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  1. Your hard work paid off as that is beautiful! Well done!
  2. Very nice! I'd be proud to display that.
  3. A few weeks ago, but this sharp 56? Coupe Deville? And this, umm....Mustang 🤢
  4. bogger44

    Like a BOSS

    Clean & mean, just the way I like 'em. Sweet build, James!
  5. Sharp 442, John! Those colors really make it a standout. Nice work on that trim along the tops of the fenders & doors.
  6. Thanks everyone, glad you like my take on this kit!
  7. Fresh off the bench, albeit with some flaws. I had taken an break from building for about 5 months, and just in the last few weeks got back in the mood to start up again. I built it in 70's street machine vibes. Overall this is a pretty good kit to build. The biggest problem I encountered (and knew going into this build) was the rear quarter windows. I had trimmed them up a bit, as well as filing down the width of the rearward portion of the interior panels to a point where I thought there would be enough free space for the windows during final assembly. Well, with that being done, I still couldn't get the chassis seated up into the body, and both side windows popped out. So, I tried again trimming the bottom of the windows down as much as I could, and ended up shaving off a little of both sides of the dash to pull the tops of the interior closer together, and went at it again. It worked this time but was still a really tight fit, and of course the driver side window popped out again, and the passenger side one came loose on top. I tried removing that window but it is wedged in so tight I was unable to. Frustrated, I almost took the body & chassis apart again, but in fear of damaging more stuff I bit the bullet and decided to leave the window as is. A bummer, but I can live with it. For the drivers side window, I trimmed off the remaining mounting flanges, and a bit of reshaping of the window itself, and installed it from the outside. Whenever I build the other one I have, I'll probably go that route from the get-go. Then there's the black paint, got a few fisheyes in it for some reason, mainly on the cowl. I wasn't happy about that either, but since it is just going on the shelf, again decided to just leave it be and move on. Aside from those issues, it was a fun build. I robbed the Cragars and Mickey Thompsons from the 70 BM Camaro. Paint is Tamiya TS-21 Gold with Tamiya clear over it, interior is Krylon Brown Boots. I had put the decals on the hood for the 340 call-outs on the scoops, and plymouth badge, but they pretty much disappeared against the black, so I removed them. Oh, one other thing...the headlight lens were too big to fit the bezels, so I scrounged up a smaller set from the parts box. I think I've rambled enough now, lol, so thanks for looking and any questions/comments.
  8. Oh man is that ever hard to nail down 3 songs. I'd probably have to go with these, as having music conversations in the past with coworkers & friends I have always mentioned them in my list of favorites. People are usually surprised by them as I'm more of a metal/hard rock/grunge guy (Pantera, Tool, Soundgarden, etc.). Honorable mention, just because.
  9. Sharp build, gives me some inspiration to build mine. Color looks good, might have to use TS-15 as well. Thanks for sharing this. It is a shame Mark never did get a championship or two.
  10. Very cool ride, love those exhaust dumps. Well done. My mother actually grew up in West Allis lol.
  11. Nicely done Eric, red and white combo looks fabulous. Can't wait to pick up a couple of these.
  12. I concur with the comments on it truly looking like a factory prototype. Excellent execution on the mods, which really does make for a more attractive car. Love the color too.
  13. Great save and tutorial Roger, thanks for sharing!
  14. I agree, been following him for some time and most of his edits are pretty darn good. The guy has some skills for sure. I really like the IROC, one of my favorites that he's done.
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