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  1. The outer edge of the flames look to fade into a light blue
  2. Is this scratch built? Or part of a dio kit? Amazing either way, very interesting. Love it.
  3. Love that color man. Great looking ride.
  4. Best thing I've possibly seen in modeling in my opinion! Blown away.
  5. You've got a great imagination man! Turned out pretty good. Look forward to seeing some more from ya.
  6. I use loc tite super glue for most everything. Elmer's glue for glass flocking etc.
  7. Okay, update! The show was actually canceled due to rain so for those who don't already know there will be a model car contest/show. Here's the details I received.
  8. I was there yesterday and noticed they had a sign up for a model car Saturday 9/21 at the Kyova Mall in Ashland, KY. I left hobby town to the mall, no show. I noticed it was named "BB's car club and model car contest" Well I found them on Facebook and said they had nothing to do with the model show, but there would be one the day of their cruize in which I believe will be October 22nd. It's sposored by Hobbytown so I'm guessing it was just a misprint on the flyer So basically, anyone hear anything about it? Excited? this will be awesome for KY/OH/WV people.
  9. Looks great man. You nailed it with the color for sure, I owned a 98 and now a 2000 same color!
  10. Okay, thanks. I have a set of those wheels but I think the package says 23"
  11. Im still a little fresh in the hobby, I built my first kit, bought another. 2nd is almost done, but since then ive got 3the more. For me it's just i see a model that interest me I can get it for when I get burned out/frustrated with current project. It's just some weird feeling when I see a kit I want, the gears start turning on what ilI plan ob doing with it.
  12. Question, what wheels are those on the Firebird? That thing has my eye. Love it, although all are great.
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