
  11. Truly insirational work JC! She's looking phenomenal and you're providing a great tutorial on all the steps your taking. I might have to buck up and try my hand at this with one of my Falcon kits, using your's as a guide. Best of luck with the headers!
  12. Thanks for the comments guys. Oh yes LOL, that was probably the most cumbersome assembly of the entire build. I installed them according to the instructions and placed them in along the framerails first then installed the motor. I do believe I glued the motor in place before attaching the headers to the heads. It was a bit of a battle and time consuming but eventually got them to cooperate. I can't really say I had any tricks to the process though. Are you having trouble with your's too? Of note, the tie rod install was a small battle too.
  13. Thanks again guys. You are correct, Barry. Other than the small things already mentioned, the only other relatively notable addition is the windshield wiper posts I made from filed down ends of a toothpick. Also, I should note that the rear window needed to be carefully filed down a small amount to fit correctly.
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