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  1. 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

    Very, very nicely done and those wheels look really sharp on it. Love those Cyclones.
  2. Favorite kits

    I guess I'd have to go with the Monogram/Revell 1970 Mustang in it's various issues. I've built 5 of 'em over the years and have a 6th in progress now. Even though it falls a little short detail-wise compared to newer kits and has a somewhat wonky front end, it looks good when finished and goes together very well. The AMT '62 Bel Air and Revell '68 Darts are also favs of mine.
  3. I had a little trouble with the windshield too, but did manage to get it snapped in luckily without any damage. It is a fun little build and does look pretty decent when finished.
  4. 1980 F-150 Stepside

    That is some top notch weathering, looks just right. Well done, James.
  5. '68 Charger R/T

    Wow that's nice!
  6. 1969 Ford Falcon Junker

    Same here Lol. Great build, Chuck.
  7. I was in need of a quick and easy build to recharge my batteries sort to speak, so I pulled this one out of the stash and threw it together. I spruced it up a little by paint detailing, the best I could, the engine plate and chassis (even though there's not much detail molded in) using online photos for help. The interior was left pretty much alone, save for some semi gloss and flat clears sprayed on for a bit better look. The ride height was lowered a bit to get away from the 4x4 stance it had, and some aluminum exhaust tips were put in place. A few other small paint details/touch ups here and there, and I called it good. As simple as this kit is with it's 34 pieces, I think it turned out pretty well and had a lot of fun building it. The last pic you might notice the passenger door isn't shut all the way. It does, but hadn't noticed I must have bumped it open a tad before I took the picture.
  8. 66 GT350H- Ivy Green

    Great build, and love the color. Nice work on getting the decals around the hood scoop to lay down so nice.
  9. Ford stock air cleaner

    Revell's 70 Torino GT and 68 Mustang GT both come with a very similar one.
  10. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    I am quite humbled by all your comments. Thanks a lot, friends.
  11. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    Many thanks again guys. Yes going into this build I knew it wouldn't be correct for a period gasser of the day, but more of a modern interpretation like you see out in the 1:1 world these days. You are so right and I had wanted some fenderwell headers for it, but didn't have any. Didn't feel like trying my hand at making any either lol.
  12. 1971 THUNDERBIRD

    Wow Yuri, that is a stunner! Fantastic photos, too. Congratulations!
  13. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    Thanks a lot. The 56 is my favorite of the tri-fives as well. Thanks for all the comments guys, you all are too kind. It wasn't the easiest of builds, and I assure you it's not flawless. I don't think I'll be trying another one anytime soon LOL!
  14. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    Mods, if you think this should be moved to the drag racing section, feel free to move it. I built this more in the fashion of a local cruise-in/car show warrior than an all out correct gasser. The Badman kit coughed up some of it's suspension parts and most everything on the motor except the block & heads (used the 56's engine). Wheels and tires are Thunderbolt pieces. Parts box goodies include the 9" rear end, front shocks, brake booster, radiator/electric fans, tach and gauge cluster. I modified the hood scoop that came with the kit. The drive shaft and front axle are aluminum tubing. Paint is Model Master Citrus Yellow Metallic. Was a bit disappointed the "Agitator" decals silvered some but not much one can do about that. While it's known these kits aren't the greatest to begin with, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
  15. 68 Firebird 400

    Love the aggressive, day two look you gave it. Great work on all aspects.