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  1. Big Pearson fan here. Absolutely love this build!
  2. Wow is that beautiful! Definitely could pass as a 1:1 as fellow members have said.
  3. Love that you backdated it, she's super slick lookin'. Well done!
  4. Now this is one cool truck! All the black & grey treatments against the red really looks aggressive. I'd wheel the tar out of it hahaha. Great work!
  5. Thanks guys! While the kit is nothing to write home about, at least it looks the part and builds easy. Thanks Roger! I think the tires really brought it to life too. Had 'em laying around needing a home for some time now. Yeah the stripes on the seats are decals. They laid down better than I thought they would, was a little apprehensive at first, especially the fronts.
  6. Finished this up a couple days ago. Super simple kit with only 18 parts, but it looks the part when done. I just wish it had the detail that their first gen Raptor snap kit has, as it runs circles around this one. That being said though, I'm glad to have added this one to my collection. Treated it to a lift to better fit the BFG Krawlers from Fireball Modelworks, and added some exhaust tips (brass tubing) since the kit has none. Paints are Tamiya TS-26 Pure White over a TS-34 Silver Leaf base. TS-42 Light Gunmetal for the flares, bumpers, and wheels. Rustoleum 2X Flat Black for the bed & chassis. Interior is Krylon Short Cuts Flat Black, as is the hood insert. With 27 decals in the interior, that was probably the most time consuming part of the build. Treated the rear windows & moonroof to Tamiya TS-71 Smoke as well. A fun little build! Thanks for looking and any comments or questions.
  7. Thanks again for the comments, sorry about the late reply!
  8. Excellent Bronco Roger! Like everyone else, I dig the Eddie Bauer vibe it has. Great move on throwing a 351 under the hood to help turn those Hawgs. I've got a glue bomb High Roller F150 that I may bash with a Bronco as well. Sooo many projects to get to! Lol
  9. A number of years ago I built a Super Stock out of mine and used the Thunderbolt headers. It was an extremely tight fit. I got them to fit fairly decent but it wasn't easy, and took a lot of trimming & filing of them and the front frame rails (best I can remember). I do believe I had to file down some of the tubes to clear the shock towers (maybe the towers a bit too?). They ended up hanging down petty low as well. I'm pretty sure one could get them to fit better than what I did here. On another note, I had to slide the front spindles a bit forward to get the tires lined up in the wheel wells. A couple reference pics. Yes, this was built before knowing the exhaust didn't have to be hooked up to the headers per S/S rules LOL.
  10. That roll bar padding is very convincing. Great looking build. I wouldn't mind adding one of his Wrangler cars to my collection someday, another one of my favorite liveries.
  11. Sweet! I did a ride along in Vegas way back in '98. Those are a lot of fun, even more so driving one I'm sure.
  12. That's a classy lookin' Goat right there! I like that you added those Hurst wheels & redlines. Well done John!
  13. Well done! I've always liked that body style, and the colors suite it well.
  14. Thanks all! Very cool, you do a ride along?
  15. I agree with all of the above, very sharp Mustang! You nailed that color really well.
  16. Thanks so much guys! I loved this era of NASCAR too, can't really get into the current racing. Thanks Pierre. Yeah black is always a hard color to work with. Thankfully Tamiya paint always polishes out so nice, one of their great qualities. Trust me though, it's not perfect and has a few blemishes here and there LOL. I am really happy with it though.
  17. My second completion of the year. I've wanted to build this car for a long time as I always rooted for Rusty back then, and this was my favorite livery as well. It just made for a slick & tough looking racecar. Kit is a Monogram Ricky Rudd issue, built strictly box stock with Powerslide decals. Tamiya TS-14 Black and TS-34 Camel Yellow. The build went fairly smooth with a few relatively minor fit issues, and the front wheels ended up with a little toe-in but I'll live with it. That's really about it on this one. Thanks for looking and any questions/comments.
  18. Just gorgeous! Planning on the same colors whenever I build mine.
  19. I'll admit, when I read the title I was really unsure and didn't think I'd like that mashup, but man does that make a cool custom. Who woulda thought? Extremely nice work!
  20. Interesting topic, quite a few of mine have been listed (especially Sex Type Thing, Running Down A Dream, Head Like A Hole). Off the top of my head here are a few other bangers I'd choose... Really anything by Pantera or White Zombie Hellraiser - Motorhead or Ozzy Train Train - Blackfoot Highway Tune - Greta Van Fleet Am I Evil? and Through The Never - Metallica Black - Sevendust Whenever I hear it now it reminds me of my first ride in a Hellcat Challenger at a Dodge thrill ride at a Mopar show near Minneapolis, the young guy driving it was playing it on the radio. Good times!
  21. Thanks guys. It was fun thinking outside the box with this one.
  22. I'd love to do some hot laps around Laguna in that! Love the build, absolutely looks the part that you were going for.
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