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  1. Well done Ray, especially for a quick build. I agree about the decals and wonder why they're not bigger. Is that stance straight out of the kit or did you raise it? I really didn't have a desire to pick up this kit, but seeing yours now has me thinking maybe I need one.
  2. Beautiful bird, despite the issues it turned out well.
  3. Sharp work on the chrome trim and interior. Gold fits the 'bird well. I really like this build, well done.
  4. What a beautiful model, and swell photography as well. Pearl Green looks oh-so good on it. I've got the convertible to build, but dread the BMF work needed lol.
  5. Well, I got another one slung together and into the books. As usual for a Tamiya kit, it went together superbly. Opened up the door windows, added some Aoshima AVS Model T6 wheels, and some parts box license plates, otherwise she's box stock. Paint is Tamiya TS-50 Mica Blue, wheels are done in TS-21 Gold top-coated with TS-71 smoke. I gave the tail lights a coat of smoke as well. I had taken pictures with my usual set up in the backyard, but was struggling to get decent ones for some reason. So, I tried some on the patio and thought they turned out better, and also gave a better representation of the colors, so here they are. Thanks for lookin' and any comments or questions.
  6. Way late to the party, but here's some shots that I took at the show. A few are duplicates of ones Steve has posted but I'm sure nobody will mind hahaha. Would have posted them sooner but have been pretty busy since then. It was a great show and fun getting to talk to a few fellow builders. This was the first time I've attended the show and really had a good time, and picked up inspiration along the way. Steve, seeing your Coronet in person was a real treat as it is a masterpiece. My friend that came with couldn't get over how realistic the carbs are, as well as all the other details you packed into that beauty. And yes, I thought Jeff's T-bird was stunning as well.
  7. Big Pearson fan here. Absolutely love this build!
  8. Wow is that beautiful! Definitely could pass as a 1:1 as fellow members have said.
  9. Love that you backdated it, she's super slick lookin'. Well done!
  10. Now this is one cool truck! All the black & grey treatments against the red really looks aggressive. I'd wheel the tar out of it hahaha. Great work!
  11. Thanks guys! While the kit is nothing to write home about, at least it looks the part and builds easy. Thanks Roger! I think the tires really brought it to life too. Had 'em laying around needing a home for some time now. Yeah the stripes on the seats are decals. They laid down better than I thought they would, was a little apprehensive at first, especially the fronts.
  12. Finished this up a couple days ago. Super simple kit with only 18 parts, but it looks the part when done. I just wish it had the detail that their first gen Raptor snap kit has, as it runs circles around this one. That being said though, I'm glad to have added this one to my collection. Treated it to a lift to better fit the BFG Krawlers from Fireball Modelworks, and added some exhaust tips (brass tubing) since the kit has none. Paints are Tamiya TS-26 Pure White over a TS-34 Silver Leaf base. TS-42 Light Gunmetal for the flares, bumpers, and wheels. Rustoleum 2X Flat Black for the bed & chassis. Interior is Krylon Short Cuts Flat Black, as is the hood insert. With 27 decals in the interior, that was probably the most time consuming part of the build. Treated the rear windows & moonroof to Tamiya TS-71 Smoke as well. A fun little build! Thanks for looking and any comments or questions.
  13. Thanks again for the comments, sorry about the late reply!
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