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  1. Glad you found a solution for the tail lights, Mike. They came out looking good. And oh yes I agree, do those GT350's sound ever so glorious. Absolute music to the ears.
  2. Good to hear, looking forward to hearing the results with a new tip. My 2mm is starting to silver.
  3. This was a pretty enjoyable build, up until slapping on the decals. They had yellowed with time, so I had put them in a window to let the sun hopefully bleach them out, and in time they did...so I thought. Happy with how they now looked I started applying them and was rewarded with the clear film still having the yellow tinge to them. ☚ī¸ I didn't use any of the window decals as they REALLY looked terrible against the clear glass, so I found that I had a few similar ones in my spare decals box to take the place of some. Several of them really fought me in staying laid down too (the ones for the front wheel wells were the worst and didn't fit their shape at all, and hence the poor looking chrome trim around them), but with some work I got them settled down for the most part with little dabs of some clear glosscote. Will they stay in place(?) only time will tell. All of that aside, for a little more accuracy for this particular car, I swapped out the 4spd for a torqueflite (Competition Resins piece) and some Cragars. These Coronets are kinda taildraggers out of the box, so I raised the rear suspension some for a better stance as well. Paint is Duplicolor Polar/Arctic White polished to a decent shine.
  4. Sweet rebuild, you gotta love those old pro stocks.
  5. Keep up the good work Mike. I too, have used Scratch X 2.0 for years. I still have a decent amount left but thanks for the heads up.
  6. Roger, the surgery you performed to correct the droopy rear makes for a big improvement, I'm currently working on one of these and the rear end on these is a disappointment but am building it as-is. I have always liked your building style, and this one is no exception. Nice work and glad you brought it back to the bench and were able to finish it.
  7. bogger44


    Fabulous paint, it's off the chart and easily one of the best I've seen. I love your take on this kit, very clean and well executed. Congratulations!
  8. She's a beauty, Tim. Very nice work. Thanks for the heads up on the decals, I'll keep that in mind when I get to mine.
  9. You knocked it out of the park, Marcos! That paint looks fabulous and is so right for this car. Count me in as well for wanting a factory stock kit too.
  10. bogger44

    '70 Buick GSX

    I remember this one and still love it! I still need to get a GSX finished in white one of these days. It would be awesome to see your takes on those other kits you mentioned...maybe someday? 👍😎
  11. I love it! You really nailed that look, well done!
  12. She's coming along nicely, Mike. Nice work on that wiring, and looking forward to more updates.
  13. Chassis is looking real sharp Mike, keep it up!
  14. Beautiful build Carl! That Hemi Orange is smokin' hot on this. Well done!
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