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  1. priest3131 added a post in a topic Non-Tip Tenax Holder (Cheap)   

    Cool tip and Tenax is almost impossible to get around here. I have found that a couple of the online hobby shops have it in stock. Last time I ordered 6 bottles and only paid 4 dollars for shipping and handling.
  2. priest3131 added a post in a topic Silver Sharpie Marker   

    I have also used these for a while now,I usually buy them at Hobby Lobby.
  3. priest3131 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    small drill bits
    Not sure if this will help but I found that a set of torch cleaning drill bits work really well for drilling small holes and they are super cheap. Picked my set up at the local hardware store for less that 6 bucks.
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  4. priest3131 added a post in a topic Looking for engine wire?   

    Tore apart an old amplifier that I had blown. I used the RCA outputs (the chrome part) for an exhaust tip on a tuner Honda, looked perfect
  5. priest3131 added a post in a topic Stacey David's Rat Roaster by : REVELL   

    I would have to buy at least 3. One to build straight out of the box,one to build modified and one just for kitbashing.I would also like to see a scale figure of Stacey.
  6. priest3131 added a topic in General   

    new to the forum
    Just started on this forum. I have been building models for almost 20 years and I will build pretty much anything.
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