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  1. Wow. Been away ftom this site for a few months and I find a whole new project almost finished! Where do you get the energy!
  2. Picked this thing up at a large hardware store today. It's actually a bird house, but I don't think it would last very long outside. They sell for about $5,- and come in different themes. (no jokes please about "coffee shops" and Holland)
  3. Build this one many years ago. Added spark plug wires, fuel lines and breather hoses but one could go all out on the dry sump oil system. An easy kit to build I think, because the straight forward decals. Have fun
  4. Wow! You're not wasting any time are you? It's only a few months ago I checked this thread and it's finished already.
  5. I was lucky to build this hobby room last year after building for decades in the corner of a bedroom. Made this work bench from IKEA kitchen sink shelfs and some coated chip wood. Amazing that no matter how much working space you have it always ends up cluttered up with trumpery. Check out the display cabinet I made from the old fireplace downstairs.
  6. The clear coat applied. I used the same household clear I have used for many years that takes about four days to cure, but leaves a though glass like finish that last for decades. I cut the front engine mounts back about 2mm to bring the nose of the engine down and make the rear of the engine line up properly to the bell housing bulkhead.
  7. The body after applying the decals and before a clear coat. A new sharp blade was used to cut the decals before parting. I touched the engine bay, damaged edges and the parting faces near the red sections up with some red paint before clear coating. The inside was painted aluminum to stop light bleeding through. The decals are of a great quality and were cut up in some places to avoid any lettering ending up on the body seam. Some long decals were also cut in two pieces to help applying them straight.
  8. I like the late front-engined dragsters just before they went to rear mounted engines, and this Tommy Ivo one is a fine example. This AMT kit is flawed in some areas in the relation to the original car and the pictures I could find of it on the web, but it’s still a great kit. The decal red striping seems of a different pattern, the nose cross section is less rounded and nearly not as long. Probably for production reasons You only notice when you hold it next to the original though. At one time it seems to have worn those fat tires that come with the kit all be it on some different wheels. Not many parts fill the box. The parts are all small and fragile. It’s more like building an airplane fuselage than building a car. Oh, those Airfix times of years gone bye… I like working with this plastic though that seems of a harder quality than Revell / Monogramm kits. As the body parts have to be parted after applying decals they have to perfectly line up again. So I made some tabs and made a threaded boss on the upper body with a small screw through the lower part. I know most paint the body orange like on the box. But it isn’t. At all. It’s a pastel shade pink like “ old salmon pink” or the color you can end up with mixing some left over paints in a paint shop… I think Tamiya XF15 could work, a flat paint, but I found a household spray can in a hardware store marked as “Antwerp pink”. Whatever. I think common spray-cans can work just as fine as modelers paint.
  9. The wheels are just one of the two sets that come with the kit. The hubs and spokes are painted dark grey and actually look much darker then in the pictures.
  10. Just finished this T-bolt. It's my first kit in about ten years. This is a very well made kit I think with immaculate fitting of the parts. Possibly because the kit is “ Ford certified”… I used Humbrol 26 & 110 for the interior with clear coat on the dash. The body is a Motip spray can #41210 that is possibly a shade to light depending on how the light catches it. Enjoy.
  11. Would have liked to come and see it in real life but I'm stuck at home after a churgical procedure. Better luck next year.
  12. I a have this kit waiting on my shelf to get build. Those blue decals look a lot better than the black ones that come with the kit. Especially with the blue interior. Don't know why they made them black.
  13. Thanks. These bugs are still a big hit in arguably Europe’s largest drag racing venue in Hockenheim Germany where they can get the crowds on their feet racing American muscle. National pride I guess. The mint green paint I colored this in came from a spray can I found stuck in a hedge on my way home from my local watering hole one night. Now I’m not saying it was ditched by some graffiti artist getting rid of the evidence in a hurry but it certainly looked that way…
  14. VW Beetles seem to have been around forever, and the drag strip is no exemption. This one was built on the Revell VW Street Machine kit with various left over parts thrown in. Enjoy.
  15. This is one of my earliest kits I build. The answer to putting a big engine in a small car can only be putting a humungous one like a SOHC in a big car like a ’66 Galaxie 500. Ending up with something with way to much power for its own good The aquarius green metallic is an actual Ford paint. I would build it way tidier today but it must have been 25 years ago.
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