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  1. Thanks JC. It was a little tedious but not too bad. I started off with one of those emery boards for nails to file down the trim. I began on the top side and worked my way all the way across, then followed up on the bottom side. The hardest part was the leading edge of the front fenders, naturally. I had trimmed down one end of the emery board at an angle in a way (sort of like an x-acto blade) so as to fit into those tight contours easier. Then followed all that up with finer grit sandpaper. It's not perfect but feel I got it pretty close as far as trying to keep that peak down the center fairly sharp. I am currently working on another one of these and feel I got some better results this time, a little sharper peak-wise.
  2. Had the first snow showers of the season pass through today. Yuck, not ready for it. At least the ground is still warm enough yet it all melted on contact.
  3. Add me to the list that likes that green too. These are nice kits and your build does it justice, congtrats.
  4. That is just flat out cool! Love it. One can never have too many cubes LOL 👍
  5. Guess I'll contribute some to this amazing thread, don't think I've posted any here yet. Keep 'em coming if you got 'em!
  6. Thanks guys. Thanks Roger. They came in that color, was one less thing for me to do! LOL Thanks Atin. I did have to modify them a bit to fit. I had to grind down the mounting bosses on them to get them tucked under the fenders. To pin them to the brakes I found that a short piece of toothpick was just the right diameter and worked, so I went with that. I'm sure I could have cut off the pins on the stock kit supplied wheels and used those too.
  7. Your attention to all the details is off the charts, this is just beautiful! Under the hood, the interior, chassis, paint, I love it all!
  8. Ok, none of these were today or even yesterday, but anyways... A beauty of a 70 Cougar Eliminator at the local bar/resturant. Nice and clean 90's F150 The following rigs I saw while on a Black Hills/Yellowstone/Grand Teton trip last month. Cool little hippie VW van at the Missouri River overlook in Chamberlain, SD. Backcountry/winter tour rigs in West Yellowstone, Montana. Looks like it would be a fun job to have. Sweet F100 at our hotel in Billings, Montana.
  9. What a beautiful bird! Those colors are perfect, and excellent choice in going with the custom wheels, they look stellar on it.
  10. Great idea, and it fits the '66 well. It's nice to see these big old barges built and shown. Congrats!
  11. Thanks guys. I may just have to pick up another one of these someday.
  12. Thanks guys, it's a fun little kit indeed.
  13. Killer build Roger! Outstanding work on blending those kits together so beautifully. I have been a big fan of your builds for a long time, but this one might just be my new favorite.
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