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  1. bogger44 added a topic in Under Glass   

    1970 Pontiac Trans Am
    I finished up my second build of the year over this past weekend.  It went together pretty well.  The rear spoiler was the most troublesome, had to do a fair bit of sanding and reshaping to get it to fit decently.  The grille/headlight unit didn't fit the nose piece very well either.  What I ended up doing was cutting it down the middle between the grilles and splitting it into two pieces, which then allowed them to fully seat into the nose the way they should.  One other thing, I also had to shave down the top of the carburetor to get the scoop lowered so the hood would sit flat.  Everything else in the kit just fell together with ease.  I used the decals from the 1991 issue which have the Trans Am scripts (and the blue stripes look a lot closer color-wise to the real thing, the ones in this newer issue just seem way too dark to me).  I do have to say though that while taking these pics I couldn't get a photo with a real accurate representation of the blue stripes, they kept getting blown out a bit, but oh well.  Paint is Duplicolor Arctic White, and the interior was treated to Model Master Nassau Blue.  The carpet was sprayed with a darker Tamiya blue, but for the life of me I can't remember which one Lol.


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  2. bogger44 added a post in a topic 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I   

    Now that's a street brawler I'd love to drive, where's the keys?!  Sweet build, Mike.
  3. bogger44 added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS/SS   

    Another beauty, Randy!  Nice job with the extra spacing between the trunk stripes, a detail that seems to get easily overlooked.
  4. bogger44 added a post in a topic Little 70 Twister Mach1   

    I'd say so!  Very cool.
  5. bogger44 added a post in a topic Shirley Shahan   

    Very sharp!  I've got this one on my to do list, someday I'll get to it.
  6. bogger44 added a post in a topic Revell 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS 396 Z-16 Option   

    Excellent Chevelle, Randy.  That color works well on it
  7. bogger44 added a post in a topic 1964 Cadillac De Ville convertible(JO-HAN)   

    Yuri, that is fantastic!
  8. bogger44 added a post in a topic 1970 Plymouth Road Runner   

    Great shine and a great color.  Very nice build, Jim.  I really love this year Road Runner too.
  9. bogger44 added a post in a topic Revell 1967 Nickey Camaro RS/SS 427ci   

    That's one sharp Camaro, Randy.  Love those redlines.
  10. bogger44 added a post in a topic Olds powered traditional '29 Ford model A Coupe   

    Exactly what I was going to say!  That is a stunner!
  11. bogger44 added a post in a topic 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix - Tribute build   

    Nicely done, you don't see many of these built.
  12. bogger44 added a post in a topic Hubert Platt Iowa Shaker Falcon AWB   

    Thanks again guys.
  13. bogger44 added a post in a topic Hubert Platt Iowa Shaker Falcon AWB   

    Oh man, good eyes, I didn't even realize it.  Can't believe I did that Lol.  Since there's not much in the way, I might have to see if I can get them swapped around....
  14. bogger44 added a post in a topic Hubert Platt Iowa Shaker Falcon AWB   

    Thanks a lot for your comments guys, glad you like it.
    Thanks Snake.  Actually it wasn't too bad removing the trim. The leading edges of the front fenders were a little tricky though, with the tight spaces within those three body lines.
    I agree, though I still try to watch some now and then.
  15. bogger44 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Hubert Platt Iowa Shaker Falcon AWB
    I finished this one up about two weeks ago, but just got around to taking some pics of it today.  These really are fun little kits to build.  Even though they're so basic and simple, you can still build them into a pretty cool looking unit.  That being said, I did change up a few things to spruce it up a bit.  I swapped in some Cragars from the Revell '67 Charger, tires and slicks came from the parts box.  The valve covers are from the AMT '66 Galaxie, and I added some collectors to the headers that also came from the parts box.  Bodywise, I did file down the screw posts on the radiator support, removed the body side trim, and removed the wing windows as I had seen pics of the real car both with and without them.  Paint is Testors One Coat Star Spangled Blue lacquer.  I'm really happy with how this little bugger turned out. On to the pics....

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