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  1. Can -Con still same answer. I remember several years ago I read a story somewhere where a modeler severely modified a 1//25 or 1/24 '68 Roadrunner, because, to him it didn't look right dimensionally. Well after all his substantial cutting and glueing, it did not look - to me - any different than the original. The only people who may be able to tell might be the ones who actually owned a 1:1 car. I guess the car model community needs its own version of rivet counters.
  2. The new release looks fine to me. Remember if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
  3. A bear of a a build! This kit had everything bad ... Bad instructions, ejector pin marks, no gauge decals, thin chrome, flash, sink marks. I added tach connection on engine and gauge. Speedo connection on wheel and gauge. Cable loom on front fender. Velocity stacks on carbs. Removed front fender side braces and chrome. Removed exhaust chrome. Finally, done. This has been sitting in the box with engine done for probably 20 years. I have a '69 roadrunner that I may finish next. It's been sitting partially assembled for about 20 years also.
  4. If you have this kit it is a decent build. Though you can't see it, I used brass wire and added runners to the skis. Yes, I have considered getting another one of these and attempting a pavement rail dragster. Problem is, I already have way too many kits to finish. Also, I am so slow in completing a kit. I started the sno dragster about 5 years ago. Then it sat and sat, 'til one day I decided to finish. I am currently working on a Revell Mach III 500 Kawasaki that I have had since probably 1985. Started engine ass'y, then it sat and sat 'til about two weeks ago. Probably will finish within two weeks.
  5. Very nice! Like the paint. I inherited a raft of White Road Boss parts ... 3 kits all missing frames, wheels, and tires. Debating as to whether or not I will sell the parts, or buy a Road Boss kit (junkyard) to complete
  6. Looks good. If you like the look of it on your shelf, An IPS show does no matter.
  7. The right look is the one the builder likes. I like both with and without mask, good job!
  8. That cavalier is to cars as disco is to rock as the weird uncle is to ,well uncles.
  9. I like some of the tag lines on this site, like " Wisemen speak because they have something to say; Fools speak because they want to say something."
  10. Thanks for all the nice comments. I used a Tamiya limegreen metallic spray can.
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