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  1. What a cool take on a rarely seen model subject. I really like what you did with this Roger! I agree that Ford could have spiced up the exterior for the SHO a bit more than they did, but still find them cool rides. I had a light blue metallic 94 plain jane model back in the day with the 3.8L, it actually moved out pretty smartly for it's time.
  2. Love the colors and top, it all works so well together. Outstanding build all around!
  3. Absolutely beautiful! If I can build mine even anywhere close to half as good as yours I'll be thrilled.
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the nice words. Thanks Carl, I'll be glad to help in any way I can, but I'm no expert on these. Feel free to drop a PM anytime my friend.
  5. Saw this beast parked at the school administration office here in Menomonie. Then later this afternoon on my trip to the local recycle center I met a 71 GTO convertible in what I believe was Quezal Gold.
  6. Nicely done Mike, I like it! I've been getting a hankering to dig out my Grand National from the stash lately, this gives me a little more inspiration.
  7. One of my favorite Tamiya colors, and it looks sooo good on this. Beautiful build!
  8. Thanks guys. It's not my proudest work by any means but good enough to go into a display case and onto the shelving with all the others.
  9. What a beautiful piece of art, Roger! Man does that ever look like the real deal. Great finishes under the hood, and excellent work on those taillights.
  10. Here's my latest completion, nowhere near my best work but here it is. The biggest challenge was the 30+ year old decals, a handful of them wouldn't cooperate and iron out even with loads of setting solution and work. I probably should have looked around online for an aftermarket set instead of continuing to fight through them but oh well I can live with it the way it is. I sprayed on some clear to protect & seal them in and that didn't come out the best either. I did some polishing to it, but not a lot as by this point I just wanted to finish it and get it off the bench. She's 100% out of the box, no mods/additions anywhere. Duplicolor Polar White, Cardinal Red, and Tamiya TS-15 Blue are the colors. Even with the frustrations I encountered I'm still fairly happy with it. Edit...I just realized I forgot to paint the fuel filler cap, will get that done.
  11. That is a great looking build! Glad you got those old decals to settle down, and understand the colorful language and frustration. I'm currently working on one of these old Monogram kits (Grand Prix) and didn't have near the luck you did, a few came out ok but most not so much.
  12. Wow what a wonderful build! Those headlights & tails look amazing and were well worth the effort.
  13. The old Toyota is the only one I saw today, the others have been pretty recent though. The Cougar Eliminator & Torino Cobra were in the same driveway. I've seen the Cougar around before (might have it posted earlier in this thread) but not the Torino. This F250 was amazingly clean, I didn't care for the wheels though, however. This 78ish? Ranchero was in the parking lot at work when I left one day. Someone on night shift owns it, not sure who though.
  14. That is a stunner! That grille is a work of art. Beautiful build, would love to see it again after the couple of missing pieces are added.
  15. Excellent job on adding the extra trim, and the foiling, and the paint, heck the whole thing! You're right this kit is a pretty lackluster but with you're mods and clean building style you made a real looker out of it. Well done!
  16. Great backstory Roger, very cool! Great work on those front fender panel lines, I plan on doing the same on the one's I've got, too. She sure captures that street machine look well from back in the day. Well done! I, too, have fond memories of that old street machine kit as it was probably one of my first five glue kits I ever built, and was my favorite for quite some time.
  17. Wow that color is wonderful! Nice lookin' Boss for sure.
  18. That looks really sharp, black looks so good on these. I wasn't aware of this kit either, might have to keep an eye out for one.
  19. That black is beautiful! Sweet Charger John!
  20. Thanks again my friends!
  21. Thanks guys, even though I didn't do a whole lot to it lol.
  22. That made for one mighty fine looking low rider, well done!
  23. Hey thanks again for all the love guys. Thanks, combining the two kits was pretty easy, thankfully hahaha. I kinda think the same on styling too. I love the Galaxies, but these Merc's really come to life when hot rodded up. Thanks Josh. Going into the build I was torn on colors, it was going to be either this or a gold on gold combo. Think it would have looked sharp that way too.
  24. Felt the need to slam something together without a lot of work so I brought this to the bench this week and cranked it out. Really only did a little paint detailing here and there and called it good. The side mirrors are molded in a light, sorta metallic, gray much lighter than the body, so I shot them with some Tamiya TS42 Gun Metal with a light coat of TS71 Smoke over it for a pretty close match. I love the two toned interior, but the seats were all blue except the centers, the real ones are black along the sides & backs so I painted them accordingly. Some flat clear was sprayed over everything in the interior to knock down the shine, and finally painted the few aluminum trim pieces. The chassis plate is nothing to really show, but did paint up the simplified molded in suspension & exhaust. Same goes for under the hood, though it is a bit more detailed (even though I believe the engine represents as a Z06). Was a fun build and love the looks of it. Some of these Maisto offering make for some pretty good lookers, even with as simple as they are.
  25. That is very well done, congrats.
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