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  1. I was hoping to get a few more than five done this year but it's better than none. Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!
  2. Looks good, Tim! Like it with the white interior.
  3. Thanks guys! I had bought this kit probably around 15 years ago at Walmart. The price tag was still on the box....$16.97. Thanks Snake. In a coincidence, I too have a Cougar Eliminator in "Calypso Coral" that I built a number of years ago. For this one I sprayed it with plain old Testors Bright Red. I think it too is a fairly close match. I totally agree with you Rex. I have the yellow version of that Mach 1.
  4. After finishing up my '67 Mustang, I was coming up with blanks in figuring out what to build next. So, this had caught my eye while rummaging through the stash and thought it might make for a good quick, painless build while continuing to figure out what the next project would be. The body is pre-painted in what is very close (in my eyes) to Calypso Coral, one of my favorite FoMoCo colors. The mirrors and rear valance were unpainted and molded in black, so I paint matched them the best I could with Model Master Hugger Orange over a white basecoat. Under the hood the kit does not supply a radiator hose or a power steering pump, so I plucked those from my spare parts box. The exhaust tips I drilled out too for a much better appearance. It was a fun and simple kit to throw together, now on to an Olds....... Thanks for looking and any comments or questions.
  5. Another beauty, Randy! I've got to pick this kit up one of these days.
  6. Great looking Nova! I still need to pick up one of these....
  7. Nice work on those end caps, Rex. I agree the fitment isn't the best. It is a great color. This is the first time I've used it, but it certainly won't be the last. Thank you guys for the comments. I forgot to mention a couple other things about the build. First off, I really didn't care about having the opening trunk so I glued it shut. Also, this build marked the first time I used a Molotow chrome marker for the trimwork and have to say I really like the results.
  8. Man, it's been some time since I completed a build, but I finally accomplished that feat again yesterday. A pretty fun kit that went together well. I added some wiring under the hood, raised the rear up a little so she wasn't a taildragger, and added parts box Goodyears & Cragars. Paint is Tamiya TS-11 Maroon. I kinda freaked out when looking at the pictures I took, noticing some slop along a few areas of panel blackwash. I was like wow are my eyes getting that bad?! Now for the record I did have a harder time than normal while adding that detail. First off, my little jar of blackwash had gone to pot, so I decided to use some black acrylic instead. Then, my usual brush for this process must have grown legs sometime and walked off as I could not find it, so I made do with a larger one that didn't work as well and took a bit more cleanup along the lines. Anyhow, I checked out the areas, even with a magnifying glass, and found that while yes there is a little paint still splashed over the panel edges it's no where near as noticeable as what the pictures make it out to be. That being said, I'll probably still try to clean those areas up a little better. Thanks for any comments or questions, on to the pictures.
  9. Just a test, tried multiple times yesterday with no luck. Edit, seems to work good again. Thanks Dave!
  10. Thanks everyone. I too would love to see a Hellcat tooled up, heck even throw in the Scat Pak and T/A.
  11. For my latest build I had the urge to build something quick and easy, so I pulled this Chally out of the stash and slapped it together. A pretty straighforward build, my only real gripe is the rear tires aren't centered up in the wheelwells. If it bothers me enough I might pop it apart some and try to correct the issue. Painted in one of my favorite Mopar colors, Green Go (Model Master Lacquer), with no clearcote just polished out. Thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks guys. I agree, they are definitely fairly fiddly. It was an old can of Plastikote Odds n Ends Antique (I think) Gold. There was barely enough paint left in the can to get those wheels painted, so it got tossed out afterward.
  13. bogger44

    71 Duster 340

    Great looking Duster, Kevin! Like others have said you really did nail that day 2 look. How did it go together, any issues? I've been eyeing up the Duster hiding in my stash lately and getting a bit of an urge to slap it together sometime this year. I've been thinking maybe Hemi Orange or Go Mango for it, but man that gold you chose for your's looks sooo good, I may have to change my mind!
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