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  1. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Firt time useing resin parts   

    if Your prep clean a resin body or hood you can also wash them in good warm soapy water, that will do the same .When I do that I let them air dry for a good couple days,it also depends on time of year it is to.
  2. trucknut10 added a post in a topic KW T800 wide hood   

    If you can find one ,its worth what you pay Matt did a good job ......

  3. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 Wrecker   

    Looks good , great job.............
  4. trucknut10 added a post in a topic revell pete 359[ kit 07412]   

    Hello Tom, I have put cotton inside tire to make it little more firmer,what wever firmness you are looking for it depends on the amount you put in tire. also put more in tire when you go to sand tread .

  5. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Lonestar for the Fleet (Christmas Eve Update)   

    JT , That is going to one nice build there.I like the paint colors .

  6. trucknut10 added a post in a topic KW W900 and flatbed trailer [first builds]   

    what a great looking KW,have you gave it any thought to build a load for it? And as pics from a phone they look great....
  7. trucknut10 added a post in a topic 1/87 Freightliner COE   

    Chris, what a great job considering its a very small scale, that would look great on a HO scale model Rail Road lay out. I would like to see you build a 1/25 or 1/24 scale truck.
  8. trucknut10 added a post in a topic roof mount light bars   

    Italeri makes a kit with with lite bars and other things in the kit. I may be able to help you out .Send me a PM. I have a couple of these kits.
  9. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Need Peeps? Hobby Lobby Find   

    Hello JT, I'll have to get some , thank you for the idea. I like the orange Pete pic with the him and her in your 1/24 Pete . Terry
  10. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Details on Peterbilt 359 Firewall   

    Hello Clayton, Have you thought of asking Tim. Tim is very up on Petes he knows Petes very well. His web page is www.timstrucks.com
  11. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Wood chip trailers?   

    Tim is a good scratch builder,considering he has scratch built a lot of masters for the resin casters.And he knows Peterbilts.........
  12. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Lone Star Build   

    Wowwwwwwwww, What an amazing build and a great job on every thing.The way you came up with how to build it was great ...Great JOB................................. Keep up the great work............
  13. trucknut10 added a post in a topic New member here..   

    Welcome aboard Darren, I drove OTR (Over The Road ) for 4 years. Have a great time building that Bill Signs truck . That's one of few things I do like about here in this fourm that there are builders here that will and do help others. Terry
  14. trucknut10 added a post in a topic Autocar A64F   

    looking good,once in awhile I like to build box stock just to change buildding than doing mods and scratch building.
  15. trucknut10 added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

    25 ton pay load dump truck
    Here's a dump truck that can haul 25 ton leagaily with a gross whieght of 80,000 lbs here in Arizona.

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